Best Sportsbook for March Madness Betting: Complete Guide

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Best Sportsbook for March Madness Betting: Complete Guide
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These are the Best Online Sportsbooks for March Madness Betting

Featuring 68 college basketball teams, from the first division of the March Madness Tournament is a knockout competition created in 1939 to determine the national champions. Up to $10b is expected to be wagered on this year's event. 40% more than on the Superbowl!

With that in mind, and if some of those dollars are yours, we need to discover which is the best sportsbook for March Madness betting.

The March Madness betting sites will be an online sportsbook that operates legally under license in the state you wish to bet in. It will offer a range of lines and spreads along with bracket predictions and proposition bets.

WARNING: In some states, you are unable to bet on collegiate events. 

Here are the best legal march madness betting sites online and later I will discuss the best ways to bet on the event.

Which March Madness Betting Apps are Available in my State?

All betting sites listed below will offer free bets when you open a new account. The offers differ from site to site, and there is nothing to stop you opening more than one account to take free bets from more than one sportsbook.

Take a look through the reviews of all these online sports betting sites to see which offers the most competitive odds, best offers, and widest range of basketball wagering options.

Without doubt, one of these in the list will turn out to be your favored march madness sportsbook, with live betting and potential risk free bets to get started.

BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with BetMGM

BetMGM Review

  • Great All-In-One Betting App
  • Huge Recognizable US Brand

Exclusive free promotions and best deals! BetRivers Sportsbook welcomes you to a world of benefits for the player. Try the games and take advantage of the promos!

BetRivers Review

  • Live Betting at its Best
  • Daily Promotions
  • iRR Loyalty Rewards Scheme

Unibet brings US bettors all the excitement and passion of sports with a huge range of betting markets

Unibet Review

  • Parlay bonuses and boosts
  • More markets than other bookmakers
  • Excellent ongoing promotions

Fixed odds markets (Sports & Entertainment) + PointsBetting where the more your bet wins by, the more you win.

PointsBet Review

  • Not Only Sportsbook But Unique Points Betting Options
  • Long Established Australian Sportsbook with a good reputation
  • Licensed & Legal

NOW ONLINE - Borgata's Race & Sportsbook offers the finest sports and off-track horse betting experience.

Borgata Sports Review

  • Very Simple Design, Ideal for Beginners
  • Good Promotions for Registered Players
  • Top Casino Brand Backing

Exclusive free sports, casino and bingo promotions and slot games best deals! SugarHouse Online Casino & Sports welcomes you

Sugar House Review

  • Unique betting platform laid out clearly
  • Incredible soccer betting options
  • Jackpot Parlay game for BIG WINS

Which March Madness Betting Apps are Available in my State?

Check this table to see which march madness betting sites are available in your state, then scroll up, hit 'See Offer' and find out more to get started.







Borgata Sports





Fubo Sports

Sports Illustrated

March Madness Betting Promo Codes

A great advantage to making your March Madness bets online is that you can register a new account with an online sportsbook and find a March Madness Promo code, to grab some bonus funds or a welcome offer to make some wagers with.

You will need to check out all available Free bets for your state, but what better way to build a bankroll than to deposit to a new account and have the sportsbook match it with a bonus.

Check what March Madness betting site offers are available in your state by checking the links below

Grab a Free Bet in Your State for NCAA March Madness
New Jersey Free Bets Pennsylvania Free Bets
Indiana Free Bets
Colorado Free Bets
Iowa Free Bets
Illinois Free Bets
Michigan Free Bets
Tennessee Free Bets
Nevada Free Bets
West Virginia Free Bets
Arizona Free Bets
Connecticut Free Bets
Louisiana Free Bets
New York Free Bets
Virginia Free Bets
Wyoming Free Bets

There are several ways of gaining a March madness bonus, and the promos codes are often pre-filled here at OLBG making the process even more simple.

When looking at the list of offers for betting on march madness available in your state, ensure that you read the full terms and conditions fully and understand any wagering requirement before the bonus money can be turned into real cash. in most cases, for sports betting sites it will be only a 1 x multiplier, which is very different from online casino sites.

How Much is Wagered on March Madness?

The March Madness Tournament one of the biggest gambling events in the US, you might expect a lot of money to be wagered over the course of the event, but just how much betting on March Madness actually occurs?

It is expected that about 20% of American Adults, close to 50 million, will make at least one wager on the NCAA March Madness event with a combined value of $10 billion in paid entry pools, land-based sportsbooks, and a growing number of sharps using now legal online betting sites and apps.

Not all of this money will be wagered with online betting sites, as many bets are struck in office pools with an estimated 24 million Americans participating.

The other half will be placing bets with online sportsbooks offering collegiate basketball betting and March Madness odds within the state.

40% More Bets than the Superbowl

March Madness betting is bigger than the Superbowl!

March Madness Picks

Everyone has an idea of what bets they want to make on March Madness odds, which teams or players they think can win them a wager, and there will be many speculative mammoth bracket bets placed.

A completely successful bracket as a parlay would offer ridiculous march madness betting odds with a betting site, and is highly unlikely.

Some will support and bet on their own colleges, whilst the smarts will look for the value in the betting odds and try to predict the winners to make a steady gambling profit over the course of the event.

Other March Madness betting fans will be looking for college basketball tips from handicappers and betting experts who publish and share their March Madness picks for everyone to see

College Sport Betting Restrictions

In some states there are some restrictions as to how you can wager on collegiate events with a betting site, in other states there are none.

Restricted Collegiate Bet Types by State

Take a look at the table below for information as to when and where you can bet on college basketball and March Madness prop bets. Please check with local government and your online sportsbook in case any of these details change, although it is correct at the time of writing.

Example: IN New Jersey you have to be aged 21 or over, and there are restrictions on betting on collegiate teams and events from New Jersey, while in Michigan and Pennsylvania there are no restrictions.

State Minimum Age Betting Restrictions
New Jersey 21+ In-state collegiate teams and events
Colorado 21+ Prop betting on all collegiate events
Michigan 21+ None
Pennsylvania 21+ None
Tennessee 21+ Prop betting on all collegiate events
Indiana 21+ No prop bets on collegiate events
Arizona 21+ Collegiate prop betting
Iowa 21+ Prop betting on in-state collegiate teams
Virginia 21+ In-state collegiate teams and events and prop betting on all collegiate events
West Virginia 21+ None
New York 21+ In-state collegiate teams and events
Wyoming 18+ None
Nevada 21+ None
Louisiana 21+ None

How to Bet on March Madness

If you are betting on NCAA March Madness for the first time, or are looking to make your wagers online with the introduction to more states of legal online sports betting then check the table below to see which states now offer legally licensed online sports betting.

Which States Can I Bet on March Madness Online?

Online sports betting is now legal in these states as the online sports betting industry grows in America

Select your State to see Which Betting Sites you Can Wager With
New Jersey Betting Sites
Indiana Betting Sites
Pennsylvania Betting Sites
West Virginia Betting Sites
Colorado Betting Sites
Illinois Betting Sites
Iowa Betting Sites
Michigan Betting Sites
Nevada Betting Sites
Tennessee Betting Sites
Arizona Betting Sites
Connecticut Betting Sites
Louisiana Betting Sites
New York Betting Sites
Wyoming Betting Sites
Virginia Betting Sites

What Can I Bet On?

There are a host of potential betting opportunities and legal sports wagers you can make over the 3-week event. Let's take a closer look at the NCAAB betting options and game wagering that's available.

  • Individual Games
  • Bracket Contests
  • The Championship Game

Types of March Madness bets

The sports betting markets may be confusing if you are considering betting online on NCAA March Madness games for the first time. So let's run through some of the bets you can make, which to aim for and which to avoid on the biggest college basketball tournament of them all.

Popular March Madness Bets

Outside of trying to predict perfect brackets in college basketball, the more simple the wager the more chance you have of winning your bet. The most popular type of basketball bet will be Moneylines and Game Totals

Most Popular March Madness Bets
Game Totals MoneyLine
Highest Scoring Game Lowest Scoring Game
Highest Scoring Team Lowest Scoring Team

In-Play Live Betting

As one of the most dynamic and fast-paced sports to bet on basketball is perfect for in-play betting and is my favorite event on which to do so.

Being able to watch and bet at the same time adds excitement to the event and you can follow the action and place wagers as the action happens

Betting Brackets for March Madness

The bracket bet is, without doubt, the most popular but equally the most speculative wager that can be made on March madness. But what is it exactly and what are the march madness betting odds?

A bracket bet on March Madness is generally organized as a pool entry competition whereby you try to predict the outcome of all 63 NCAA March Madness games in the championship. It is decided on a points system. The probability of a perfect bracket would be March Madness odds of 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1, which explains why no one has ever predicted it as yet.

9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1

Could you beat over 9 quintillion to one odds and pick the perfect bracket?

This is not a sportsbook wager as I am sure you are aware, very few people have never come across bracket pools in the office at a casino or elsewhere.

The way the bracket winner is determined is by a points system. Again, the points system may differ from pool to pool. Generally, later games are weighted more heavily for point scoring, although, there can be added weight for upset underdog winner predictions too.

Once the first round of games is complete, based on the number of correct picks you made, you get a chance to make the second-round picks, the more first-round correct, the more chances you have for round 2 and so on.

If all games were 50/50, which of course they aren't, the odds of landing a perfect bracket would be 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1.


March Madness Betting FAQ's

  • Can you bet on March Madness?

    The best part of the March Madness Tournament is that you can place bets on it in advance on the futures markets and during the tournament. You could bet to see who will make it to Final Four or win National Championship, among other things! Betting online is as easy as opening a new online sportsbook account.

  • Has anyone ever had a perfect bracket for March Madness

    It's tough to get your bracket right without some luck, but one man has managed 39. Dr. Nigl from Columbus Ohio is the first verified person in history that was able to pick through to the sweet 16

  • Is it legal to bet on March Madness online.

    It is legal to bet online in March madness if you are of age, are located in the state in which you want to bet and are using a legally licensed sportsbook within the state

  • Can I bet on March Madness on my mobile

    All Sportsbooks legally licensed in your state will have mobile betting on March madness available. Most bets will be able to make, with the exception of some prop bets which are restricted in some states.

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