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Spread Betting DiaryIntroductionMy Name is Redhammer and I have been spread betting on football forover a year now and have become very familiar with certain markets,regularly finding areas where the markets offer massive potential.Often the bookmaker on the high street

Spread Betting - My Diary.
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Horse Racing, greyhounds and snooker specialist with thirty years experience of writing about sport across multiple platforms. A QPR and Snooker fan

Spread Betting Diary


My Name is Redhammer and I have been spread betting on football for over a year now

For those who are new to spread betting please check out the spread betting info at the betting school or the best spread betting companies article

Both will give you valuable information on this type of betting. 

I have become very familiar with certain markets, regularly finding areas where the markets offer massive potential. 

sports betting

Often the bookmaker on the high street can put you off with their stingy prices, this is where spread betting offers a fantastic opportunity to take advantage.

OLBG is packed with helpful spread betting info from many of their long term members and over the next few weeks I will be placing my thoughts, bets, and results on this spread betting blog

I will not disclose monetary values but will give you the result in point form having placed my spread bets on either of the two main spread betting firms of Sporting Index or Spreadex. 

While spread betting can offer great returns, it can also offer great danger and can only emphasize, if new to spread betting and are interested, you research, research and research some more as well as opening a fun account and use virtual coins.

I will update this diary every week and hope you join me.

Thank you for reading and please, feel free to comment, feedback, or ask any questions.

Market Guides

I have been using the following spread betting markets but there are hundreds to choose from.

  • Multi Corner
  • Total Match Goal Minutes
  • Player Goal Minutes
  • Team Shirt Number Goals
  • Winning Goal Minutes
  • First Lady

1. Multi Corner: This is a teams first have corner total multiplied by their second-half corner total.

 If Team X had 2 corners in the first half and 3 in the second half, the result is (2x3) = 6.

If either half has 0 corners then the result is 0 and is a maximum loss. 

2. Total Match Goal Minutes: This is a simple addition of all the minutes when goals have been scored added together.
If team X scores in the 5th, 23rd, and 71st minutes, the result is (5+23+71) =99. 
If the team does not score, this result is 0 and a maximum loss.
3. Player Goal Minutes: Identical to above but based on 1 particular player. 
If Player Y scores in the 3rd and 66th minute, the result is (3+66) =69.
If the player does not score, the result is 0 and a maximum loss.
4. Team Shirt Number Goals: This is all the shirt numbers of a team's goalscorers added together. 
If Team X has 3 different scorers wearing shirt numbers 8, 21, and 11, the result is (8+11+21) = 40. 
Own goals count, so if shirt number 5 of the opposition scores an own goal in favor of team X, it counts for team X. 
If the team does not score, the result is 0 and maximum loss.
5. Winning Goal Minutes: The time of winning goal in the game.
6. First Lady: Everything that happens in the first 10 minutes. A corner is 3 points, yellow card is 5, a red card is 15 and a goal is 1.
Points are doubled for anything in the first minute.

Spread Betting Diary

Friday the 17th of October

A look ahead to Tomorrow's football have seen me pick out 4 bets, 1 with low risk and 4 with a bit of danger.

Arsenal v hull I think Arsenal should be afraid of Hull. Hull has great width play and their full-backs get forward and can cause problems as Arsenal's wide players don't always trackback. I love finding low-risk multi corners on the spread betting and Hull can be a gem as I've bought at 4. Bookies struggle to give decent odds for Corners and sometimes have to go into double figures for a good price. Just 2 in each half will give me profit. I will cash out at half time if hull are winning or drawing and I have a profit on offer.

Everton v Aston villa Taken a risk here. I predict a close win to Everton with not many goals. I think they might be winning at half time and hit cruise control in the second as villa at times offer little going forward. I've sold the Everton goal minutes at 141Newcastle v Leicester I can see a potentially high scoring game and for the 5 goals, you are offered 6/1 with some bookies whereas the match goal minutes I've bought at 153. If 3 goals are in the second half I will almost certainly see a profit.

The second bet I have bought the winning score minutes at 41. I think this is underpriced as both of these teams can score in the second half. Bookies offer just over evens for either side to score in the second half. If the winning goal is even just on the hour mark then it gives a 19 point profit. I can't see a draw here as Newcastle desperately need 3 points.

Burnley v West HamWest ham shirt numbers I have bought at 22. I think we will win 3-1 with sakho (15) and Valencia (31) getting among the goals. That would entail at least a 24 point win. Prices for both are around 15/8 to score anytime so a tenner on each would return about 60 pounds whereas a tenner per point would see me hit 240 along as both score. I cannot see us not scoring and we have various other potential scorers with high shirt numbers.

Saturday the 18th of October

Well a look at the results first, a mixed bag for day one of the diary, here is how it panned out, bet by bet.

Arsenal v Hull CityHull multi corners: bought at 4. Result:0 loss:-4 Despite scoring 2 hull only had 4 shots and 0 corners at all during the game. A low risk bet but wasn't to be. Poor Start.

Everton v VillaTotal goal minutes: sold at 141. Result:142 loss:-1 Well a tiny loss. After it was 2-0 I hoped that would be it but wast to be as Coleman hit a low blow with a 78-minute goal and made me nervous for the remainder of the game. Had Coleman not scored then it would have been a 76 point win. Close.

Newcastle v LeicesterTotal goal minutes: bought at 153. Result:71. Loss:-82 Just the one goal which has completely shocked me and hurt me here. Leicester disappoints and fails to score in third away game. Massive loss. thought Newcastle would edge it but thought it would have been a game for the big screen rather than about the big screen. Fuming.

Winning goal time. Bought at 41. Result:71 winnings:+30 Takes a slight edge off the heavy loss after obertan scores on the 71st minute. A favorite market of mine and won't shy away from this. Always risky as it may be a draw and there is no winning goal but Newcastle just could not afford to lose this.

Burnley v West HamWest Ham Shirt numbers: bought at 24. Result:70. Winnings:+46 Cole (24), sakho (15), and Valencia (31) on target as I hit the score on the nose. A great value market due to west ham forwards wearing high shirt numbers and always undervalued for some reason. One market I cannot wait to be priced up every week and sometimes i cannot believe my luck as Sakho, who wears 15, has 6 in 6 starts.

Saturday night A mixture of results and had Coleman not scored it could have been so much better, just highlights the margins involved in Spread Betting. Time for a look ahead to Sunday.....

QPR v Liverpool Think Sterling needs a massive game after the media spotlight for the week over his tiredness and I have bought Sterling's total goal time at 22 as I think he will score and will do so in the 2nd half, bagging a huge win.

Stoke v Swansea Stoke have scored 60% of their goals in the first half and think they will again against a stuttering Swansea so was surprised to see their first goal minute up at 52 so have grabbed that and hopefully, Crouchy can do me a favor.

X Factor Special

Market-10 points for Act to be in bottom 3 and survive. 25 Points to go home.

High street offers just 15/8 for Steph to go out first this weekend but on Spread Betting we are offered odds of 12.5. Wow. Obviously this has a risk as you will lose 12.5 points if she doesn't go home.

I've bought Steph at 12.5 and Jake at 7.5 as I think they will be the two to be eliminated.

RESULT Well Steph went out but Jake survived without being in the bottom 3....here is how the points worked out

Steph Bought at 12.5. Result: Eliminated-25 points. Profit 12.5 points

Jake Bought at 7.5. Result: Not in Bottom 3. Loss -7.5 points

An overall small profit and a definite market to indulge in next week. Huge potential in this on spread betting for X factor

Sunday the 19th of October

A look at the 2 markets I took on yesterday and again, more mixed results....that could have been so much better, here is why....

QPR v LiverpoolSterling Total Goal Minutes: bought at 22. Result:0 loss:-22 A good performance by the youngster, maybe hampered with a slightly wide role in the first half and not helped with Mario upfront, shooting from all angles. In the 94th minute he was put through and I stood up to celebrate a 72 point win but he passed it and it ended up in the net as an own goal. Gutted doesn't describe it as I sat back down.

Stoke v SwanseaStoke 1st Goal Minute: sold at 52. Result:43 Profit:9 Swansea took the lead which worried me but Moses 'won' a penalty after.....something.......not sure what, and Adams dispatched to give me a 9 point profit to slightly take the edge off the previous result

Sunday Night A poor day made better by the X factor results and a market to investigate as the week goes on for next week's movie theme. Just the 1 premier league to look at but am licking my lips, think I have found a gem.

West Brom v Man Utd I predict goals, goals, and more goals. Therefore I have bought total goal minutes at 158 and have been hugely impressed with West Brom so far and think Man Utd will concede in the first half so have sold West Brom's first goal minutes at 57 and thirdly have taken on my favorite multi corners with West Brom at 6.5

Monday the 20th of October

West Brom v Man UtdWest Brom multi corners: bought at 6.5. Result:0 loss:-6.5 0 corners in the whole game for West Brom despite 2 goals, happens when the smaller team takes an early lead v the bigger team, small loss, small risk.

West Brom first goal minutes: sold at 57. Result:8 profit: 49 Great start for me, a goal in the 8th minute, and what a cracker, giving me a huge 59 point profit and eating into the total goal minutes i need.

Total goal minutes: bought at 158. Result:209 profit 51 Massive risk with a potential 158 point loss but 3 second-half goals and West Broms early opener means am left smiling, goal times were 8,48, 66, 87.

Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd

Champions LeagueMonaco v Benfica Can't see many goals between these two at all and will put neck on line and say 1 at most so have sold total goal minutes at 110 so here is hoping there is no late flurry of goals or am doomed!

Liverpool v Real Madrid Liverpool may find themselves in trouble if they lose against Madrid and it could not be a more difficult game, they head in out of form against the reigning choking who are bang in form. However, champions league nights at Anfield can be special and I think it may be just that again so have taken a risk. I fancy end to end attacking football so have bought Liverpool's multi corners at 7.5 AND Real Madrids at 10 so hopefully there will be plenty of corners for both teams.

Porto v Athletic club I fancy Porto to win as Athletic club are in horrible form. The high street bookie offer 1.72 for the win but spread betting offers 8.5, obviously the risk is if they fail to win I lose 17.5 points for a defeat and 7.5 points if it's a draw. Feeling confident on this one though.

Friday the 24th of October

Champions League Results A very successful 2 nights of Champions League action, played it safe with just 3 matches and 4 bets, and here is how they fared.

Monaco v Benfica total goal minutes: sold at 110. Result:0. Winnings:+110 Thought it would be 0-0 or 1-0 and it indeed ended 0-0 resulting in a massive 110 point profit and a happy Redhammer, Monaco at home is a market to keep an eye on

Liverpool Multi Corners: bought at 7.5. Result:14. Winnings:+6.5 2 in the first half and being down at 3-0 made me confident they would get at least 4 in the second and they got 7 as they chased a consolation at least. Good result again

Real Madrid Multi Corners: bought at 10.5. Result:6. Loss: -4.5 3 in the first half as they tore Liverpool apart and got offered a very small profit during the first half but let it run and was a small error as only 2 in the 2nd half after taking the foot off the pedal a bit. Overall up on the game so no worries here.

Porto to win: bought at 17.5 Result:25. Winnings:+8.5 A lot better odds than the high street and although it was a closer scoreline than expected, I remained confident of the win for Porto and in it came. Job done.

Saturday the 25th of October

West Ham v Man City Just the one game today due to lack of time and laptop issues. However, I am feeling confident my team can cause an upset and am backing them on the spreads. I have bought West Ham shirt goals at 21 and fingers crossed Valencia can score with a 31 shirt number. West Ham multi corners at a low risk 5.5 and have sold our first goal minute at 55 as only 2 of the 8 games we have not scored in the first half. I have bought both teams booking points, West Ham at 21 and Man City at 20 as think a City player may see red.

Result Delighted we won and cleaned up without the spreads but....was it good news for the spreads?

West Ham Multi Corners: bought at 5.5. Result:3. Loss: -2.5 3 at half time and offered a small profit and had intended on bailing but felt we were good for 2 at least but just 1 in the 2nd half, small loss

West Ham Shirt Goals: bought at 21. Result:36. Profit: +15 I was confident about this one and a great start when Amalfitano scored wearing no21 meaning a break-even then sakho (15) hit goal number 2. oh how I wished it was Valencia. Musn't grumble and hey, we beat the champions.

Time of first West Ham goal: sold at 55. Result:21. Profit: +34 YAS!! A 21st-minute tap in after coming close a couple of times ensures great profit. Nice one West Ham. At this point, I knew my shirt goal bet was in as well, and 1-0 up against City....celebrate I did.

West Ham booking points: bought at 21. Result:20. Loss: -1 A tiny loss, just the 2 bookings and thought we may have had more. I imagined us leading and time-wasting with silly fouls and other means and taking yellows for the team, as they call it, wasn't needed in the end.

Man City booking points: bought at 21. Result:10. Loss: -11 RAGING at this one. Kompany, on a booking, had 3 fouls in the second half and 2 were bookable offences. Absolute fuming he didn't go and stopped the profit from rolling in. A decent chunk out of the games winnings due to that!! I am still raging.

Sunday the 27th of October

Man Utd v Chelsea Only dabble today. I have bought Man Utd first goal time at 55 I dont think they will score, and that makes a result of 90 and a profit of 35. Much better odds than bookies for a clean sheet for Chelsea. I have bought winning goal time at 40, really think Chelsea will score the last goal of their win in the second half. Little risk bets of Chelsea multi corners at 6.5 and Cahill goal at 4 as think Chelsea are amazing at set-pieces and Cahill due a goal while 6.5 is really low for Chelsea.

The Results Chelsea Multi Corners: bought at 6.5. Result:6. Loss: -0.5 6 corners at half time. dream start then just 1 in the second....just 1. So went from smiling to wondering what happened as it made a loss. A small one, but.....a loss. Only needed 2 in the 2nd half.

Man Utd first goal tie : bought at 55. Result:90. Profit +35 A 94th-minute goal didn't affect my profit and was pleased to be right as they came close a couple of times in the first half. 94th minute didn't touch this bet....but.....

Winning goal time: bought at 40. Result:0. Loss: -40 NO!!! could SMELL the money, a huge 40 point profit to go with a 35 point profit then BANG, an equalizer, and maximum loss. Shows what a goal in the 94th minute can do, a difference of 80 points in the outcome.

Cahill goal time: bought at 4 Result: Loss: -4 Kinda expected this, was correct with the set-piece goal but was a small outlay, and had he scored instead of Drogba it would have produced over 45 points, well worth the risk.

X Factor Special

Market-10 points for Act to be in bottom 3 and survive. 25 Points to go home.

High street offers just 15/8 for Jake but can get a return of 11.5 with the spreads. I have done two acts this week with Jake at 14.5 and Jack at 6.5 so hopefully see them two in the sing-off for maximum profit.

RESULT Jake in bottom 2 with Only The Young and the judges sent Jake home.

Jack Bought at 6.5. Result: Safe. Loss 6.5 points

Jake Bought at 14.5. Result: Eliminated. Profit 10.5 points

Once again, better than the high street

Monday the 27th of October

QPR v Aston Villa A cruncher, both teams in dire form and need 3 points. I have bought QPRs shirt numbers at 24 and hopefully, Zamora or Vargas will get a goal. A risk here as have bought Fers goal minutes at 10 so hopefully he notches late on or more than once. Just really think he will after coming close twice last week. Lastly, I have sold Villa booking points at 24 as they had 0 against City and just 20 last week. Hopefully another quiet week and some profit for RedHammer.

Result Not a very good night....

Fer goal minutes : bought at 10. Result:0. Loss: -10 Was convinced Fer would score after being a threat against Liverpool but was a lot quieter and seemed to have a wider role in order to look after Lowton. Maximum loss.

QPR Shirt Goals : bought at 24. Result:18. Loss: -6 Austin, number 9, fires in both goals. Predicted it would be 2-0 but hoped Zamora or Vargas would score since they both started but wasn't to be.

Aston Villa booking points : sold at 24. Result:20. Profit +4 A silly booking for Wieman meant I ended with a small profit but overall a poor night.

Saturday the 1st of November 2014

After a quiet week I have kept my money so i could indulge this weekend and hopefully win some cash. Plenty of games and once again I will concentrate in the premier league. Stick with what you know on the spreads. For interest and viewing I will do at least 1 bet from every game.

Arsenal v Burnley I backed Burnley last week as had been encouraged watching them v West Ham, only to be very disappointed. In the last 5-10minutes, Everton could have been racking up the goals. I think Arsenal will have them pinned back and the man of the moment is Sanchez and will buy his total goal minutes at 31 (the bet does not stand if he does not start) A new first for me as I will buy the first lady at 9 and to help I have added a description in the box of explanations.

Newcastle v Liverpool Well Newcastle have turned over a new leaf, haven't they? While Liverpool got a big win midweek v Swansea. Am not very informative on Newcastle so will avoid individual goal predictions but think they will score and have bought last goal minute at 68 (either team) and have bought Newcastle goal minutes at 64 so am hoping Newcastle will score a couple late on and win some decent money.

Chelsea v QPR Depends what QPR turns up, despite their win on Monday I thought Villa were the better side and a better side would have punished QPR. I have bought Chelsea multi corners at 15 I dont usually do such big gambles but think Chelsea could run riot here today and hopefully get a lot of corners. As usual, will debate a cash out at half time if the offer is good. I will post on match thread should i do this and my offer. I have bought QPR booking points at 24 as expect them to be chasing shadows and committing silly fouls. Chelsea are a side who can get their opposition a lot of bookings and need just 3 for QPR for profit

Everton v Swansea A tough one to call but think I have found a potential gem and in order to back it more than other bets so far today i have just the one bet here. I have bought 1st half shirt numbers at 16 and this is for both teams combined. The players on interest are Bony (10) Routledge (15) Sigurdsson (23) Lukaku (10) Naismith (14) Coleman (23) Barkley (20). Hopefully, there are goals and the higher shirt numbers score them.

Hull v SouthamptonSouthampton multi corners are a low 9 so have bought them and hopefully can see a few early doors. I am worried they had a midweek game and Hull is not a team I like betting on. Just the one bet here.

Leicester v West Brom The two surprises for me-I thought Leicester would do better than they are and West Brom are doing the opposite, better than I thought they would. Finding it hard to get some value on this game to be honest so will leave the stats and go with a personal thought. Unlike some West Brom fans-I am a fan of Chris Brunt but then again, I don't watch him every week and am sure West Brom fans don't mind Kevin Nolan. So will buy Brunts goal minutes at 8 and hope he can finally find the net.

Stoke v West Ham Time for my team, and sorry Stoke fans, but i cannot bet against my team. Another new first and you will need to read the West Ham blog for this game to understand why I have chosen this. I have sold Shirt Supremacy on goal 1 at -1 and here is the answer to the 'what is that bet?' It is the shirt number of the first Goal. If it is a stoke goal, it is a positive number (so if their number 10 scored first goal of game-the result is 10 and i would make an 11 point loss) and if West Ham score first the result is Negative (So if West Hams number 10 scored the first goal of game, the result is -10 and my profit is 9)

I am convinced there will be a red so have sold time of first red at 84 with a maximum loss of 6 if their isn't one.

Will post remainder of games later tonight

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