Best Bookmaker for Ryder Cup Golf Betting

There is money to be made betting on the Ryder Cup when you do the research - We offer insight into the best bookies across a range of markets that can help you lock in a profit.

Best Bookmaker for Ryder Cup Golf Betting

Which is the Best Bookmaker for Betting on The Ryder Cup?

There are a total of £345 in free and bonus bets from the winning bookies from each category. Which one fits your betting style?

The Best Bookmaker for betting on the Ryder Cup is.......

Best Odds?
William Hill
Bet Victor
Top Combo Pointscorer
Top Debutant
Top Euro Player
Europe to Win
To Lift Trophy
Top US Player

Some of the bookmakers above may have more markets available nearer the event.

Both Boylesports and 10Bet were best priced on more than one market

Which is the Best Bookmaker for Betting on the Ryder Cup?

In our Best Bookmakers for Golf Article, William Hill come out top for overall Golf Betting. 

Here we get a little more specific and look at Ryder Cup betting on its own to see which other bookmakers might be worth considering.

Know Which Bookmaker to Make Your Bet With for the Ryder Cup 2018

The Ryder Cup may not be taken too seriously by the American fans any longer. 

Probably because since the introduction of European players to the erstwhile Great Britain & Ireland team in 1979, their dominance has come to an end.

But for British and European Golf Fans, the Ryder Cup is a huge event and is one of the most popular golf events to bet on of the year.

We have a host of Golf betting tips if you are looking to bet on golf for the first time at this years Ryder Cup or are looking for some hints and tips for which online bookmaker to use.

Read on. We have the latest information on odds, online bookmaker golf promotions, and some tips on how to bet and what to look for. [Updated September 2018]

Best Ryder Cup Betting Odds

Let's scan through the various Ryder Cup 2018 betting markets, and see who is offering the best odds.

Ryder Cup Winner Betting

This is a simple case of choosing between the USA or Europe as overall winners of the Ryder Cup - There is, of course, the option of the draw also.

USA Ryder Cup Odds

USA are favourites to win the Ryder Cup in 2020.

10Bet and Sportpesa are going very short with odds a full 10% shorter than the best. 

Europe Ryder Cup Odds

Europe are the 2020 underdogs and can be backed at the best price with Unibet or  888Sport

Draw Ryder Cup Odds

There is no real distinction between most bookmaker for the price of the draw, with a host of bookmakers all with the same price.

To Lift The Ryder Cup Trophy

This is almost the same as the win but with the draw taken out of the equation, considering the result of the play-off instead. [If there is one]

As you would expect, with one possible outcome removed, the odds do differ from the Win market but not by a great deal. 

In fact, the odds shorten for the favourite and lengthen for Europe, so if you are thinking of betting on the outsiders to win, this is the better market to play

Better for Betting on the Underdog

If you are betting on the outsider for the Ryder Cup, this market is better value

There is little difference between the favourite market here with no fewer than 6 bookmakers offering the same odds, but if we look at the outsiders...

Both Unibet and 888Sport are best priced.

If you don't already have a 888Sport Account, you can get even better odds as they offer Treble the odds for your first bet!! Details below

Ryder Cup Correct Score Betting

In this market, you have to predict the final score

There are 28 points to be had and don't forget that these can be halved as well, so you can get, something like 14.5-13.5 as a final score.

A very difficult market to predict correctly with one bet, often punters will make several bets on various potential outcomes.

But who has the best odds?

Betvictor - Best for Correct Score

Top or joint top price on the top five outcome markets

Bet Correct Score with BetVictor

Well, fewer bookmakers offer this market, so that narrows things down.

At the time of writing, USA 15 - 13 Europe is the favoured correct score for the Ryder Cup, and 2 bookmakers are standout price, half a point bigger than the rest - These are BetVictor and Betway

BetVictor win this one though, as they are best priced or joint best priced on the top five correct score outcomes. Even better on four of those than the Betfair Exchange prices.

Top American Player at the Ryder Cup Betting

Quite simply here, this market considers only the American Player and looks for the player with the highest score at the end of the Ryder Cup.

A very popular market for Ryder Cup betting and most bookmakers will offer this option.

There is nothing to choose in the betting odds between the two most favoured players here.

Unibet and 888Sport are very poor and should be avoided if looking for the favourite in this market.

Looking a little further down, Boylesports are best or joint best on 3 of the next 5 players. If you are looking to oppose the favourite here we would recommend the value lies with Boylesports golf betting.

Bet on the Top American at the Ryder Cup with Boylesports

If you are opposing the 2 favourites, Boylesports are best or joint best price on 3 of the next 5 players

Join Boylesports

Top European Player Betting for Ryder Cup

Just the same as before but only for the European team. Again little between the top two players.

Looking at the top 6 players in the European team then, it is notable that William Hill can not offer either top or joint top price on any of the 6

Best in this regard are 10bet and Sportpesa with 3 each

Simply on the basis that these are two less well-known bookmakers, we give it to 10Bet who have the better welcome offer

Try 10Bet for Top European Betting

With best prices through the top 6 players, use a Welcome offer for this Ryder Cup Bet

Bet on the Ryder Cup with 10bet

Top American Rookie Betting

This is the market to find which new recruit will perform best in the tournament. Again, this market can be split, as it is here, by teams.

With just three choices, you wouldn't expect much difference in this market, in fact from the 12 bookmakers offering odds on this market, 10 were the same price on the second favourite.

10bet and Sportpesa again came out top for the best price on the favourite of the three

BetVictor on the outsider

Top European Rookie Betting

Information on Top European Rookie will appear here

Top Combined Pointscorer

You may need 2 Bookmakers for this Market

Smart Punters will be splitting bets between two bookmakers here!

This market takes in each o