🎤 Robert Koren Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions

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Robert Koren exclusive interview: Arsenal target Benjamin Sesko is ready for the Premier League, Chelsea should look at Jan Oblak, I was sad to see Hull City sack Liam Rosenior, West Brom can earn promotion back to the Premier League next season after playoff heartbreak

🎤 Robert Koren Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions
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Robert Koren gives his Views on Euro 2024

Robert Koren, former Slovenian footballer, shares Euro 2024 predictions, highlighting predictions, standout players, and his hopes for Slovenia and England.

🏆 Robert Koren's Euro 2024 Predictions! 🏆

 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Hopeful for England’s strong performance, driven by Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane.

 ⚽ Recognizes Italy, France, and Germany as strong contenders.

 🥇 Golden Boot: Harry Kane.

🐎 Dark Horse: 🇸🇮 Slovenia seen as a potential surprise team.

🔮 Match Predictions:

  - 🇸🇮 vs. 🇩🇰 Denmark: 2-1 victory for Slovenia.

  - 🇸🇮 vs. 🇷🇸 Serbia: 2-2 draw.

  - 🇸🇮 vs. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England: 1-1 draw.

Robert Koren Euro 2024 Predictions
Robert Koren
61 Caps for Slovenia inc 2010 World Cup

Q: Who will win Euro 2024?

RK: “Quite a few countries are doing really well but of course we all want England to go all the way. Hopefully, they can be strong defensively because guys like Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane are so dangerous. Because I played in England for so many years, I will cheer for you guys as well but only after the group stage.

“Other nations like Italy, France and Germany of course will be a threat as well.”

Euro 2024 Betting Odds

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Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Win Tournament
Spain 1.67
England 2.20
Netherlands 6.50
France 19.00
Turkey 67.00

Q: Who will win the Golden Boot at Euro 2024?

RK: “Harry Kane did a really good job this year in Germany. Of course, he didn't win the title but still he's scoring the goals for fun and he has done it for so many years. 

“I'm from Slovenia. I'm a big fan of Slovenia, of course, but I played in England and I hope that Harry Kane will do well and score as many goals as possible.”

Euro 2024 Golden Boot Betting Odds

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Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00

Q: Who will win the Golden Ball at Euro 2024?

RK: “I would like to see a young player win the Golden Ball award. I think that Jude Bellingham will do really well for England. And of course, he's a Real Madrid player and I'm a big fan of Real Madrid as well.”

Q: Who are your dark horses for Euro 2024?

RK: “It's easy for me to pick a dark horse. Slovenia will go all the way and meet England in the final and then we will see who is better.

“For our country, such a small country, with only two million people, it's already a big achievement to go to the European Championship. 

“So for us to be there, it's really good. But I think we have a good squad as well and the team will be prepared well with the coaching staff that have experience from before. 

“The group stage is quite difficult for us but I think our team can surprise some big names and hopefully we can go through.”

Q: Who will be Slovenia’s star player at Euro 2024?

RK: “Josep Ilicic is a really skillful player and I think he will do a good job for our team. But the main guys are definitely Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak who has done a really good job for many years already. 

“And of course, our main striker Benjamin Sesko, who has been scoring goals in his first season in the Bundesliga, he's a young player that I think will do really well in Germany this summer.”

Q: How will England fare at Euro 2024?

RK: “England is always really dangerous. The main thing is that they will be solid defensively, not conceding the easy goals. We are expecting that maybe this year they will go all the way.”

Q: What do you make of Slovenia’s new kit?

RK: “Our jersey looks, I would say, simple, but because of that it's unique and I think we will, because of the jersey, have a little bit luck as well and the country will do well and get through the group.”

Q: What will Slovenia fans bring to Euro 2024?

RK: “We will have lots of fans because Germany is really close to us. Everybody that I speak to here in Slovenia are planning on being there.”

Q: What are your memories of playing for Slovenia?

RK: “We are all proud to wear the national jersey and it's the same with me. I'm really proud of it. We did a great job as well to play in the World Cup in 2010.

“In terms of big characters I played with, I would go for Milivoje Novaković, I was good friends with him and he scored so many goals.”

Q: What are your memories of scoring Slovenia’s only winning goal at a major tournament?

RK: “That was really important because we won the game because of this goal and I'm really proud to have scored it.

“Hopefully that memory gives us some extra energy in the future games and hopefully our team can have a really good start in the group stage.

“We are underdogs but we are all hoping and expecting that we will do well and that our team will reach the knockout stage.”

Scoring that winning goal was crucial. Proud moment! Hope it inspires us to start strong in Euro 2024. We're underdogs, but aiming for the knockout stage!

Robert Koren reflects on his unforgettable goal at a major tournament:

Q: Which Slovenian player would you love to see in the Premier League?

RK: “We’ve had some good goalkeepers in our national team. When I played there was Samir Handanovic who did a really good job in Italy but he never made a decision or had a chance to go to England. 

“So I hope that Jan Oblak will do well in this tournament and that he will receive a good offer from England because it's always a good experience to play in the Premier League, the best league in the world.”

Q: How does Slovenia produce some of the best goalkeepers in the world?

RK: “We are doing really well with the goalies. Two really good goalkeepers. We already had a few before that that had been really good as well.

“Hopefully Oblak will make this decision and that he will move to England to see how good he is.”

Q: What can you tell us about Slovenia’s manager?

RK: “When I was in the national team, he was the coach as well. Now he has a lot of experience. Back then, when we were together in the national team, we all learned a lot from all the games and training. 

“So now he has this experience and he has a really good coaching team around him as well. So hopefully he will put the team together the right way and surprise many people.”

Q: What is your prediction for Slovenia vs Denmark?

RK: “It's really important that we get a good result. It always gives you some extra energy for the next games. And I would love to see our team win, so I would say Slovenia will beat Denmark 2-1.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00
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Q: What is your prediction for Slovenia vs Serbia?

RK: “It will be really a good game, an emotional game for both teams. They have really good players as well. I would say we will draw 2-2.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00
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Q: What is your prediction for Slovenia vs England?

RK: “Of course I will be a big fan of the Slovenian team. This is my country But like I said, I played for many years in England as well. I can't say that you guys will beat us. We will draw 1-1.”

Euro 2024 14 Jul @ 15:18 - Top Goalscorer
Harry Kane 2.75
Dani Olmo 3.50
Ivan Schranz 12.00
Jamal Musiala 12.00
Cody Gakpo 12.00
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Robert Koren Profile

Robert Koren, born on September 20, 1980, is a retired Slovenian footballer who played as a midfielder. Over his career, he earned 61 caps and scored five goals for the Slovenia national team between 2003 and 2011. Koren also notably participated in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. His professional club career included stints in Slovenia, Norway, England, and Australia.

By Новикова Юлия - http://www.soccer.ru/gallery/17961, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20702374

Career Overview

Robert Koren began his professional football journey with Dravograd and Celje in Slovenia before transferring to Norwegian club Lillestrøm in 2004. At Lillestrøm, he quickly became one of the top players in the Norwegian Premier League, earning a reputation as one of the best foreign players in the league and serving as the team's playmaker.

In January 2007, Koren joined English Championship club West Bromwich Albion on a Bosman ruling. He debuted in an FA Cup match against Leeds United and scored his first goal in a 7-0 win over Barnsley. Despite suffering a temporary eye injury in 2007, Koren recovered to remain a key player for the team, even making the most appearances for any outfield player during the 2008-09 Premier League season. He continued his strong performance until his release by the club in May 2010.

Koren then joined Hull City on a free transfer in August 2010, where he became a consistent goal scorer and an integral part of the team. He extended his contract with Hull in 2012 and continued to contribute significantly until an injury sidelined him during the Premier League season.

In August 2014, Koren signed with Melbourne City in the A-League, where he made an impactful debut by scoring a hat-trick against Newcastle Jets. He played for Melbourne City until January 2016.

Internationally, Koren earned 61 caps and scored five goals for Slovenia, including a decisive goal against Algeria in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, securing Slovenia's first-ever major tournament victory.

Interview May 2024

Speaking exclusively to OLBG, former Premier League midfielder Robert Koren has backed his fellow Slovenian and Arsenal target Benjamin Sesko to shine in the Premier League.

Koren believes that Sesko has what it takes to be a match winner in the best league in the world after starring in his debut season in the Bundesliga for RB Leipzig.

The former midfielder has also tipped Chelsea to look into signing Atletico Madrid hero Jan Oblak this summer as he prepares for Euro 2024.

The former Hull City skipper was left saddened by the decision to sack Liam Rosenior after the Championship season and has backed West Brom for automatic promotion next season.

Q: Should Arsenal try to sign Benjamin Sesko this summer?

RK: “I definitely think that the way Benjamin Sesko is playing with his movement, he will really suit the Premier League. It's only a question if this summer is the right time for him to move because he has only played one season for RB Leipzig.

“That's the only question but I think the way he plays will suit the Premier League. I think Arsenal definitely need a striker who will score goals and he's a young player hungry for success. If the deal can go through, Arsenal won’t have missed with Seszko.

🚀 Sesko to Premier League? 🌟

Benjamin Sesko's movement suits the Premier League perfectly! 👌 Is this summer the right time? 🤔 Arsenal need a goal-hungry striker! ⚽️ Don't miss out on Sesko! 🔥 Not many Slovenians in the PL but he's got what it takes! 🇸🇮 He's tall, quick & a great finisher. Goals incoming! 💯

“Not many Slovenian players have played in the Premier League, so I was one of them, and now it's already been a few years that we have been waiting for the next Slovenian player in England.

“I think Sesko is a player who can do really well in English football. I know what the Premier League is like, the best league in the world, I think one day he will arrive and win games.

“I’ve followed him for a few years and he's working really hard every single day.

“For his first year in the Bundesliga he’s done very well, he's really skillful. He's tall and quick. He's a good finisher, so hopefully he will do well for Slovenia at Euro 2024.”

Q: Should Chelsea try to bring in Jan Oblak this summer?

RK: “Jan Oblak has the quality to play in the Premier League, it's just if he gets the right offer for him and for Atletico Madrid. 

“I would love to see him in England and I hope that he will move this summer to one of the clubs. It could be Chelsea. I just hope that he will get the experience of playing in the best league in the world.”

Q: What did you make of the sacking of Liam Rosenior?

RK: “I recently went to Hull to watch them play against Leicester and I chatted to Liam for about 30 minutes because we used to play together. They had a really good style but unfortunately they finished outside the top six which was the target.

“Of course I'm not happy because I know Liam and he did a great job. They played a really good style of football and it was a joy to watch. I’m sad to see Liam leave the club and I'm sure he will find the right place where he can continue with his coaching. 

“Hull City have a goal of being in the Premier League and it’s 50/50 whether you improve after changing your manager.

“But definitely there will be some good players coming in, some new players coming in and they will try to build a better atmosphere in the dressing room. If they get this team spirit, they can bounce back as well and do even better next year.”

Q: What do you remember of your time at Hull?

RK: “After my time at West Brom and the World Cup in 2010, it was time for me to move. I made a decision to go to Hull and of course the first year was not brilliant, it was not good. 

“We struggled a little bit. The club had some problems, issues, but everything went in the right direction after that. We did really well in the Championship. 

“We got promoted to the Premier League and after Steve Bruce came in, he did a brilliant job for the club as well and brought some good quality players together. 

“It was a really proud moment for me to be a captain of the team, to win the Championship and to play in the Premier League.“

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Next Hull City Manager Betting Odds and History

Q: What have you made of the new owners at Hull?

RK: “I’ve been following Hull and have seen the new owners, the culture there is really passionate. They're putting a lot of energy into leading the club as well. They have a goal there, they want to get to the Premier League in one or two years.

“They have to change some things and hopefully they will build a good team. The atmosphere will be good and like I said, because I played for this club, I hope next year they will go to the Premier League.

Q: What are your memories from your time at West Brom?

RK: “I had a really good time there. The manager, Tony Mowbray, gave me the chance and we played some good football in the Championship and after in the Premier League. 

“The fans are brilliant and I still love to go back and watch some games and I had a really good time there.

“Tony Mowbray was a manager who wanted to play in a different style with a lot of possession and we had a really good team back then.

“I played under Steve Bruce as well, who was a different kind of manager and more demanding to be the best every day. 

“At Hull he made the decision to be the captain of the team so we had a great relationship, he was one of the best managers I played under.”

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Next West Bromwich Albion Manager Betting Odds And History

Q: Can West Brom get promoted back to the Premier League next season?

RK: “West Brom can definitely get promoted next season. I think with the coach and the team that they have, they built a really good team spirit and they have a lot of quality in the team.

“I remember my time in England was similar to their situation, so my first six months we got in the playoffs and lost in the final.

“But we bounced back and the year after we got promoted to the Premier League, I think they have to strengthen the team in certain positions and definitely in this transfer window, there will be some departures and some new players coming in. 

“West Brom is a big club in the Championship and I think they can bounce back and they can go to the Premier League next season.

“They definitely need to do everything they can to keep hold of the manager, give him some budget to spend to bring in new players and build the atmosphere, they have to do everything they can to keep him if they are to bounce back next season.”

Q: Who were the best players you ever played against?

RK: “Playing in the Premier League was a great experience. I got to play against players like Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney. Ronaldo was there in the Premier League as well. Giggs, Scholes and all these players, of course, it's amazing. But when you're on the field, you don't think that way everything comes after. 

“When you retire from football, then you realize what you achieved and then you see that you can be really proud of that.”

Q: Who were the best players you ever played with?

RK: “I played with some incredible players, especially at West Brom during my first year in England.

“A few players were outstanding and helped me a lot in the training and in the games. Kevin Phillips, brilliant striker, scoring goals for fun, great person as well.

“We also had Jonathan Greening and Paul Robinson, both really good players. With Jono, we played together in midfield and I learned a lot from him as well. On the field and off the field. 

“Same with Kevin and Robbo. Like I said, they've been experienced players in our team and they've always been there for us if we need some advice or help.”

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