Sovereign Stakes Preview, Tips, Runners & Trends

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If you are a fan of horse racing trends then this preview of the Sovereign Stakes will be perfect for you! Not only do we look at the trends but we look at past winners as well as trainer and jockey records for the Sovereign Stakes, a race run over 1m at Salisbury.

Sovereign Stakes Preview, Tips, Runners & Trends
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2024 Sovereign Stakes Preview

The Sovereign Stakes is one of the season highlights at Salisbury racecourse with it being just one of two group races to be run there, the other being the Dick Poole Fillies Stakes. Established in 2000 it's a Group 3 flat race which is open to colts and geldings who are aged three or older.

The race is scheduled to take place in August of each year and is run over a straight mile, three-year-old runners receive a 6lb allowance from their older opponents with any group winners having to carry a penalty in the race, Group 1 (7lb), Group 2 (5lb) and Group 3 (3lb).

Sovereign Stakes Information:

To see which runners the OLBG racing tipsters are tipping throughout the card that includes this race, head over to the Salisbury tips on the day of the race, do they agree with the runners on the trend shortlist or are they predicting other runners?

How competitive is the Sovereign Stakes market? When looking at the over-rounds for the last 20 renewals, the most competitive market was in 2022 when the race had an over-round of 106%. The race in 2006 was a race that was most in the bookie's favour with an over-round of 122%, whilst on average over the last 20 renewals of the Sovereign Stakes, the over-round has been 114%, which means the bookie expects to pay out £100 for every £114 which is bet.

Sovereign Stakes Trends:

Looking at the future form, is the winner worth following next time out? From the past 20 if you had followed the winner of the Sovereign Stakes next time out then you would have backed a total of 4 winners. Backing all 18 runners who have been out since to win at SP next time out, would have returned an LSP of -2.62. Remember to use the racing predictions along with the information on this page to find a bet on the 2024 Sovereign Stakes.

When looking over the past 20 renewals, a time of 1:38.29 was set by Layman in 2005, which is the quickest time over that period, the runner was trained by Saeed bin Suroor and ridden by Kerrin McEvoy. The slowest winning time was set in 2019 when Kick On won in a time of 1:45.81, booked to ride was Oisin Murphy on this John Gosden trained runner.

These are the top three quickest-run Sovereign Stakes over the last 20 renewals:

  • 2005 - Layman (1:38.29)
  • 2020 - Regal Reality (1:38.32)
  • 2013 - Afsare (1:39.28)

Sovereign Stakes Past Winners

Here are the Sovereign Stakes' past winners for the last 10 renewals. Each row details the year of the race, the horse which won along with the age & weight of the horse. Also detailed is the stall where the horse came from and also the total number of runners in the race. The trainer of the horse at the time of winning the Sovereign Stakes as well as the jockey is also displayed along with the starting price the horse was sent off.

Year Horse (Drawn) Info
Mighty Ulysses (GB)
4yo 9-5 (2 of 5) 3/1
Oisin Murphy
John & Thady Gosden (GB)
Embesto (GB)
3yo 8-13 (4 of 5) 10/11F
David Egan
Roger Varian (GB)
Tempus (GB)
6yo 9-5 (3 of 4) 11/4
Hollie Doyle
Archie Watson (GB)
Megallan (GB)
3yo 8-10 (4 of 10) 7/4F
Robert Havlin
John & Thady Gosden (GB)
Regal Reality (GB)
5yo 9-3 (4 of 8) 7/1
Richard Kingscote
Sir Michael Stoute (GB)
Kick On (GB)
3yo 8-10 (7 of 6) 9/2
Oisin Murphy
John Gosden (GB)
Plumatic (GB)
4yo 9-2 (5 of 6) 3/1
Maxime Guyon
A Fabre (FR)
Ballet Concerto (GB)
4yo 9-0 (2 of 6) 5/2
Ryan Moore
Sir Michael Stoute (GB)
Zonderland (GB)
3yo 8-7 (5 of 7) 4/1
Oisin Murphy
Clive Cox (GB)
Kodi Bear (IRE)
3yo 8-7 (4 of 9) 11/4F
Gerald Mosse
Clive Cox (GB)

Where have the winning runners come from?

Here are the countries where the winning trainers of the Sovereign Stakes have been based:

  • GB: 20 winners with an additional 27 placings from 153 runners
  • FR: 1 winner with an additional 0 placings from 1 runner
  • SAF: 0 winners with an additional 0 placings from 1 runner

Sovereign Stakes Trainer Statistics

There are multiple leading trainers in the Sovereign Stakes over the last 20 renewals with all of Andrew Balding, Saeed bin Suroor, Sir Michael Stoute, Clive Cox and John & Thady Gosden having all won the race two times. Andrew Balding's winners have been Side Glance (2011) and Tullius (2012). Saeed bin Suroor winners have been with Layman (2005) and Belenus (2006). Sir Michael Stoute's winners have been Ballet Concerto (2017) and Regal Reality (2020). Clive Cox's winners have been Kodi Bear (2015) and Zonderland (2016). John & Thady Gosden winners have been with Megallan (2021) and Mighty Ulysses (2023). There is one trainer who has not had the best of times in the Sovereign Stakes, Richard Hannon has sent a total of 11 runners to the race without recording any wins.

Here are some of the top Sovereign Stakes trainer statistics over the last 20 renewals (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Trainer R-W-P Win EW
Andrew Balding 14-2-2 -7.25 -8.08
Saeed bin Suroor 11-2-4 -3.40 -2.39
Sir Michael Stoute 7-2-3 +4.50 +1.36
Clive Cox 6-2-4 +2.75 +2.10
John & Thady Gosden 2-2-2 +4.75 +2.93
David Elsworth 5-1-2 -1.00 -1.01
John Gosden 3-1-1 +2.50 +0.81
Roger Charlton 2-1-1 +4.50 +2.44
A Fabre 1-1-1 +3.00 +1.88
Archie Watson 1-1-1 +2.75 +0.00

Sovereign Stakes Jockey Statistics

The leading jockey in the Sovereign Stakes over the last 20 renewals is Oisin Murphy who has won the race three times with those three winners coming from Zonderland (2016), Kick On (2019) and Mighty Ulysses (2023). The only other jockey to have recorded multiple wins in the Sovereign Stakes is Ryan Moore (2 wins).

Here are some of the top Sovereign Stakes jockey statistics over the last 20 renewals (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Jockey R-W-P Win EW
Oisin Murphy 5-3-3 +9.50 +5.19
Ryan Moore 5-2-5 +4.50 +5.00
Richard Kingscote 5-1-1 +3.00 +0.20
Frankie Dettori 5-1-2 -2.90 -2.19
J F Egan 4-1-1 +0.00 -1.20
Jamie Spencer 4-1-1 -0.50 -1.44
Andrea Atzeni 3-1-1 +0.25 -0.59
James Doyle 2-1-1 +4.50 +2.44
Robert Havlin 2-1-1 +0.75 +0.05
Kerrin McEvoy 1-1-1 +4.50 +2.70

Favourites finishing positions (oldest to latest): 8, 7, 1, 1, (4, 5), 2, 5, 1, 7, 1, 4, 1, 7, 2, 4, (3, 5), 7, 1, 2, 1

The percentage shown is the percentage of the total number of runners who fell under that factor. High percentages are less appealing than lower ones as you would expect them to do well.

  • 21 / 21 (77%) - Within the first 6 of market
  • 21 / 21 (77%) - Fewer than 11 starts (Trip)
  • 21 / 21 (79%) - Achieved an RPR of 108+ (Last 3)
  • 21 / 21 (83%) - Held an OR of 105+
  • 21 / 21 (84%) - Highest Won is not G1-2
  • 21 / 21 (85%) - Fewer than 1 wins (Higher Class)
  • 21 / 21 (86%) - Not in a G1-2 (Last Win)
  • 21 / 21 (86%) - Achieved a TS of 79+ (Last 3)
  • 21 / 21 (88%) - Had 2 - 8 wins (Career)
  • 21 / 21 (88%) - Placed within last 4 starts
  • 21 / 21 (89%) - No bigger than 25/1
  • 20 / 21 (83%) - Won by at least ½l (Last Win)
  • 20 / 21 (88%) - Had 1 - 6 placings (1 Year)
  • 20 / 21 (89%) - Beaten no more -1½l (LTO)
  • 19 / 21 (74%) - No bigger than 12/1 (LTO)

Remember to use the trends listed above along with the Salisbury racing predictions to see if you can find the winner of the Sovereign Stakes. Did you know that we have an OLBG Betting School section on OLBG? It is a place to help you improve your betting experience with articles like the How to Find Winners - 101 Tips to Choose A Winning Horse Racing Bet.

Are you already a member? If not, then why not? With over £6,000 given away each month in the tipster competition, why not get involved? Remember, It is completely FREE! So, head over to the registration page to sign up today! If you are already a member, then share your thoughts on the Sovereign Stakes by adding a tip on the race here.

Sovereign Stakes Trend Analysis

The trend factor which had produced 10+ winners and shows the best LSP, an LSP of +19.10 is when runners had 1 place in the past 90 days. The worst performing factor which has failed to produce a single winner is when runners had 2 career places in higher class races, when backing these the trend shows a record of 0-22.

Here are the most recent winning draws along with the further placings in brackets:

  • 2023: Winner in 2 [5 Runners]
  • 2022: Winner in 3 [4 Runners]
  • 2021: Winner in 4 (9,2) [10 Runners]
  • 2020: Winner in 4 (3,6) [8 Runners]
  • 2019: Winner in 7 (2) [6 Runners]

The course which has produced the most winners of the Sovereign Stakes is Ascot, there has been a total number of 6 winners of this race who ran at Ascot last time out. The next best course which has produced the second most winners is Chantilly, there has been a total number of 4 winners of this race who ran at Chantilly last time out.

Looking over the past renewals, these are the stallions whose offspring have produced multiple winners of the Sovereign Stakes:

  • Cape Cross (2 Wins)
  • Dubawi (2 Wins)
  • Kingman (2 Wins)

Looking at the winning odds over the last 20 renewals, the biggest-priced winner was Mac Love in 2009, winning for Stef Higgins at odds of 25/1 under the guidance of Micky Fenton. Looking at the runners at the head of the market over the last 20 renewals there has been a total of 7 winning favourites in the race. Remember to bookmark the best racing tipsters page so you can get easy access to the best OLBG racing tipsters. If you are interested in other races at the Salisbury racecourse, then why not read our blog for the Dick Poole Fillies Stakes.

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