Australian Federal Election Betting Guide (Odds, Contenders, History)

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The Australian Federal Election odds are now on offer from leading bookmakers and betting exchanges. The next Aussie Election is scheduled for 2025.

Australian Federal Election Betting Guide (Odds, Contenders, History)
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Australian Election Headlines

  • The 2022 Australian Election proved not quite as close as the online bookies had predicted, with Labour winning easily

  • Antony Albanese will be the new Prime Minister. 

  • However, the major story was the rise of the "teals" who are socially progressive independent candidates.  

2022 Australian Election Seats Won
Labor Party 73
Liberal Party 21
Liberal National Party 20
National Party 10
Independent 9
Greens 2
Katter party 1
Centre Alliance 1

Antony Albanese

New Prime Minister Antony Albanese

 Image: Paul Braven/AAP

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison resigned as Liberal leader after losing the election.

Image: Australian Embassy Jakarta/via Wikimedia Commons

Australian Political Parties

  • Below you can see how the bookmakers priced up the Australian Federal Election and how the odds changed.
PartiesLeaderBetting Odds January 2022Betting Odds 12th April 2022Betting Odds 19th April 2022
Betting Odds 19th May 2022
Labour Anthony Albanese1.4 (2/5)1.5 (1/2)1.73 (8/11)1.44 (4/9)
CoalitionScott Morrison2.75 (7/4)2.63 (13/8)1.8 (5/6)2.63 (13/8)

Australian Election

  • The coalition has been running Australia since 2013 and when they were triumphant at the 2019 election it came as something of a surprise to the leading bookmakers who had the Labour Party ahead.
  • Scott Morrison the leader of the Liberal Party has been Prime Minister since 2018
  • You can see below the 2019 election results and how the seats were won and divided. 
  • The 77 seats (44, 23,10) won by the Liberal, Liberal-National and National parties were enough to form the coalition government. 
  • In the 2022 election, the smaller parties could well be the kingmakers. 
Australian Political Party2019 Seats Won
Labour Party68
Liberal 44
Liberal National 23
National 10
Greens 1
Katters Australian Party3

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