Betting on Horse Racing - Which Bookie?

Best Bookmaker for Horse Racing in Australia

This article will provide you with an informed decision on which betting sites to use for horse racing. There is a wide choice but we ai to answer the question of which betting site is best for horse racing.

Best for Horse Racing in Australia
4.4 out of 5
19 Ratings
With the widest range of markets and promotions for punting on the horses bet365 are a clear leader.
  • More Sports and Markets
  • Super Laden Features for Registered Users
  • Best Horse Racing Bookmaker

The best betting site for horse racing in Australia is bet365 with complete coverage of home and international racing, fantastic betting odds from one of the biggest online bookies in the world. 

  • Best Horse Racing Overall
  • Best Horse Racing Odds
  • Horse Racing Live Streams
  • Horse Racing Exchange
  • Horse Racing Spread Betting

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Do you like to bet only on Domestic Horse Racing, Harness Racing, or prefer to bet on international tracks across Asia, Europe and the US

Here is what each bookmaker covers.

Bookie Aus & NZ UK & IRE INT USA Harness




4.0 out of 5
14 Ratings
The best Live Streaming Bookie! - Unibet are all about taking the really good things from online gambling and making them better. Low Minimum deposit and on site stats!
  • Unibet Expert Edge: Key stats and betting data on H2H match ups
  • Unibet TV: Live streaming service covering a wide range of sports
Best odds For Horse Racing
3.9 out of 5
19 Ratings
If you don't use Betfair for horse racing you really should with the best odds and lowest market percentages, as well as flexibility to trade, Betfair is a 'must-have'
  • The best market percentages
  • Flexibility to choose your odds
  • Winning punters never restricted or banned
Best for Harness Racing
4.0 out of 5
14 Ratings
No frills, no fuss simple online betting solution. 100% Aussie owned with a fantastic range of markets. If you already know what you want to bet on, BlueBet will probably suit you.
  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  • Low Minimum Deposits
  • Very Good Racing Fixed Odds

Pretty good coverage from all contenders to be fair, Bluebet and Unibet not offering US may not be of significance to you, and betting on harness racing is not everyone's cup of tea, so Betfair and Pointsbet don't lose too much credit either. But it is noted that only bet365 score full marks

Which bookmaker has the best odds on horse racing?

The best odds for betting on horse racing are available on the betfair exchange where punters bet against each other and can request higher prices than are available with traditional betting sites.

Best for Racing Odds
3.9 out of 5
19 Ratings
Betting on the exchanges is a must for serious horse racing punters. bigger odds, and more betting options including trading. betfair has to be one of your accounts
  • The best market percentages
  • Flexibility to choose your odds
  • Winning punters never restricted or banned

Betfair offer excellent odds, and non of the fancy stuff that eats into the margins, which is why we get great odds.

With multiple options, a quick way around finding the best horse racing odds is to choose one that offers best tote prices in addition to fixed odds.

Most serious punters will have an exchange account with Betfair. It is a rare occurrence when you can’t find the best odds available on this peer to peer betting exchange.

Anyone taking betting odds seriously as part of their horse racing betting strategy should have a Betfair account for this reason.

Odds Boosts Best Tote Specials

Betting on Horse Racing Exchanges

There is only one option for betting on horse racing on an exchange in Australia.

3.9 out of 5
19 Ratings
If you don't use Betfair for horse racing you really should with the best odds and lowest market percentages, as well as flexibility to trade, Betfair is a 'must-have'
  • The best market percentages
  • Flexibility to choose your odds
  • Winning punters never restricted or banned

Although this might be viewed as not great as there is no competition, with the Betfair Exchange it is different as you are betting against other punters rather than against the bookmaker itself, so a monopoly in the exchange niche does not leave us, the punters, at a disadvantage.

With great odds available, generally better than best tote, anyone betting on horse racing and taking it seriously really should have a Betfair account and be taking advantage of the higher odds available, especially if you are betting with high stakes.

Horse Racing Betting FAQ's (AU)

  • Which bookie has the best horse racing odds?

    Anyone making bets on horse racing and not having a Betfair account will be missing out on the best horse racing odds available to punters. Exchange betting is not hard, once you get used to the platform it will be as easy as using an online betting agency. You will find that ods more often than not beat the bookies, even when taking in the commission charges on winning bets.

  • What is the best bet to place on horse racing?

    The exotics like the exacta, trifecta and the Quaddie are all, great fun, bet, but if you are looking to specialise and make a slow and steady profit over time, the best bet you can make on horse racing is a straight-up win bet. trying to predict just one thing to happen in a horse race is hard enough without trying to correctly predict what is going to happen with two or more runners.

  • Who is Australias best horse racing tipster?

    There are many that will claim the crown, but in general, form for a tipster can be in and out, and from one month to the next it can change. Find a tipster who is on fire one month, start following and find he has a stinker at your expense. A better approach would be to follow a range of tipsters, with proven long term records of tipping profitable bets on horse racing. At OLBG we have just what you are looking for and the best horse racing tipsters.

  • Can you make money betting on Horse racing

    You can make money betting on horse racing but only if your predictions have a good enough strike rate at a high enough winning price to overcome the inevitable losers you ill pick along the way. Making a regular profit betting on horse racing is not easy when you have the bookmakers edge to take into account, but a small percentage pf punters are shrewd enough to find the value in prices, accept the losers and make small but consistent profits on racing.

  • What is the easiest way to win, betting on Horses?

    Who do you see winning money at horse races the most. The bookmakers of course. With a betting exchange like Betfair you have the opportunity to become the bookmaker nd stand the bets against other punters. You do have the commission to factor in and overcome, but picking losers is far easier than picking winners. I'm sure you have found that in the past.

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