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Line Of Duty Betting Odds - Who Is H?

Published: Apr 28, 3:35pm Last Updated: May 3, 8:41am Specials 0 Comments 191 Views

Line Of Duty Betting on Who is H?

  • DCS Patricia Carmichael Is The Bookmakers Favourite To Be H

  • Chief Constable Philip Osborne is Second Favourite

  • Eight Names Listed in the Bookies Odds 

Line Of Duty Suspects Betting Odds
Patricia Carmichael 2/1
Philip Osborne 4/1
Ted Hastings 8/1
Marcus Thurwell 11/1
Jo Davidson 14/1
Andrea Wise 14/1
Ian Buckells 16/1
Kate Fleming 20/1

DCS Patricia Carmichael

She has looked a wrong un since she first waltzed into Ted Hastings Office.

Line Of Duty Names In The Frame

After 6 seasons of organised crime gangs, unlawful murders, and bent coppers the mystery of Who H Is will be revealed this Sunday (we hope).

The bookmakers never one to miss a betting opportunity have priced up the main suspects.

Heading the odds is stony-faced DCS Patricia Carmichael the know it all from AC-3 and Superintendent Ted Hastings nemesis.

She is replacing Ted who has been forced out as he closes in on H.

The second favourite is Chief Constable Philip Osborne, he could be the link to the OCG or H and has been in the frame since series 1.

Ted Hastings is the exhausted Superintendent who has been fighting corruption for six series.

Prone to biblical outbursts (“Mother of God'' “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph”) when investigating cases.

Fans of Ted would not want him to be the corrupt mastermind H. 


Ted has had his fair share of close calls including him being corrupt in series 5.

DCI Marcus Thurwell often mooted as a suspect had been spotted in Spain but was found brown bread when the Guardia Civil raided his villa.

At least we think it was him lying on the marble floor.

Acting DSU Jo Davidson was the Senior Investigating Officer in the murder of journalist Gail Vella, which is the series 6 investigation.

Revelations show she is more of a pawn who has had a tough upbringing.

She may be considered “small fry” and is an unlikely H.

Andrea Wise is the Deputy Chief Constable popping in and out of every series (playing the long game?)

Seen as a voice of reason from behind her desk she is the cost-cutting/bean counter/PR mouthpiece for the force.

If you wanted an unlikely H she would fit the bill. 

DCC Andrea Wise

She is restructuring the corruption team which could make H even harder to find.

Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells is more of a utility player than the main man.

Buckells is the fall guy for those higher up the corruption ladder.

Arrested but on course for the case to be dropped.

Detective Inspector Kate Fleming is a mainstay of Line of Duty and a lively outsider.

She has moved up the career ladder at AC 12 and proven to be a key officer in the hunt for H.

Relocated to work with SIO Jo Davidson on the Gail Vella case

Is her rise up the ranks and always in the right place a clue?

Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott is Superintendent Ted Hastings go to officer.

He is there at every interview and raid, however, looks a bit lightweight to be the kingpin.

He may have enough to be getting on with, because of his painkiller addiction.

Line Of Duty Popularity

Line Of Duty has proved incredibly popular since its inception in 2012.

Now in its sixth series, everyone seems to be watching the Sunday night search for H.

It was reported that nearly 11 million people watched episode 6 when we discovered that DI Kate Fleming was still with us.

After a host of television awards, Coral bookmakers have cut the odds on Line Of Duty being the most popular programme of the year.

We expect other online bookmakers to offer more of these special TV betting markets in the coming years. 


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