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Get the best FREE F1 betting picks from our expert motorsport tipsters from Australia through to Abu Dhabi. In addition to Motor racing predictions, OLBG provides todays best bets on more than 20 other sports, with the most popular of todays bets available on the betting picks page.


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05 Dec 13:10

Red Bull

Formula 1 Constructors Championship 2021

05 Dec 13:10


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  • Best F1 Betting Picks

    We cover the whole of the F1 season from the opening Austrian Grand Prix to the closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. All twenty-one races will be covered. Each F1 race will have F1 picks and F1 odds covering markets such as Race Winner, Podium Finish, Points Finish and Fastest Lap.

    Additionally, there will be markets available for the race such as a Without market where the favourite is removed and Most Team Points. The F1 calendar runs from late March through to November covering 22 F1 Grand Prix.

    These will all be covered and picks will be available on them all, you will be able to find picks usually 2-3 days prior to that weekend's race. You can find all of the latest news and information about upcoming races on the Official F1 Website.

    We are privileged to have some great F1 tipsters here on OLBG who not only give fantastic picks but also supply brilliant reasoning to go along with the picks. When there are picks available you can get more information about each tipster by going into the selected pick and viewing the tipster's breakdown for their F1 tipping.

  • F1 Calendar 2021

    Here is the F1 calendar for 2021:

    2021 F1 Calendar

    • March: Bahrain (28th)
    • April: Italy - Imola (18th)
    • May: Portugal (2nd), Spain (9th) & Monaco (23rd)
    • June: Azerbaijan (6th), France (27th) & Styrian (27th)
    • July: Austria (4th) & United Kingdom (18th)
    • August: Hungary (1st) & Belgium (29th)
    • September: Netherlands (5th), Italy - Monza (12th) & Russia (26th)
    • October: Turkey (3rd), Japan (10th), USA (24th) & Mexico (31st)
    • November: Brazil (7th) & TBA (21st)
    • December: Saudi Arabia (5th) & Abu Dhabi (12th)

Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport

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