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American Football

Does Defense really win Championships?

Published: Jan 4, 9:42am Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:02pm undertherobe on American Football 1 Comment 1328 Views

With the NFL playoffs just around the corner, I wanted to look at a phrase that we hear used countless times by commentators during the season. "Defense win Championships" This phrase is reeled off for fun whenever a team with a strong defense overpowers one with a strong offense. But does defense really win Championships?  After all, you can't win games if you can't score points. Do olbg tipsters take a strong defense into account when adding their weekly NFL... [ Read More ]

American Football - More Than Just The Basics (Offense)

Published: May 23, 4:21pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 4:49pm Gman84 on American Football 0 Comments 2166 Views

Welcome to the second in a series of blogs aimed at helping casual or new fans of American Football. As I've stated before, I believe most people understand the basics of the game. If you are new to wagering on the NFL you can always check out the betting school article titled - NFL Betting Advice. You can also check the top NFL tipsters and their tips here.  What I'm trying to do in this blog is to give fans a... [ Read More ]

American Football - More Than Just The Basics (Defense)

Published: May 24, 12:31pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 4:48pm Gman84 on American Football 0 Comments 1590 Views

In this continuing series of OLBG blogs aimed at helping increase knowledge of American Football and the NFL, I'm going to take a look at the defensive side of the game. I will share some NFL tips and hints that can help with your understanding of how defenses work and how they are described during the game. After checking my blog please visit the NFL Betting Advice Page.  NFL Formations You'll hear two basic descriptions of how a base (regular)... [ Read More ]

American Football - More Than Just The Basics

Published: May 20, 7:31am Last Updated: Nov 16, 4:48pm Gman84 on American Football 5 Comments 1643 Views

Many people have a casual understanding of American Football and the NFL.  They know the basics and can watch a game and get a general idea of what is happening.  However, if you are someone who has only just discovered the game or you have the intention to follow the game more deeply I thought I would help. You can also read plenty of American football articles on OLBG from a range of sources, you can also follow the best weekly... [ Read More ]

My New York Jets Wembley Experience

Published: Oct 4, 10:45pm Last Updated: Nov 6, 12:52pm undertherobe on American Football 1 Comment 1454 Views

I was lucky enough to go to the International Series game in 2009 when the New England Patriots played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  As a fan of neither team, it was disappointing to see the game become a blowout quickly and as it was only the third game in the series, the atmosphere felt very forced. Almost as if the NFL thought it was being watched by 80,000 robots. Whilst I had a great time, I made a conscious decision... [ Read More ]

Can defense propel a team to Superbowl victory?

Published: Jan 3, 9:08pm Last Updated: Oct 17, 5:51pm undertherobe on American Football 1 Comment 1275 Views

This time last year, I wrote a blog looking at recent defensive trends in the NFL and whether these carried through into the postseason. 2020 Update I took a look at recent years NFL statistics as wanted to see if things had remained the same in relation to teams winning championships because of defense.  The highlighted teams made the Conference Championship Games that year.  The stats show 15 teams from a possible 60 positions.  Yards Allowed Year 1st 2nd 3rd... [ Read More ]

NFL Week 3 - Previews and Picks

Published: Sep 22, 10:35pm Last Updated: Sep 30, 12:07pm arniehi on American Football 2 Comments 372 Views

Quite an informative week that's given us a lot more insight in to most of the league, as well as some big questions regarding injuries and how teams will cope. Without wanting to go too far in to how the weekend was, there are a couple of things that stick out, and should provide some good opportunities for finding prop lines more than anything. The Giants offense is already toast. Saquon Barkley suffered an awful injury and Daniel Jones is a... [ Read More ]

Super Bowl LIV - Predictions and Betting Tips

Published: Jan 31, 9:26pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 10:37am Gman84 on American Football 0 Comments 909 Views

After 5 long months, 256 regular season games and 10 playoff clashes we are down to the final two teams remaining.  The San Francisco 49ers represent the National Football Conference and the Kansas City Chiefs will suit up for the American Football Conference. It’s a mouth-watering matchup.  The hottest QB through the playoffs (Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs), the hottest running game of the playoffs (49ers), the Chiefs improved defense in the second half of the season and the 49ers... [ Read More ]

Breaking Down The Patriots Super Bowl Past Under Belichick & Brady

Published: Jan 24, 9:45pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 10:36am Gman84 on American Football 2 Comments 2652 Views

The New England Patriots are about to compete in their 8th Super Bowl in 17 seasons under their current Head Coach, Bill Belichick. Quarterback Tom Brady is the other common factor in this incredible run of success. Can history and statistics from the past and present help establish if the Eagles have any chance against the defending champions? On Sunday 4th February the New England Patriots will run out of the tunnel in Minnesota’s US Bank Stadium for the 10th... [ Read More ]

College Football National Championship Trends

Published: Aug 2, 8:52pm Last Updated: Jul 15, 4:52pm undertherobe on American Football 0 Comments 1794 Views

The College Football season is just around the corner and with it, the perfect Saturday prequel to Sunday's NFL action. There are 127 teams in Division One of College Football but there can only be one National Championship winner. Defending Champions ALABAMA lead the betting at 7/1 whilst a truly speculative punt can get you 10,000/1 on the likes of CHARLOTTE or TROY. I'll be doing a more in depth preview as we get closer to the start of the... [ Read More ]

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