Everybody Loves Roi (Return On Investment Betting)

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Everybody Loves RoiDisclaimerWhilst I always do paper testing on all of my systems, this willbe an exception. I have done NO testing of this theory whichmeans whilst it could be a success, it could also quite easily be afailure. The

Everybody Loves Roi (Return On Investment Betting)
Andy Powell Content Editor

Horse Racing stats man, Andy has contributed to OLBG for 18 years - An Ipswich fan and F1 fanatic, he also contributes EFL football and Motor Sport opinion.

What is Return On Investment?

You may have seen tipsters quote " My ROI was 37% or 220%" and wondered about this betting terminology.

What does ROI mean?  How do I calculate ROI?

Everybody Loves Roi (Return On Investment Betting)

ROI stands for return on investment and is just a measure of the efficiency of your betting.  

There are other measures but this is generally the most popular

If we placed a £1000 worth of bets over the year and on December 31st had made a profit of £250, our ROI would be 25%.

If we placed 2 bets today amounting to £75 and returned £111 our ROI would be 48%

Seeing your betting as an investment tends to make you more cautious as you slowly build your betting bank, so using Return on investment calculations can be helpful. 


Whilst I always do paper testing on all of my systems, this will be an exception. 

I have done NO testing of this theory which means whilst it could be a success, it could also quite easily be a failure. 

Everybody Loves Roi (Return On Investment Betting)

The reasoning that I am basically doing my paper testing in the public eye is firstly to share how I go about things and secondly give others an opportunity to give me feedback which is always helpful. 

As this is a complete unknown I would not be advising anyone to back any selections which are put in this blog. 


Over the years I have been using the horse racing system which has had its up and its downs but thankfully there has been more ups than downs and with continuous tweaking one day I will get it right. 

Over those years to create the systems I have always approach them looking at Strike Rates and Level Stake Profit because I have always been under the illusion that it was about producing a decent level of winners to produce a profit and this is what I have been doing and I will continue using this system but I have been playing around with my results achieve and have been playing around looking at Return On Investment instead of strike rates and LSP and this has led me to this blog.

What I have been doing over the past week or so is creating six of what I believe is the best set of race for my system for each Jumps, Turf & All-Weather. I have not looked at strike rates of LSP whilst choosing these, all I have looked at is ROI. 

On my other systems, I go through race stats to reduce losers and then runner stats to eliminate even more but for this, I am only looking at race stats so as long as they race passes the stats and the filters then it will be a selection. 

The only other thing is I have two filters in place. These filters are applied to any systems I use whether it be these or my older ones, there is a race filter which rules me out of rating any races which in the past have not performed for my system and then there is a horse filter, again eliminating any runner types which have not performed for my system in the past.

The Systems

I have reduced the number of systems from 6 down to 5 for each section (Jumps/Turf/AW) and I will now list the systems which we are going to use this month:
**I have adjusted the LSP in brackets to correspond with our current staking plan, the systems below are now based on each selection being a £5 win.**

The Jump Systems

  1. 14+ Runner Handicaps - 37 Selections (+£918.00) +496.22%

  2. Friday Handicap Hurdle - 26 Selections (+£523.67) +402.82%

  3. 2m Handicap Hurdle -60 Selections (+£999.20) +333.07%

  4. £2,000 Handicap Chase - 18 Selections (+£415.85) +462.06%

  5. Galloping Handicap Hurdle - 32 Selections (+£612.67) +382.92%

The Flat Systems

  1. 12-19 Runner Handicaps - 64 Selections (+£1,485.65) +464.27%

  2. 2m Handicaps - 33 Selection (+£667.40) +404.48%

  3. Left Handed 4yo+ Handicaps - 42 Selections (+£638.55) +304.07%

  4. 1m 3yo+ Handicaps - 16 Selections (+£459.15) +573.94%

  5. Handicaps On Soft Ground - 34 Selections (+£479.50) +282.06%

The All Weather Systems

  1. 10-14 Runner 4yo+ Handicaps - 38 Selections (+£741.65) +390.34%

  2. 4yo+ Handicaps at Kempton - 21 Selections (+£427.70) +407.33%

  3. 4yo+ Class 5 Handicaps - 30 Selections (+£393.70) +262.47%

  4. 6f Handicaps - 18 Selections (+£497.90) +553.22%

  5. All 1m Races - 31 Selections (+£477.80) +308.26%

What Happens Next?

Sorry if those systems were drawn out read but I wanted to explain what each system involved so you had a better understanding of what I am doing here. The next step is to start ratings qualifying races and putting my theory to the test. What I shall be doing is posting all the rated races within this blog and keep an on-going account of the numbers. Each month I will start a new blog so this does not get too long and difficult to find the selections.

I will setup a simple staking plan and we will ALWAYS take the SP because all those figures quoted have been the SP prices. So I guess now all we have to do is wait for the first race which qualifies to be rated and see if the top rated comes out as a bet and go from there.

During the process of this system I want as MUCH feedback as possible because people with an outside view of what I am doing may think of something that I am not seeing and may help me improve it. So fingers crossed and let's see if this is a HIT or a MISS and be sure to keep checking back for selections.

October Selections

Click Here to View October Selections

November Selections

2nd Nov 2012 - 2.45 Newmarket: Boonga Roogeta Qualifies on systems Handicaps on Soft Ground £5 Win (Won @ 2/1)

3rd Nov 2012 - 3.50 Ayr: Un Guet Apens Qualifies on systems 2m Handicap Hurdle £5 Win (Lost)

5th Nov 2012 - 4.15 Kempton: Landolino Qualifies on systems 2m Handicap Hurdle £5 Win (Lost)

9th Nov 2012 - 2.00 Hexham: Livvy Inn Qualifies on systems Friday Handicap Hurdles £5 Win (Won @ 85/40)

10th Nov 2012 - 2.50 Wincanton: Zarkandar Qualifies on systems 2m Handicap Hurdle £5 Win (Won @ 10/3)

13th Nov 2012 - 3.10 Huntingdon: Countess Comet Qualifies on systems 2m Handicap Hurdle £5 Win (Lost)

17th Nov 2012 - 2.40 Uttoxeter: Lean Burn Qualifies on systems 2m Handicap Hurdle £5 Win (Won @ 4/5)

20th Nov 2012 - 2.50 Southwell: Nurse Dominatrix Qualifies on systems 1m Races £5 Win (Lost)

Total Staked: £40.00 Total Returned: £61.30 Profit/Loss: +£21.30 R.O.I: +53.25%

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