Spread Betting Example - Can Spread Betting Work?

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I followed a couple of Spread Betting markets on the EPL to give a guide into how the markets move. I took the opening Sporting Index spreads and followed them to their conclusion. Seeing how much could be won and lost

Spread Betting Example - Can Spread Betting Work?
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Spread Betting On Football

The two matches I followed on Spread Betting site Sporting Index were:

  • Brighton v West Brom  
  • Burnley v Tottenham.

One match kicked off at 5.30 and the other at 8.00 giving me enough time to trade the spreads on both games. 

If you are new to spread betting and want the best guide on the internet to this form of betting please visit the OLBG Spread Betting Guide. 

The guide to spread betting is packed with helpful info, including how spread betting works and how spread betting can be profitable. 

football spread betting advice

Brighton v West Brom

Brighton v West Brom

There are around 100 Sporting Index markets on offer on an EPL game, you have a huge choice of:

  • Win
  • Goals
  • Minutes
  • Team
  • Supremacy
  • Corner
  • Binary   

The spread betting market I like most is the WIN Index.

In this market you get 

  • 25 Points For A Win
  • 10 Points For A Draw
  • 0 Points For A Loss

Each team is then allocated a spread price, below you can view the pre-match Brighton v West Brom Win Index.

1. Let us say you decided to BUY Brighton at 17.0.

Brighton Win Index15.517.0
West Brom Win Index6.758.25

2. Brighton score in the 40th minute to take the lead. The spread prices now look like this. 

Brighton Win Index
West Brom Win Index

Your buy bet is looking good, should you take your profit and sell Brighton at the new price of  21.25?

This gives you a profit of 4.25 x your stake (17 -21.25 =4.25).

This represents much better odds than were available at the bookies or on the exchanges. 

However, you are confident Brighton will get the win so leave the bet, hoping for a bigger win at the final settlement price of 25.

3. Disaster for your bet as West Brom equalise in the 83rd minute. The spread price now looks like this: 

Your buy bet of 17 is now a loser as the draw will only give you 10 points, a loss of 7.0 x your stake (10 -17.0 =7).

Brighton Win Index10.511.25
West Brom Win Index9.510.25

The above is a typical football spread betting scenario with plenty of peaks and troughs. 

You have to decide pre-match and in-play where the buy and sell prices offer value. 

Burnley v Spurs

The 8.00 game has a pre-match spread betting price as follows: Remember the winner gets settled at 25 and the loser at zero (0):

Are Burnley good value for a point or win?

Look at the Tottenham price of 6.3 x your wager if they win, way better than the bookmaker prices.

Should Tottenham after beating Man Utd 6 -1 away from home be the bet?

Remember the risk though if Tottenham lose and get zero(0).

Burnley Win Index5.256.5
Tottenham Win Index17.2518.7

1. There are no goals in the 1st half but Tottenham were having more possession without creating much: 

Are Burnley now good value for 10 points in the index?

Burnley Win Index7.08.25
Tottenham Win Index15.016.5

 2. Tottenham score an away goal to take the lead in the 77th minute, the spread betting price is as follows.

Burnley Win Index
Tottenham Win Index

3. A sell of Tottenham at HT when 0-0 is now looking terrible unless Burnley can get something.

 Again decide where the value is and monitor the game.

Remember, when you are more right you win more, when you are more wrong you lose more. 

Spread Betting Strategies

1. Always when spread betting consider the worst-case scenario. (see below)

2. Take profits when you consider the event may turn against you. 

3. Do not worry about adding to your bet if you feel more profits can be made.

4. Do not worry about changing your mind, and backing the other selection, if the new prices offer value. 

5. More people buy than sell, so train yourself to investigate the sell price first. 

6. If you have made a successful bet, always consider closing your position, especially when you have evenly matched teams. 

Each month there are plenty of examples of how you can really benefit when you get a spread bet right.

Spreadex even publish their top 10 spread bets of the month on their FEATURES page

The figures look great - just make sure you are not on the wrong side of these kinds of spread bets!

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Nigel has worked in the betting industry for the majority of his career, so when his preference is for Spread Betting sites we take note when he shares his thoughts.

Nigel Skinner

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Nigel Skinner implements his betting prowess chiefly on betting exchanges and Spread betting companies. His preference is rooted in the extensive market offerings and dynamic trading alternatives these platforms present. His experience and insider knowledge, honed over years of serving traditional bookmakers, empowers him to identify the opportunities that spread betting bestows on betting strategy.

- Nigel Skinner, Blog content manager

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