Exclusive Markus Babbel Interview

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Former Liverpool defender, Markus Babbel discusses Jurgen Klopp's potential as a candidate for the next England manager, identifies weaknesses in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defensive abilities, and reveals Carragher and Fowler as the biggest party animals he's known in his interview with OLBG.

Exclusive Markus Babbel Interview
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Euro2024 Interview

Markus Babbel shares his thoughts ahead of Euro2024 and predicts victory for England among other things!

England are boring — they need rock and roll football to win Euro 2024, ugly Germany kit could work to their advantage, moaning hotel guests ruined Euro 96 celebrations

Markus Babbel

Markus Babbel Euro2024 predictions

🏆 Predicts England to win Euro 2024 

⚽ Predicts Harry Kane to win the Golden Boot 

🧐 Sees Netherlands as dark horses 

🇩🇪 Hopes Germany reaches the semi-finals

🌟 Suggests Florian Wirtz as a standout star for Germany 

📊 Assesses Gareth Southgate's role with England

Markus Babbel Euro 2024 Predictions
Markus Babbel
51 caps for Germany and part of the team that won Euro 96

Q: Who will win Euro 2024?

MB: “England.”

EURO2024 Betting Odds

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Euro 2024 24 May @ 06:19 - Win Tournament
England 4.00
France 5.00
Germany 6.50
Portugal 9.00
Spain 10.00

Q: Who will win the Golden Boot at Euro 2024?

MB: “Harry Kane.”

EURO2024 Golden Boot Betting Odds

All odds tables on this page are sourced live from the displayed bookmakers. Once the market is closed, no odds box will appear.

Euro 2024 24 May @ 06:19 - Top Goalscorer
Kylian Mbappe 6.00
Harry Kane 6.50
Cristiano Ronaldo 15.00
Jude Bellingham 18.00
Romelu Lukaku 21.00

Q: Who are your dark horses at Euro 2024?

MB: “Netherlands.”

Q: How far will Germany go at Euro 2024?

MB: “Semi-final.”

Q: What are your hopes for Germany at Euro 2024?

MB: “I hope Germany can reach the semi-finals because things have started to improve.

“They have brought in six or seven players from Bayer Leverkusen and from VFB Stuttgart, teams that are performing well in the league and with so much confidence.

“They have had some good team-building and I think I can hope for a place in the semi-finals.”

Q: What are your memories of Euro 1996?

MB: “In 1996 we had a massive team spirit in the Germany team. We were good individuals but we were a very strong team. Everyone did their job, but we did need a bit of luck in the semi-final against England.

“England were fantastic and we ended up winning on penalties. We had the spirit and were positive but we had to have luck on our side.”

Q: What were the celebrations like after Euro 1996?

MB: “Everyone thinks it was the best party ever but it wasn’t. I had so many better ones!

“The hotel stopped serving us drinks at 2am and we had to go to our minibars and bring all the drinks downstairs and then we didn’t have any music because the other guests in the hotel said we were too loud. 

“I ended up going to bed at about 3am or 4am because I was getting bored. We did have a good party at home with friends though!”

Q: What was it like getting back to Germany and being greeted by fans?

MB: “Arriving back in Germany was incredibly special, Yeah, this is special. Winning a trophy with your country is unbelievable.

“To begin with it was a bit surreal, you work so hard to win and it’s a strange feeling when it happens. It takes days, weeks and months to sink in.”

Q: What have you made of the new Germany home kit?

MB: “In the last three tournaments we had beautiful shirts and we were absolutely poor in the tournament. We dropped off in the group stage and it was a disaster. 

“Now we have two really ugly shirts. So I’m hoping that we can get to the semi-finals or maybe even the final because the shirt is a disaster too.”

Q: Who could be the surprise star for Germany at Euro 2024?

MB: “Florian Wirtz is a bit under the radar. He's an unbelievable player and one of the best young players in the world at the moment for Bayer Leverkusen.

“He is the reason they won the league, he is unbelieve both technically and physically. I think he could be the standout star for the Germany team at Euro 2024.”

Q: Which Germany stars would be a hit in the Premier League?

MB: “Players like Musiala and Wirtz need teams like Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool, teams who want to play football and not teams who sit back and play on the counter attack.

“They want to have the ball. If you see these three teams at the moment, they are a long way above everyone else in England.

“Those are the teams they could look at in England, but at the moment I don’t think they are going anywhere.”

Q: What should traveling fans expect from their German hosts?

MB: “On a matchday German fans like to come together and have a barbecue while sharing a few beers. German people like to come together and celebrate, that’s the German tradition.

“For away fans, we don't want aggressive people, you know, we don't want them. But if you’re not then you’re welcome and in Germany 80% of people speak English which makes things easier.”

Q: What is a good phrase for England fans to use in Germany?

MB: “Fans should know to ask for a beer and a sausage. Because the German guys love the Bratwurst. It's a good combination because if you have some food with your beer then you can have more beers later on.

“They should say: ‘Könnte ich bitte ein Bier und eine Bratwurst haben?’”

Q: Will Gareth Southgate have failed as England manager if they don’t win the Euros?

MB: ”England are one of the favorites for the tournament, but it depends on how Gareth Southgate decides to play. 

“The way England have been playing is quite boring even though they have so much talent up front. As a supporter, fans want to see more rock and roll.

“They have a perfect mix of young players and experience, I’m just not sure if Southgate is the right manager to win the tournament. 

“I'm not 100% sure if he has the absolute winning mentality inside. If he can find that, then I think they have a massive chance to win this trophy. If not, then.. many tears for England again.”

Markus Babbel (born September 8, 1972) is a German professional football coach and former player who has served internationally as both a player and manager. Noted for his time at Bayern Munich and Liverpool, Babbel played as a defender and won the UEFA Cup twice, once with each team. Babbel, a prominent figure in German football, also played an integral role in Germany's victory in UEFA Euro 96. 

Markus Babbel won Euro96 With Germany, along with 2 UEFA Cups

After playing, he stepped into coaching and managed clubs like VfB Stuttgart and, most recently, the Western Sydney Wanderers FC. This biography delves into Babbel's extensive career in football, encompassing his early days in Bayern Munich, his stints with multiple clubs across Germany and England, his national team run, and transitions into football management.

Markus Babbel demonstrated equal prowess as a player and coach throughout his career. From scoring goals in the UEFA Cup to coaching teams to victory in the Bundesliga, Babbel's multifaceted involvement in football manifests his undeniable contribution to the sport. His career serves as a testament to his talent and impact on the teams he served, illuminating his remarkable journey in the world of football.

Euro2024 Betting Odds

These are the current odds on the winners of Euro2024 being offered by various bookmakers. There will be a clamour for new business in the run-up to the tournament, so many betting sites will be offering various free bets and promotions.

Best Euro 2024 Betting Offers and Free Bets

Best Euro 2024 Betting Offers and Free Bets

Euro 2024 24 May @ 06:19 - Win Tournament
England 4.00
France 5.00
Germany 6.50
Portugal 9.00
Spain 10.00
Italy 17.00

Markus Babbel Interview April 2024

Speaking exclusively to OLBG, former Liverpool defender Markus Babbel has tipped Jurgen Klopp as a leading candidate for the next England manager after Gareth Southgate.

Babbel has also outlined weaknesses in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defensive abilities, with Liverpool set to end the season with a single trophy.

The ex-Germany international has also picked out Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler as the biggest party animals he played with during his career.

Babbel has also outlined Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool as potential destinations for Jamal Musiala should he leave Bayern Munich.

Q: Can Liverpool still beat Manchester City to the title?

⚽ Liverpool's Shining Hope in the Title Race Against Manchester City 🏆💪

'After Man City’s surprise defeat to Real Madrid, there's hope for Liverpool🔴🤞. Despite the tough competition, I’m crossing fingers for Klopp's team to win in this race against a machine! 🏁⚙️ Let the last 6 games decide! 🎯

MB: “Liverpool may have hope in the title race after Manchester City lost to Real Madrid.

“If Man City weren’t in the race, then I would say there's a massive chance there still. Even the results in the past weren't so good. 

“But Man City, they look like a machine. They are unbelievable. The only thing is now after the loss against Real Madrid, they will be very disappointed because they thought they were strong enough to win the Champions League again, so that could give Liverpool hope.

“With six games still to play it’s tough. But I’m crossing my fingers for Jurgen Klopp that his team can go on and win the title, because they have to do it against a machine.”

Q: Will Jurgen Klopp’s exit be underwhelming if Liverpool don’t win another trophy?

MB: “I really hope that Jurgen Klopp wins another trophy before he leaves but the Premier League is going to be so tough. it will be incredibly difficult.

“No one was expecting Liverpool to be this strong this season because the whole midfield changed, so the overall performance has been fantastic and being so close to Manchester City. But after the defeat against Atalanta, their biggest chance of another trophy is gone.

“But the fans love him. He's a legend there and I still know he will enjoy the last game at Anfield and the reception Liverpool fans will give him.”

Q: Could we see Jurgen Klopp as the next Germany manager?

Klopp could be Germany's perfect fit 🎉 One of the best in history & a fan favourite 👑 Smart, respected, a player's manager who always holds the fort 💪 The reason many players chose Liverpool 🏟️🔴 The German squad would be thrilled to have him lead 🙌

MB: “Jurgen Klopp would be a fantastic solution for Germany. He is one of the best managers in history and fans love him. The German people love him because he is so smart, he is a fantastic manager. 

“The players there would have massive respect for him. He's one of these guys you just want to meet him and you really want to work with him, he’s the reason so many players have gone to Liverpool. 

“Some of them might have gone to other clubs if it wasn’t for him, the German players would be delighted to play under him for the national side.

“He always picks the right thing to do in tough situations, he is strong with the media. He can be harsh but he defends his players. He would be a fantastic appointment for Germany.”

Q: Should Trent Alexander-Arnold be a midfielder, will he start for England?

MB: “I love to watch Trent Alexander-Anrold as a right-back. He's absolutely my favorite player. But of course, defensive wise he’s not the best. He’s a top player but he has weaknesses there. 

“But he has created so many chances and scored plenty of goals, he has played in midfield as well but I love to see him on the right hand side.

“With the national team it is quite difficult because they have Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier who are both fantastic. I’m just happy I can watch him at Liverpool.

“I think Kyle Walker will start for England because in both ways he's strong. He can attack, he can defend, he's quick, he's fast, he's strong. I think he will start.”

Q: Could Jurgen Klopp be the next England manager?

⚽️🔥 Jurgen Klopp: The Next England Manager?

🔴 England, eyeing Klopp for future? A strong lineup a dynamic coach are needed. If Southgate can't clinch Euro 2024, will Klopp be our next hope? 🤔💭 But hey, Germany wants him too! 🇩🇪 Come on England! ⚽️🏆🦁

MB: “England have to consider Jurgen Klopp as their next manager. England have a very strong squad, with so many talented players. 

“If Gareth Southgate can't win Euro 2024 then England will have a problem, of course Jurgen Klopp has to be in the frame but I want him in Germany. But England need to think about him.” 

Q: Could you see Jamal Musiala in the Premier League with Liverpool?

MB: “I don’t think Jamal Musiala is on his way to the Premier League because Bayern Munich will do everything to keep him at the club, he is the biggest talent at Bayern.

“He's an amazing player who always makes a difference. I can't believe that Bayern Munich would want to sell him. They will also be willing to pay him a lot of money for a longer contract.

“He is a different class to the other players and of course the English teams are looking for him because he's a fantastic player and he could improve every team. 

“If he did go to the Premier League he’d need to play for someone like Manchester City, Arsenal or Liverpool, that’s how good he is. But Bayern will give him the money to stay.”

Q: Which young stars in the Bundesliga would you like to see in the Premier League?

From Bundesliga to Premier League: A Hit or Miss? ⚽🏆🇬🇧

Can the young Bundesliga stars shine equally bright in the Premier League? Opinions differ! 🤔 Players like Pascal Gross shine at Brighton 🌟 Yet some struggle to adapt like Shinji Kagawa & Ibrahima Konate 📉. Worth a thought for clubs like Man Utd!

MB: “That’s a difficult question because often when players go to England from Germany they have so many problems. The Premier League is so much quicker and stronger than the Bundesliga, I often question why players make the transfer.

“But then again you have players like Pascal Gross who has done so well for Brighton, even better than he did in the Bundesliga. 

“But even if you look at Shinji Kagawa or Ibrahima Konate who really struggled at the start before he adapted to the pace.

“So you never know, sometimes you have to consider if it is the right style for the player. The most important thing for clubs like Manchester United who have so many issues outside, you can’t find the best performances on the pitch.”

Q: What are the views in Germany of Harry Kane’s failure to win the Bundesliga with Bayern?

🔥Kane on Fire, but Bayern Teammates Fall Short

😔 For Harry Kane, it's bittersweet. Scoring ⚽ non-stop, playing incredibly for Bayern Munich🇩🇪 & earning fans' ❤. Yet, his teammates' letdown costs them dearly. Watch out for powerful Bayer Leverkusen🏆 & Xabi Alonso next season!🔜💪

MB: “It's so sad for Harry Kane, he's scoring so many goals, he's playing fantastically for Bayern Munich. He's one of the only guys who's bringing his best performances.

“The supporters love him because he's a gentleman and he’s doing his job, but his team-mates not doing their jobs have cost them.

“In terms of winning the Bundesliga next season, Bayer Leverkusen will be strong again and they now know they can win a trophy. 

“They have the momentum at the moment on this side and Xabi Alonso will still be there, so it will be very difficult again for Bayern Munich.”

Q: Should Jadon Sancho and Ian Maatsen stay in the Bundesliga next season?

MB: “I think especially for Jason Sancho the Bundesliga is the right place for him to be. He’s looking better and performing better. At Manchester United it looked like it was a twin playing, he was badly short of confidence and he should stay with Borussia Dortmund.

“For Ian Maatsen, he should also stay at Dortmund for another year to have the confidence that he is playing regularly and won’t be dropped after one bad game. Let him stay for another year and Chelsea will get a top player back.”

Bundesliga: Perfect Playground

🥅🔥 Jadon Sancho & Ian Maatsen should remain in Bundesliga for better growth and stability. An indecisive match between Oliver Kahn ⚽️🥇 & Alisson, both exceptional in their era! 🧤🛡️

Q: Would you choose a peak Oliver Khan or Alisson to play alongside?

MK: “It’s difficult to say because it was a different time. When Oliver Kahn was playing, he was by far the best goalkeeper in the world. 

“Alisson Becker is outstanding in the younger generation, he’s one of LIverpool’s best ever signings and is a top class goalkeeper. I couldn’t choose between them. I’m just so happy that Kahn was in my team.”

Q: Which of your former team-mates loved a party the most?

MB: “Didi Hamann and Christian Ziege were really good at celebrating titles, but the best by far were Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler. It was unbelievable how much they could drink.

“We were top professionals, but if you win something you have to celebrate. You put so much energy, so much work in this business and there is so much pressure on you. When you win you have to celebrate with a strong session.

“And oh my god Jamie Carragher was the perfect guy to celebrate with, he can sing, he can dance, he can drink. Perfect for a good party.”

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