🎤 Bolo Zenden Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions

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Bolo Zenden exclusive interview: Liverpool need Feyenoord captain Lutsharel Geertruida, Barcelona will look at Mikel Arteta this summer, Mauricio Pochettino may have new job lined up, Middlesbrough need to freshen things up

🎤 Bolo Zenden Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions
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Bolo Zenden Gives his Predictions for EURO 2024

Bolo Zenden exclusive interview and Euro 2024 predictions

Bolo Zenden predicts Germany will win Euro 2024, with Kylian Mbappe clinching both the Golden Boot and Ball, and highlights the Netherlands, Austria, and England as dark horses along with key players and young talents to watch.

🏆 Bolo Zenden's Euro 2024 Predictions! 🏆

🇩🇪 Germany to Win Euro 2024: Home advantage will play a significant role.

👟 Golden Boot: Kylian Mbappe, owing to his remarkable skills and focus.

♞ Dark Horses**:  Netherlands 🇳🇱 Austria 🇦🇹 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

🔍 Players to Watch: - Memphis Depay 🇳🇱  - Cody Gakpo 🇳🇱

🌟 Young Talents: - Xavi Simons 🇳🇱 - Jeremie Frimpong 🇳🇱

Bolo Zenden 2024 Euro 2024 Predictions
Bolo Zenden
54 International Caps including Euros 2000 & 2004

Q: Who will win Euro 2024?

BZ: “If I had to put my money on any team, I think the home advantage for Germany will be a big influence. They haven't been able to play these qualifiers and the results have been a bit up and down, but Germany playing at home, Germany playing a tournament is huge. 

“Also look at how they've performed in Europe with the likes of Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, even Borussia Dortmund. So I think they're going to go all the way and win it.”

Euro 2024 Betting Odds

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Euro 2024 15 Jun @ 06:18 - Win Tournament
England 5.00
France 5.50
Germany 6.50
Portugal 9.00
Spain 9.50

Q: Who will win the Golden Boot at Euro 2024?Mbappe has a lot of support for winning the Golden Boot including Bolo Zenden

BZ: “I'm a big fan of Kylian Mbappe, the way he's playing. He had a rough time at PSG this year, obviously with him leaving the club. I think his eyes have been set on the Euros, maybe throughout the whole season.

“So I think he will be very, very influential. He will score a lot of goals. So for me, I think Kylian Mbappe will get the golden boot.”

Euro 2024 Golden Boot Betting Odds

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Euro 2024 15 Jun @ 06:18 - Top Goalscorer
Kylian Mbappe 5.50
Harry Kane 6.50
Romelu Lukaku 13.00
Cristiano Ronaldo 13.00
Kai Havertz 15.00

Q: Who will win the Golden Ball at Euro 2024?

BZ: “I think that Kylian Mbappe will be very important for France, as I said, with his goals. He will have some support, Antoine Griezmann will do a good job. 

“There's some youngsters there that could also take the stage, but in general it's always one of the big guns that runs away with it. It might sound boring, but I think Kylian Mbappe will also be a player of the tournament.”

Q: Who are your dark horses at Euro 2024?

BZ: “You could go for the likes of Austria, who have been doing really well, running up to the tournament. But I think maybe you could, from my point of view, you could also look at an outsider. And I think the Netherlands are an outsider. 

“I think even England could be an outsider where I don't think everybody is expecting them to go all the way to the final and win it. So for them to do so, that would be a surprise as well.”

Q: How far will the Netherlands get at Euro 2024?

BZ: “Earlier this year I wasn't really convinced about the Dutch going really far. The qualifications into the Euros were not the easiest, the results haven't been really good. 

“But the Dutch have also missed a lot of players due to injury and lacked players that were in form.

“However, when I looked at the actual squad that has come together, the group that Ronald Koeman has chosen, and maybe a different system instead of a 4-3-3, if everything comes together, it might work. 

“To be a successful tournament I think at least they have to go up to the quarter-finals and maybe a semi-final would be beyond expectations.”

Euro 2024 Group D 15 Jun @ 06:18 - Group Betting
France 1.67
Netherlands 3.75
Austria 9.00
Poland 15.00

Q: How far will England get at Euro 2024?

BZ: “I always feel that there's this belief that England can go all the way. I mean the job that Gareth Southgate has done over the years has been amazing with massive results as well, this could be his last trick.

“I already mentioned that maybe England are outsiders. There's a lot of quality in the team, that's for sure. And of course, in the past, they've always come up just short. Sometimes it was due to an injury, a decision by the referee, penalties like the Dutch had over the years.

“So who knows, it might work this time around. So of course I will also be rooting a bit for England.”

Q: Who are the players to watch for the Netherlands?

Memphis Depay is tipped to be a key element of the Netherland squad by Bolo Zenden BZ: “Ronald Koeman came back into the national team after his spell at Barcelona. It's a totally different spell than his first time in charge.

“Now a lot of players are actually out of form, didn’t play, were injured. So it’s not that easy to come back and gel everybody back together.

“For example with Memphis Depay, he’s been injured more often the last few months and years. So I’m sure that he will be ready for the tournament, but will he be fully ready?

“I’m not sure, because obviously you need game time to get to your full fitness. He’s the one to watch. He’s the one that will be the player that can make something happen out of nothing. So all eyes will be on him.

“But I think maybe because the eyes will be on Memphis Depay, I hope obviously everybody will do well and I hope that the players, maybe in defence and midfield look a bit more solid.

“There aren’t two players that are the definite starters to be leading the attack. But I think maybe Cody Gakpo could be a very important player.

“He’s done so well in the World Cup when he played. He hasn’t played every game at Liverpool, but had another great year in experience with Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp so he could be one to watch.”

Q: Which young players will catch the eye for the Netherlands?

BZ: “I think Xavi Simons is obviously the one that everybody will be looking at. He's a very attractive player to watch. He works hard, he has got skills, he can score goals, he provides goals. He's a type of player that can link up. So yeah, he's an interesting one to watch for the Dutch. 

“It's funny when you say any young ones to look out for because many of them have already earned some stripes along the way with their teams.

“It's also interesting to see there's another guy playing in Germany called Jeremie Frimpong who's gonna also play the Europa League final with Bayer Leverkusen who just won the league. 

“He's an interesting player to watch as well because he's the one who attacks and runs the show on the right hand side of the pitch. So it will be interesting to see if Koeman will play either with him or with Denzel Dumfries who won the league with Inter Milan in the Serie A. 

“It's a little bit unfortunate to have two of these players in the same position that play at this level because it will be interesting to see them both play but that's not going to happen.

Q: Could any young Dutch stars earn a Premier League transfer?

BZ: “Jeremie Frimpong  is definitely one of the players that could make that move. There's another player who actually was in the Premier League, Ian Maatsen, who left Chelsea for Borussia Dortmund and he's actually playing in a Champions League final.“

Q: Do the Netherlands have the most iconic national kit of any nation?OLBG approves of the distinctive and iconic orange kit of the Netherlands [Of course!]

BZ: “The orange always stands out. It's always a pleasure to see that when we get to the stadium that the stands are full of orange, people on the street are in orange. 

“It really stands out and it also looks rather fresh and it's easy to find your teammate during the game. I like that one.

“There's also a kit sometimes for the national team that is the white with orange trim. That also is a very fresh kit to me. I'm not the biggest fan of the blue colour shirts. I know where it comes from so it still belongs to us but in general I prefer the orange and the white.

Q: Is the orange kit a secret weapon for the Netherlands?

BZ: “Of course it helps. It's easy to recognize on the pitch. When you play a five-a-side game or a training session and you have these bibs on, it's always like when you have the orange bibs and the bright yellow ones that stand out. The Nike outfits always look nice too.

“Back in 2000, I think Frank Rijkaard had a bit of a say about the shirts and the shorts. We also had a combination of the orange with the black instead of orange and white.

“But the main point is obviously that it stays orange, I prefer it looking fresh.”

Q: What can we expect from Dutch fans at Euro 2024?

The Netherlands fans creating a sea of Orange - Football.ua, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia CommonsBZ: “There's definitely going to be a lot of numbers but obviously it’s not easy to get tickets, although it's around the corner. They're also probably not the cheapest to get your hands on.

“But because it's close to the Netherlands, I think there's a lot of fans that will actually travel to the cities where they will be playing. 

“In general, the Dutch, they're always in for a party. They sing a lot of songs. They will make some noise. They really like to enjoy themselves and be together with the opposition. 

“Football is a festival for everybody, it's something to enjoy and what better way to enjoy it than in the Euros or World Cup and just make the best experience out of it.”

Q: What are your memories of playing at international tournaments?

BZ: “I played in three major tournaments and the World Cup 98 stands out. It was obviously a massive tournament with that amazing goal from Dennis Bergkamp against Argentina in the quarter-finals. That’s something that stands out.

“If you look at the other big names in there like Patrick Kluivert, Edgar Davids, Phillip Cocu, Edwin van der Sar as our goalkeeper. We've really had good players over the years. 

“But if you ask me about a strong personality within the squad, I would probably go for Clarence Seedorf. He won four Champions Leagues with three different clubs and played many games for the national team even though he wasn't selected for a long period as well.

“He could have had over 130 caps if he would have been present. But I think in terms of personality I will probably go for Clarence Seedorf.”

Q: What are your memories of UEFA Euro 2000?

BZ: “Obviously it ended in tears once again by losing on penalties against Italy in the semi-final at home that was tough to take. In the tournament as a whole, we played really well, we scored a lot of goals, we had some amazing games. Obviously the one against Italy stands out, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

“I think the quarter-final that we played in Rotterdam where we beat Yugoslavia 6-1. I think that was an amazing experience together with the fans. What we experienced there was maybe something that you will never forget of course because of the result and because it put us in the semi-finals, that was just a little bit more special.”

Q: The Netherlands won their only major honour in Germany in 1988, is that a good omen?

BZ: “We could go even further back because in 1974, Holland lost against Germany in the final of that big tournament in Germany too.

“Well, who knows, it could be in the stars. As I said before, I hope everything gels together, everything comes together, that the puzzle is right that Ronald Koeman has set out.

“Players can overperform in a way and we can go all the way, but it would be obviously amazing if the Dutch go all the way.”

Q: What is your prediction for Netherlands vs Poland?

BZ: “I think in the group you have to start off well but it's not going to be easy playing Poland. I know they're very solid, tough to beat, and obviously had some good results to qualify. But I still think that Holland will win 1-0.”

Poland v Netherlands 15 Jun @ 06:18 - Full Time Result
Poland 6.50
Draw 4.10
Netherlands 1.67
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🎤 Tomasz Kuszczak Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions

Q: What is your prediction for Netherlands vs France? Louis Saha said France win?

BZ: “I would have loved for the Dutch to get a result against the French but I think they are probably better in terms of quality.

“I think when we played them previously, they really showed that they are one of the contenders to go all the way to the final and win it. So I think Louis Saha is not far off. 

“I think he's got it right. I think the Dutch will lose 1 -2 to France, unfortunately.”

Netherlands v France 15 Jun @ 06:18 - Full Time Result
Netherlands 4.33
Draw 3.60
France 1.91
🎤 Louis Saha Interview and Euro 2024 predictions

🎤 Louis Saha Interview and Euro 2024 predictions

Q: What was it like to play against Louis Saha?

BZ: “I didn't come across him too often because obviously we were playing on the other end of the pitch but he was a very strong guy with a lot of speed, could score goals like it was easy. 

“Every time we faced him of course then we knew he was the one to watch.”

🎤 Louis Saha Interview and Euro 2024 predictions

🎤 Louis Saha Interview and Euro 2024 predictions

Q: What is your prediction for Netherlands vs Austria?

BZ: “I think you still need a result. I've looked at what Austria has done to get to the Euros and they were quite impressive with the results they had. So I think a 1 -1 could be the result.”

Netherlands v Austria 15 Jun @ 06:18 - Full Time Result
Netherlands 2.05
Draw 3.75
Austria 3.50
🎤 Paul Scharner Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions

🎤 Paul Scharner Exclusive Interview and Euro 2024 Predictions

Bolo Zenden Profile

Boudewijn Zenden  born 15 August 1976), widely known by his nickname **Bolo**, is a retired Dutch footballer recognized for his versatility in playing as a left winger or attacking midfielder.

Early  Career

Zenden first gained significant attention when he was named Dutch Football Talent of the Year in 1997. His professional career saw him playing in multiple top-tier leagues across Europe.

Club Career

In the English Premier League, Zenden's journey spanned through four different clubs, where he accumulated a total of 180 appearances and netted 19 goals. Besides his time in England, he showcased his skills in several other top leagues. In the Netherlands, he played for PSV Eindhoven, and his international club career included stints at FC Barcelona in Spain and Olympique de Marseille in France.

International Career

Zenden also had a distinguished international career. He earned 54 caps and scored seven goals for the Netherlands national team. His international play included representing the Netherlands in two UEFA European Championships and the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

May 2024 Interview

Speaking exclusively to OLBG, Bolo Zenden has picked out Feyenoord captain Lutsharel Geertruida as a key signing for Arne Slot this summer.

The former Barcelona man has also tipped the Catalan giants to look at Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta should Xavi leave the club this summer.

Ex-Chelsea midfielder Zenden has also questioned whether Mauricio Pochettino has a new job lined up having pushed for a Stamford Bridge exit at the end of the season.

Q: Is your countryman Arne Slot the right man to replace Jurgen Klopp? time will tell if Arne Slot is the right man to take over from Jurgen Klopp

BZ: “Only time will tell if Arne Slot is the right man to take over from Jurgen Klopp, because name one person who could actually fill those boots?

“In nine years at the club he has won everything that is there to be won. Not just trophies, but also the fans. He's won everybody over. He'll be a living legend. He's left the club through the front door. So anybody taking on the job now will be having a hell of a hell of a task. 

“Why did Liverpool come to Arne Slot? I think they looked at stats, how did Feyenoord perform? Did Feyenoord perform well? Yes, they did. Did they recover more balls, or a lot of balls in the opposition half in the final third?

“Yes, they did. He plays attacking football, front foot football with a lot of pressure. But I think the other thing that is probably important for Liverpool is that he did it not by spending a lot of money. 

BZ on Arne Slot & Klopp's Successor

Only time will tell if Arne Slot can fill Klopp's boots 🥾. Klopp's 9 years at #LFC are legendary; he's won everything & everyone. Slot's attacking football and success with Feyenoord, even under financial strain, is impressive. But can he handle Liverpool's magnitude? Let's wait and see!

“They had financial problems, they had problems with the possibility of a new stadium. There should have been a new stadium, but in the end it didn't happen.

“There's things gone on with investors, there's things that have gone on at the top of the club with the board. And in the end, he still performed and he got them playing a certain type of football. 

“They even won the league, which obviously is not something that happens easily for Feyenoord of late. So I think all in all, that's why he deserves this chance. 

“Is Feyenoord the same as Liverpool? No, of course not. The magnitude of the club? No. Is there a relation or is there a comparison? Yes. Both teams are people's clubs. Both teams are in a region, you know, like a harbour. There's a very solid fan base for Feyenoord, not just in Rotterdam but the whole of Holland. 

“So there's certain things that are quite similar but then probably at Liverpool it’s 10 times more. So we have to wait and see. It's not like he's been away and been abroad managing different clubs from the same magnitude and then to add on at Liverpool. But I hope he does well.”

Q: Which players could Arne Slot bring to Liverpool this summer?

BZ on Top Feyenoord Players for Liverpool

A few Feyenoord players had great seasons, but don’t bring too many from one club. Three standout stars: Quentin Timber (midfielder, brother of Arsenal’s Jurrien Timber), Mats Wieffer (midfielder), and captain Lutsharel Geertruida. Geertruida, versatile and talented, would be the best signing for Anfield. ⚽🔴

BZ: “There’s a few players at Feyenoord that have had a good season, there’s a few that could transmit the message of the manager into the team. But I also think that you don’t have to bring in too many players that you know from your club or your league.

“But there's probably three players that stand out a bit as we reach the end of the season, Quentin Timber, a midfielder, who is the brother of Arsenal’s Jurrien Timber. There's also Mats Wieffer, who's also a midfielder. 

“Another one guy is Lutsharel Geertruida, who's the captain for Feyenoord. He can actually play in three different positions, which means centre back, right back, or as a holding midfielder.

“Geertruida would be the best player to sign from the current squad that Slot would consider bringing to Anfield.”

Q: Could Mikel Arteta be a target for Barcelona if Xavi leaves?

Could Mikel Artetas time at Arsenal be coming to an end?BZ: “It's a strange situation at the club. They were really happy with him, then they were not. Then he mentioned himself that he's going to leave at the end of the season before it looked like he had agreed to stay.

“Now all of a sudden the club is saying that maybe it’s still time for him to leave. I think it’s not right to keep him hanging like they do at the moment. I think it’s not right for the manager, but it’s also not right for the club itself.

“I think if you want to perform, you need certain stability or certainties. Even if you decided that it would have been the end of it, then at least that's a decision.

“It's like when Jurgen Klopp decided to leave Liverpool, that's what it is, that's what it was and people can react to it or relate to it or whatever it is. 

“If Xavi decides to leave or if the club decides that it's time to go, it's obvious that Barca would have a look at Mikel Arteta. Not just because of his history at the club, but I think more so for what he's done at Arsenal. 

“For me it's a good example as well that I think when Arteta came from Manchester City and took over at Arsenal they had a few horrendous seasons, they were eighth in the table, but they still stuck with him because they thought that he was the right manager to get them back to winning ways. 

“The way they've been performing for the last two years, they've really had a go. Even this year with the amount of points they gained, in a normal circumstance they would have won the league, but there's one team that's obviously unstoppable.

“It's an amazing achievement as well for Pep Guardiola at City, but it doesn't mean that Arteta has done a bad job at Arsenal. So for Barca to have a look at it, I'm sure that they will

“But in all honesty, I don't see why Arteta would leave for Barcelona, especially not the way things are going at Arsenal, because I think he's happy, I think everybody's happy.”

Q: Why was Mauricio Pochettino not keen to stay at Chelsea?

BZ: “It was going to go one of two ways, was Pochettino willing to stay on or was he looking at a possible exit with another team that he's had lined up? Who knows?

“I've said before, if you want to have a certain stability within the club,you need a long-term manager. If you believe that he's the right man for the job, just stick with it and see what happens.

“Chelsea have also had a difficult period, but we also know that when Roman Abramovich was in charge that managers never lasted long. Some of them even less than a year apart from Jose Mourinho who had the longest spell at the club.

“It still gave them a lot of trophies, so it worked for Chelsea in the past. Will it work again? I'm not confident. 

“Is there a transition at Chelsea? Yes, I think so. The club has gone into different hands. There's been a lot of investment in players. 

“The team has still got to gel together. They've definitely made steps because they were coming from really far away to finish sixth so Pochettino had done a great job.”

Q: Can Middlesbrough secure promotion under Michael Carrick next season?

BZ on Middlesbrough’s Future

Middlesbrough have progressed well with great results. To keep building, they must support Michael Carrick. With time and investment, adding quality players, they can challenge for promotion again. It's tough with many big teams vying for the Premier League, but Carrick is on the right track!

BZ: “Middlesbrough have come a long way and they have had some really good results. If they want to keep building the team then they need to keep supporting Michael Carrick.

“I think with some time and some investments to keep things fresh and add quality players, they can be challenging for promotion again.

“There's still obviously a gap between Middlesbrough and the favourites for promotion so it's not easy with so many big teams battling to get into the Premier League.

“The three teams that got promoted last year, they're relegated this year. So it means that it's not too easy to go up and stay there. But Michael Carrick should continue what he is doing.”

England Championship 2024/25 15 Jun @ 06:18 - To be Promoted
Leeds 2.10
Burnley 3.00
Middlesbrough 5.00
Luton 5.00
Coventry 5.50
West Brom 6.00
Sheff Utd 6.00
Norwich 6.00

Q: Can Sunderland secure promotion next season?

BZ: “I think it will take a bit longer for Sunderland when compared to Middlesbrough. If you look at the distance between Sunderland and the top six teams, it was still too much. 

“They definitely still need to improve, which doesn’t happen overnight, but they've obviously made big strides forward.”

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