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Our experts have analyzed and compared various sportsbooks, taking into account factors like odds, bonuses, user interface, and mobile compatibility. Find out which one comes out on top for betting on basketball and the NBA!

NBA Betting | Best Basketball Betting Sites
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Finding the best NBA betting sites can be daunting, as countless options exist. With different odds and free bets on the line, finding a sportsbook that offers deep market availability and reliable functionality is crucial. Whether you're looking for spreads, props or live in-play betting opportunities for your NBA picks, the right platform can make all the difference in your basketball betting experience. Let's dive into the top NBA sportsbooks 2023.

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How We Chose the Best NBA Sportsbooks

Every major sportsbook in the United States competes for NBA bettors. They do this by offering the deepest variety of bets at the best odds while dangling promos, free bets, and boosts to new and existing users. Our team of experts have years of NBA betting experience and has thoroughly vetted every sportsbook available to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Number of Games Available to Bet On

With a few rare exceptions, every NBA game can be bet on at every major sportsbook in the United States.

Unforeseen circumstances, including travel delays or player availability issues (COVID, Injuries, Family Emergencies), have caused sportsbooks to take games off the board. But close to 99% of all NBA games are available to be wagered on pre-tip. 

Best Site for Number of Games

While nearly every NBA game is made available by licensed sportsbooks in the US, not every sportsbook offers the full menu of options. Sportradar supplies FanDuel with official NBA data and that partnership incentivizes FanDuel to provide its users the best and most comprehensive betting experience.

For this reason, FanDuel routinely has the most games and props bets in the market. 

Lots of Betting Markets

You can attack an NBA game from a variety of betting angles. From a race to ten points to an individual player’s total number of assists. These smaller prop markets often differ between sportsbooks, as opposed to the standard spread, total, and moneyline. You can see upwards of a 20% differential in odds on player props, while sportsbooks remain vigilant to stay within a small window for the major betting markets. Many betting market options give the bettor a greater chance of finding an edge.

Best Site for Market Depth

FanDuel, due to its NBA partnership, has made it a priority to dominate the NBA market. They do this by offering a seemingly endless menu of prop betting options on every NBA game. From scoring ranges for players (eg Steph Curry To Score 35+ at +600) to first basket scorer, FanDuel has the game covering from opening tip to final horn. 

Competitive Odds

Shopping around for competitive odds is paramount. Not only can a half-point cost you in terms of pure wins and losses, eating added juice in the -115 to -120 range can significantly cut into your bankroll over time. Some sportsbooks will utilize the juice to entice or dissuade action by moving it anywhere between +100 to -120 on a side or total. One way to avoid catching a bad number or eating unnecessary juice is to open multiple sportsbooks when placing your wagers. This allows you to compare prices in real time before locking in your bets.

Best Site for Betting Odds

Searching for the best NBA betting app comes down to searching for the best odds every single day. While most sites usually fall into lockstep with the market, it's important to consider the use of promos and boosts when shopping around. FanDuel is the best if you’re looking to bet on games right as they hit the market, but as odds change it’s best to monitor the entire market in real-time because each sportsbook is adjusting their odds to create a 50/50 handle. 

Bonuses, Free Bets and Rewards

Shopping for the best number and juice is only half the battle. Every sportsbook is fighting for your NBA betting business, so it's important to watch for specific bonuses, free bets, and rewards. These giveaways are often capped at $25, $50, and $100 per wager, but when used correctly, they can alter your overall expected value (EV). Expected value is the measure of what a bettor can expect to win or lose per bet placed on the same odds repeatedly. Positive expected value (+EV) implies profit over time, while a negative value (-EV) implies a loss over time. These giveaways can help tip the scales in your favor.

User Interface

A slow or clunky user interface can be unpleasant. But in the world of sports betting, particularly live betting, it can cost you money. If an app or site has a slow, complicated, or unwieldy user interface, that can prevent you from getting bets placed promptly. Navigating an interface quickly and efficiently is critical in a sport like the NBA, where you can simultaneously look at 5 to 10 games. Most sites have introduced search functionality recently, making finding the team you want to bet on easier.

Customer Service

Freedom of movement is critical when betting on the NBA. That means that you want to move your money into and out of different apps as quickly as possible to play the best odds. Customer service plays a pivotal part in that strategy. If a withdrawal is delayed or pending review, you'll want to be able to speak with a real person as soon as possible. Is there a phone number available? Can you use a chat feature to connect with a real person? These are important things to know before tying money up in an app.

Why Bet on Basketball?

While spreads, totals and moneylines are well-calibrated in the NBA, prop bets offer opportunities for players to hit it big on a nightly basis. Due to load management, there are multiple games throughout a given week in which NBA superstars take a break. That provides opportunities for lesser known players to come in and star for a single evening. That also sets the stage for breakout performances to translate to big wins for bettors. The emergence of Daily Fantasy Basketball has also created a mountain of reliable daily content. If you follow reporting closely, getting the best of sportsbooks is possible by cashing in on lucrative player prop odds.

Top 5 NBA Betting Sites (Ranked)

Here are the top 5 betting sitesf or basketball according to our expert team.

1. FanDuel

As an official partner with the NBA, FanDuel takes great pride in offering the best odds on every NBA game. They also offer the most player prop bets of any sportsbook in the market, which allows bettors to build lucrative same game parlays. They pride themselves on setting lines early and players can always expect a mountain of exotics like double result wagers, first and second-half specific lines, same-game parlays, and live betting options.

4.6 / 5 10 Ratings

FanDuel Sportsbook features bets on all major U.S. sports, including professional football, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, boxing, motorsports racing and more

FanDuel Review

  • Live Betting and Feeds to Watch your Bets
  • Trusted and Recognizable Name
  • Powered by one of the biggest Sportsbooks in the World.

2. BetMGM

BetMGM offers a decent depth of market, including player props and exotics on a nightly basis. You can build same-game parlays using the spread, moneyline, or total and also add in player props and quarterly outcomes or pick from pre-packaged same-game parlays promoted by the app. BetMGM also offers the most generous futures market of any major sportsbook. You can often find players to win major awards like NBA MVP or Most Improved Player at much longer odds than any other book in the market. They also offer several promos and boosts throughout the season, including multipliers and sweeteners on parlays.

3.9 / 5 16 Ratings

BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with BetMGM

BetMGM Review

  • Great All-In-One Betting App
  • Huge Recognizable US Brand

3. Caesars Sportsbook

Much like FanDuel and BetMGM, Caesars offers their users a wide range of parlay boosts and multipliers on a weekly basis. Their futures market can also hang stale numbers on markets like the NBA MVP, so it's useful to check in with them after a breakout performance from a player. Sometimes a player can vault into consideration for Sixth Man of the Year, for example, and Caesar's won't shorten their odds until the following week. This is useful when building an NBA futures portfolio.

4.1 / 5 7 Ratings

Online Sportsbook Wagering from one of the biggest names in AC - Bet on your favourite sport with the new Caesars Online Sportsbook

Caesars Review

  • Sportsbook & Casino on One Account
  • Low Minimum Wagers
  • Lots of Banking Options

4 PointsBet

This sportsbook offers reasonable prices to many of the same markets as their competition. But where PointsBet stands out is their unique prop bets, namely their titular points betting option. You can win or lose more based on how well your selection does, either against the spread or against the moneyline. So if your team wins via a blowout, you stand to make more money than if they covered a spread by a single point. The same is true in the opposite direction, but the interface allows you to limit your overall exposure in either direction based on your risk appetite.

4.0 / 5 15 Ratings

Fixed odds markets (Sports & Entertainment) + PointsBetting where the more your bet wins by, the more you win.

PointsBet Review

  • Not Only Sportsbook But Unique Points Betting Options
  • Long Established Australian Sportsbook with a good reputation
  • Licensed & Legal

5. Bet365

What this app lacks in market depth, it more than makes up for with lucrative promotional parlays and specials. Weekly, they will offer specialty pre-made parlays that have been boosted and cashback/bonus cash insurance for parlays that end up losing. Having started as a European company, many of its NBA offerings mirror soccer betting options, including double-result wagering, exact outcomes and winning bands. This is great news for bettors looking to hit an exotic at plus-odds. They also drop down the juice on select games into the -105/-107 range more regularly than their competition.

Types of Basketball Betting Wagers

There are numerous ways to bet on the NBA, ranging from instant gratification like the first-basket scorer to game-long wagers like the spread, moneyline or total.  You can even tie your money up over the long term by placing money on futures like win totals, playoff appearances and which team will win the NBA championship. 

Moneyline Bets

The highest volume of wagers on NBA games come on bets placed either on the moneyline, point spread, or the game totals. Betting on the moneyline is simply betting on a team to win the game outright. No NBA game ends in a tie, so if you place a moneyline wager, you’re assured of an outcome, not a push. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers were hosting the Houston Rockets, the point spread could be set at -7.5 (-110). For that same game, the moneyline would likely fall in the following range:

Lakers -300

Rockets +275

In this case, a bettor would have to wager $300 to win $100 on the Lakers. Based on the risk, a bettor must win 75% of their bets at -300 simply to break even. A $100 wager on the Rockets would end up paying out $300. Conversely, a bettor would only need to win 25% at +300 to break even. Every win over that 25% would be pure profit.

Historically, bettors find value in moneyline bets in professional basketball when playing home underdogs. Last season in the NBA, 19 of the 30 teams finished at .500 or better against the spread as a home underdog. Take the Orlando Magic, for example, a perennial doormat in the league. The Magic have just one winning season in their past eleven campaigns. But as home underdogs, they were incredibly profitable against the spread (18-10, 64.3%, 8th). Even more incredible is that they won 14 of those 28 games outright as an underdog. 

Despite finishing their season 34-48 and seven games out of the playoffs, they were one of the most profitable teams to bet. If you placed a moneyline bet on the Magic every time they were a home underdog during the ‘22-’23 season, you would have made an ROI of 47% and profited over $1,200 had you placed a $100 bet on every one of those games.

FanDuel is the Best Betting Site for Moneyline Bets

FanDuel openers historically offer the best value when it comes to betting on the moneyline in the NBA. If you’re willing to risk “flying blind” as it relates to injury and load management, you can routinely get the best number in the market by betting with FanDuel as soon as a game is listed. 

Spread Bets

When betting on the point spread, you are picking a team to win or lose but by a certain amount of points. Take the Lakers-Rockets example from above. Los Angeles was favored by 7.5 points. If you were betting on the Lakers, to win your bet, LA needed to win by 8 or more points. On the other end, to win the bet with Houston you needed the Rockets to either win outright or lose by 7 points or fewer.

Because there are 82 regular season games in the NBA, spread betting is often approached through a situational lens. Teams routinely go on road trips, so travel and the fatigue of back-to-back games is a major factor to consider when placing these bets. Case in point, 17 teams in the NBA posted ATS records of 66.7% or better when they had 4+ days of rest. When you shrink that rest down to a single day? Only one team in the entire NBA covered north of 60% of their games (Sacramento Kings, 65.3%). 

Caesars is the Best Betting Site for Spread Betting

Caesars provides bettors with the opportunity to move the point spread in either direction before the tip-off of any NBA game. This allows them to “buy or sell” points, thereby influencing the juice in a positive or negative direction.

Over/Under Bets

One of the most exciting ways to place a bet on an NBA game is by playing the total. Bettors are wagering on whether the final score will be "Over" or "Under" the posted total. The average number of points scored in an NBA game is 229. For perspective in a college basketball game, that number is around 136.

The most common point total in an NBA game is 230. Scoring has been on the rise in the past decade and the reason is simply the rise in three-point shooting. During the 2012-13 season teams averaged 20 three-point shot attempts per game. By the end of the 2022-23 regular season that figure had ballooned to 34.2 treys per game.

FanDuel is the Best betting site for Over/Under Bets

Just like their offerings on spreads and moneylines, FanDuel is the first to post totals for upcoming NBA games. That gives bettors the chance to grab a good number, seizing what is called “Closing Line Value.” 

Prop Bets

The NBA has arguably the deepest offering of prop bets. From the opening tip and the first basket to full-game player stats and winning bands, there seems an endless amount of prop bets that you can make on a given game. This comprehensive betting menu is also enhanced by market-wide “Same Game Parlays,” which allow bettors to string together multiple prop bets that have the potential to cash for huge paydays. 

BetMGM is the Best Betting Site for Prop Bets

BetMGM offers a wide variety of player, scoring, and winning margin props. They also offer pre-packaged same-game parlays, while also allowing bettors to create their own. Some pre-packaged parlays also come with enhanced odds that have been boosted in the bettors favor. 

Futures Bets

The NBA, much like every other professional sport in the US is tailor-made for futures betting. Major awards like the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and Sixth Man of the Year can be bet on throughout the preseason and during the regular season. Prop bets also extend to the NBA Draft and free agency. Win totals are set for each team ahead of the season and bettors can predict if they’ll go over or under that figure. And then there’s different ways to bet on the NBA playoffs. You can bet on a team to make the playoffs, win their division, conference, or the outright NBA championship. Odds for individual awards and teams’ overall success are updated and fluctuate throughout the season.

Caesars is the Best Betting Site for Futures Betting

Caesars can match the other major sportsbooks when it comes to depth of markets on NBA Futures, but they often leave stale numbers on the board, particularly for NBA Awards. If a player has a few big games in a row, it’s always worth monitoring Caears’ award markets to see if they are offering the best number on said player to win an award.

Parlays and Teasers

A parlay is when you link more than one bet together. To win a parlay you’ll need to win each “leg” or individual bet you’ve strung together. A push doesn’t result in a loss, but it will knock your odds down should you win every other portion of the parlay. Speaking of odds, parlays are incredibly popular because of the big payouts tied to them. If you string together three bets at -110 each, the payout is usually +600. Bump that up to four bets and it’s +1000 and +2000 at five bets. You can see why this is one of the most popular wagers made in the US.

Teasers are similar in that you string together multiple bets, but their payouts are much lower. Why is this the case? Because a teaser gives the bettor a point-spread advantage on every bet that they make. For example, a three-team teaser in the NBA, in which you are moving the point spread 4.5 points per game in your favor, pays out between +160 and +175 depending on the sportsbook. What you’re sacrificing in payout you’re gaining in terms of an in-game edge by receiving those 4.5 points in each game. Here is how it would look

Standard Spreads

Lakers-7 vs. Grizzlies

Sixers-10 vs. Nets

Celtics-12 vs. Hawks

If you placed a standard 4.5-point three-leg teaser, selecting all three of the favorites here is how your betting slip would look:

Lakers-2.5 vs. Grizzlies

Sixers-5.5 vs. Nets

Celtics-7.5 vs. Hawks

If you were to win all three of those bets against the spread you’ve won the bet at +160.

Bet365 is the Best Site for Parlays and Teasers

This site generally has the best payouts for both parlays and teasers. Teaser payouts can vary by a wide margin and Bet365 can be closer to +190 on a standard 4.5 point three-leg teaser as opposed to others in the market at +160. 

Benefits of Using a Basketball Betting App

Using a legal sportsbook app to bet on the NBA has significant benefits. Legal sportsbooks are required to adhere to state and federal laws, which provide bettors with layers of protection. When you win money with an officially licensed sportsbook you can have confidence that you'll be able to withdraw your funds right away and do so in full compliance with state and federal tax laws. 

Convenience and Speed

NBA betting apps prioritize customer service and a fast user experience. What this means for bettors is that there are always customer service agents to speak to (or chat with) if there are any questions regarding their account. This is particularly useful for understanding promotional offers and incentives. These sites also work with most banks and payment apps so depositing and withdrawing money happens very quickly.

Range of Markets and Odds

The NBA is a perfect sport for speciality markets including player props and exact margin of victory. Betting apps can offer over/unders, scoring ranges, and specific statistical accomplishments (made 3-pointers, assists, blocks, triple-doubles, etc). These markets can be combined together into same-game parlays at most sportsbooks. 

Bonuses, Promotions, and Incentives

Because this market is so competitive, NBA betting apps regularly offer new and existing customers bonuses, promos, and incentives like cash-back or merchandise to continue using their services. These can range anywhere from nightly boosters on parlays to cash-back insurance on losing wagers. Some even offer merchandise like apparel, luggage, and sports memorabilia as a bonus for bettors winning certain bets.

More Benefits?

NBA betting apps have advanced significantly in the past four years and now offer an amazing array of games, player props, exotics, and futures on the sport. By betting with one of these officially licensed apps you now have access to tons of games on a nightly basis in addition to futures like the NBA MVP. Futures markets being offered year-round give bettors the chance to lock in favorable odds while building a robust futures portfolio.

How to Place a Bet on Basketball

Once you've signed up for an app and deposited money into your account you'll then need to navigate to the basketball section and select "NBA.”

From there you will likely see upcoming games, team futures, and player futures. 

If you would like to place a bet on a single game, click into that game and choose a bet type from the options. The different bet types are explained above and these include spread, moneyline, and total as the basic betting options on both sides.

You can also select more options broken out by quarter, half, team-specific results (eg, total points scored by one team), player props, exact outcomes (winning ranges/bands, exact scores), and more. 

Once you've selected your first wager it will be added to your betting slip. 

By clicking into your betting slip you can decide how much you would like to wager. 

You can also add to that betting slip and break out your bets individually or combine them into parlays and/or teasers. 

Once a wager is placed, that money will be deducted from your account. 

You can access your bet slips and see how much money you will receive in the event you win from the account management tab.

Live Betting

There are few more exciting sports to bet live, or in-play than Basketball. Whether than be NBA, College, or Euroleague matches.

The very nature of Basketball, the ebb and flow, and speed of the game means that the betting odds are always changing.

Exciting Live Basketball Betting

Few sports offer the live betting excitement of basketball Find a sportsbook offering live betting. Watch and wager at the same time.

Some players will wait for a period of dominance from one side and bet on them to win the game especially is the odds are close. Then if the game switches momentum bet on the other side. They are ensuring a profit whatever the final result.

The same can be said with Totals betting, there may be a slow first period when the totals figure for under over betting changes slightly, and you can bet one side. Then if the game changes and scoring becomes quite free, you can bet the other side too.


NBA Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I bet on NBA?

    Every Sportsbook listed on this page is legal and licensed in your state, and you can wager safely using any of them. Find Basketball in the menu, and select the event and market you wish to bet on. It takes only a short time to place your NBA bets on any sportsbook site.

  • How do you bet the moneyline in Basketball?

    Betting on moneyline in Basketball is simply a matter of predicting who will win the match at the end of standard time by scoring the most points. 

    The team that scores the most points are the winners, and if the result matches your prediction, then you win.

  • How do you bet on NBA spreads?

    The way to bet on spreads on Basketball is to consider what spread is being offered on the market by the Sportsbook. It is worth considering that following a study, the result falls between the typical spread only 5% of the time, so 95 times out of 100, the spread will fall either way. All you have to do is predict which side of the spread the result will fall and make your wager.

  • What happens if you push on a three-team teaser?

    Because of the way the teaser bet is constructed, a push in a three-team teaser, or even four-team teaser will result in the wager being lost. 

  • What is a teaser bet?

    A teaser bet is similar to a parlay bet where you choose two + events, and all have to win for the bet to be successful. 

    Where the teaser differs is that you can adjust or "tease" the bet to make the wager slightly easier (in your eyes).

    You can do this online with most sportsbooks where teaser bets are available. 

    Teaser payouts are generally smaller because of the spreads or totals are more generous having been "teased".

  • How do you win a teaser bet?

    Just a like a standard parlay you win a teaser bet if ALL predictions in the bet are correct. Teasers offer you the chance to add multiple selections on the points spread market adjusting the odds in your favor, and multi-selection teasers can offer tremendous odds against small stakes wagers.

  • Does overtime count in over/under basketball bets?

    In normal circumstances, overtime does not count towards your over-under totals bet. The score at full time is the score pertaining to the wager you have placed. Exceptions can be made but will be clearly stated, in a separate market, if available, before you place your bets.

  • What happens if the over-under is exact?

    In most cases, the over/under figure offered will be a half-point score. So it is not possible to for the prediction to be correct. So perhaps the totals figure on offer is 180.5 - You will be wagering on under 180.5, which includes all total score up to and including 180. Alternatively, you will be betting on Over, which includes all scores from 181 and above.

Editorial Information

Michael Calabrese wrote this NBA betting guide. He has covered collegiate and professional sports since 2007 and writes for OLBG, The Action Network and Saturday Down South. You can also watch him every Saturday on VSIN's college football coverage.

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