🏎️ Giancarlo Fisichella Exclusive OLBG Interview

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Giancarlo Fisichella's illustrious Formula 1 career, marked by talent and determination, is detailed, followed by insights from an exclusive interview.

🏎️ Giancarlo Fisichella Exclusive OLBG Interview
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Giancarlo Fisichella

Giancarlo Fisichella, an Italian racing driver, has etched his name in the annals of Formula 1 history with his exceptional talent and determination. Born on January 14, 1973, in Rome, Italy, Fisichella's journey through the echelons of motor racing is a testament to his enduring skill and passion for the sport. This article offers a concise overview of Fisichella's racing career, highlighting his key achievements before delving into an insightful interview.

Martin Lee from London, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Formula One Career

Fisichella's Formula One journey commenced in 1996 with Minardi, where he started as a test driver before making his debut. His career spanned several teams, including notable stints at Jordan, Benetton (later Renault), Sauber, and finally Ferrari. Fisichella's time in Formula One was marked by three Grand Prix wins, numerous podium finishes, and a reputation for competitiveness and skill.

Key Achievements

  • 1994: Italian Formula Three Champion, victories in Monaco and Macau.
  • 1997: First podium finish at the Canadian Grand Prix with Jordan.
  • 1998-2001: Competed for Benetton, achieving second places in Montreal and Monaco and scoring his first pole position in Austria.
  • 2003: Won his first Formula One race at the Brazilian Grand Prix with Jordan, amidst a heavy rain-soaked race.
  • 2004: Moved to Sauber, outpacing teammate Felipe Massa and scoring 22 championship points.
  • 2005-2007: Rejoined Renault, winning the season opener in Melbourne (2005) and contributing to Renault's Constructors' Championship win.
  • 2006: Victory at the Malaysian Grand Prix and finished fourth in the World Drivers' Championship.
  • 2009: Achieved Force India's first pole position and points finish at the Belgian Grand Prix. Later moved to Ferrari to replace the injured Felipe Massa.

Fisichella's career in Formula One is remembered for his resilience, adaptability, and the ability to extract the maximum from his machinery, earning him respect and admiration in the motorsport community. His transition from Minardi to Ferrari, through various competitive and challenging environments, highlights a journey of persistence and success at the pinnacle of motor racing.

Darren, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Legacy and Future Endeavours

Since retiring from Formula 1, Fisichella has remained active within the racing community, contributing his vast experience to mentor young drivers and compete in various racing disciplines, including the Le Mans Series. His legacy is not only defined by his achievements on the track but also by his commitment to fostering new generations of racing talent.


Giancarlo Fisichella's career in Formula 1 is a remarkable story of perseverance, skill, and passion for racing. From his early days in Rome to the pinnacle of motorsport, Fisichella has demonstrated the heart and spirit of a true competitor. Through this interview, fans and aspiring drivers alike can gain valuable insights into the life of one of Formula 1's most enduring figures.

Giancarlo Fisichella exclusive: Lewis Hamilton will replace Senna as GOAT if he wins eighth with Ferrari, party animal Schumacher loved karaoke and Daniel Ricciardo could be a replacement for Mercedes

Speaking to OLBG, retired Benetton, Renault and Ferrari F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella lifted the lid on his relationship with Ferrari icon Micharl Schumacher and his famous falling out with the German’s brother, Ralf.

The Italian also believes the outcome of a hearing into Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, will have a big impact on the outcome of the 2024 championship.

He’s also called for a Grand Prix in Italy’s iconic capital, Rome.

Q. How do you rate Lewis Hamilton's chances of winning an eighth title with Ferrari?

GF: "I think Lewis Hamilton has a good chance of winning an eighth title with Ferrari. It's difficult to say when, but I think he's got a 30% or 40% chance of fighting for the championship."

Q. If Lewis Hamilton does win an eighth title, does that make him the best driver of all time?

GF - "Lewis Hamilton winning an eighth world title would make him the greatest driver of all time, until someone else wins more titles than him!”

🏎️👑 Lewis Hamilton: On the Brink of Becoming the Greatest? 🏆

According to Giancarlo Fisichella, Lewis Hamilton stands a 30-40% chance of clinching an 8th title with Ferrari, potentially setting him above legends like Senna and Schumacher 🌟. With the right car, the journey to 2025 looks promising! 🚀

Q. Would that make him a greater driver than Schumacher or Senna?

GF - "I would say that an eighth world title would put Hamilton above the likes of Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. 

“Schumacher and Senna are my heroes and my favourite drivers. Lewis is on the same level, and Max Verstappen could be there in the future. Let's see what happens!"

Q. How do you rank your favourites? Is it Schumacher, Senna, and Hamilton?

GF - "I would rank my favourites as follows: Senna is first because he was my hero when I was growing up, long before I was racing for Formula One. I would put Schumacher second as I raced against him and I know how good he was. I also raced against Lewis, who would be my third.”

Q. Do you think Lewis Hamilton will win an eighth title with Ferrari?

GF - "I hope that Lewis Hamilton does win an eighth title with Ferrari. It would be nice. It depends on the car, and if it's quick and reliable enough to go the distance. We're already talking about 2025, and we still have this season to see what will happen."

Q. What does the future hold for Daniel Ricciardo?

GF - "I'm not sure what the future holds for Daniel Ricciardo. Daniel has had several years in Formula One and he's done well, especially at Red Bull. He was even quicker with Sebastian Vettel a few years ago. 

“Daniel has spent time as Red Bull's third driver, where he did well until his accident and wrist injury. It's difficult to predict what his future holds. It will be nice for him to have a good car this year and how good he is because he has a lot of experience and it will be good for a top team to have him. It's difficult to say."

🚀🏁 Daniel Ricciardo's Future & Mercedes' Next Move 🌟

Giancarlo Fisichella weighs in on Daniel Ricciardo's career and potential! With experience & speed, Ricciardo is seen as a strong candidate for Mercedes if Hamilton steps down 🏎️💨. Fisichella also tips F2 sensation Andrea Kimi Antonelli as one to watch for Mercedes 🔍

Q. Some reports say he'd be a good replacement for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. Do you agree?

GF - "Daniel Ricciardo could be a good replacement for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes because Mercedes need a driver with his experience."

Q. Is there anybody else who you'd like to see at Mercedes?

GF - "I think Mercedes should push for Andrea Kimi Antonelli. He's a young driver who will race in F2 this year. He's so quick and he's already very good. I'd like to see him there."

Q. What was your favourite memory of Michael Schumacher?

GF - "I raced with Michael Schumacher many times, but my fondest memories I have of him were when he played charity football. We went out to a restaurant after the games, and Michael would sing karaoke! Michael was always such a nice guy and I enjoyed a lot of moments with him."

🏎 Michael Schumacher: Beyond the Track with Giancarlo Fisichella 🎉

From fierce F1 rivalries to charity football & karaoke nights, Giancarlo Fisichella shares warm memories of Michael Schumacher. The legend’s love for Italian songs & great moments off-track remind us of the man behind the helmet 🌟

Q. What songs would Michael sing?

GF - "Michael would sing anything on karaoke! He would even sing Italian songs."

Q. I spoke to Johnny Herbert, and he described a party trick Michael would do where he'd rip his shirt off or other peoples'. Was this true?

GF - "I wasn't there to witness Michael Schumacher's apparent party tricks, so I can't comment on them!"

Q. You had a close relationship with Michael and obviously had a lot of admiration for him, but you had a famous argument with his brother Ralf. Have you spoken to Ralf since you fell out?

GF - "I saw Ralf Schumacher a year or two ago. His son is racing now. I had some problems with Ralf in the past, but we managed to patch things over the years. Our relationship is OK now."

🏁🕊 Giancarlo Fisichella Reflects on Mending Fences with Ralf Schumacher 🤝

Years after their rivalry on the track, Giancarlo Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher have reconciled. From tense moments in '97 to a respectful relationship today, Fisichella shares insights into their past and the importance of moving forward 🏎️💨

Q. How do you feel about your falling out with him now?

GF - "My fallout with Ralf Schumacher took place a long time ago, back in 1997 with Jordan! 

“We performed very well in Argentina and we had the possibility of both securing a podium finish. He was behind me in the middle of the race, he pushed me out, and I lost the race. I was very disappointed, and we didn't work together for the rest of the season. It wasn't a nice relationship. 

“I was quicker than him and I scored more points, though, and that's the important thing!"

Q. Did you make up with him recently?

GF - "Ralf and I patched things up a year or two ago."

Q. Did Ralf say anything about Michael's condition and the toll it was taking on him and the family?

GF - "Ralf didn't mention Michael's condition when we patched things up. The family don't want to talk about it, and I never asked any questions to him or Mick Schumacher. I've met Mick a few times, but I've never asked about Michael. I respect their choice to remain private."

Q. Do you think Drive to Survive has had a positive effect on F1?

GF - "I absolutely think that Drive to Survive has had a positive effect on F1. It's been great at attracting a younger demographic to the sport as it was difficult to entice them before. 

“My son and daughter, who are both young, watched Drive to Survive and they started to follow F1 as a result. It's also really helped boost attendance during the race weekends. The show had a great impact."

Q. What are your predictions for this upcoming season? Who do you think will win?

GF - "It's difficult to predict who'll emerge victorious before a season begins and before the winter testing. I think the reference point will be Verstappen once again, though. 

“I would say Ferrari and Mercedes will be closer than last year, especially in the race pace as Ferrari often did well. I'd say those two are closer, and it would be nice to see the season unfold. I would say Verstappen is still the favourite as things stand, with Ferrari and Mercedes in the mix."

Q. We don't know any details about the case, but if Christian Horner does leave Red Bull, will that impact their chances of winning another title?

GF - "It won't be good for Red Bull if Christian Horner leaves. 

“Christian is a great man and he's been in charge for several years. They won so many races and championships with him and his fantastic work played a big role. Red Bull could be negatively affected if Christian leaves, and it could have a big role in predicting who'll win the championship."

🌍🏁 Giancarlo Fisichella on F1's New Horizons & Dream Tracks 🚀

From Barcelona to Madrid, Fisichella discusses F1's daring moves & the dream of a Zanzibar Grand Prix 🏖️. With a nod to Rome's potential & a tribute to Spa-Francorchamps' unmatched challenge, dive into Fisichella's vision for F1's future circuits! 🇮🇹🌦️

Q. F1 switched a track from Barcelona to Madrid, and the track has a very dangerous corner. What did you think of that move?

GF - "The decision to move the host of the Spanish Grand Prix to Madrid was a strange one. Barcelona's track was nice because drivers have spent so much time there during testing and races. It's also a great circuit. 

“Moving to Madrid will be a new challenge for the drivers, and the track is in the middle of the city. It has pros and cons."

Q. Is there anyone in the world where you'd love to see an F1 race?

GF - "I'm currently involved in a bid to bring a Grand Prix track to Zanzibar. There's an ongoing project to build a nice circuit there and have a Grand Prix day there."

Q. Should any Italian cities make a bid for a Grand Prix track?

GF - "Italy currently has seven Grand Prix tracks, and the Mugello track has always been great for the drivers. 

“I would say Italy has enough tracks at the moment. Las Vegas was a great track and a fantastic show, and that was a new one at the time."

Q. Would you not want to see a Grand Prix in Rome?

GF - "Rome would be an amazing Grand Prix destination! Let's see what happens."

Q. What was your favourite track, and why?

GF - "I think every driver would have the same answer to what the favourite track is, and that's Spa-Francorchamps. It's an amazing circuit and it's one of the longest tracks in the world. It has so many challenging corners, and you have to really modify your driving for it. It's great, and so challenging. The weather is also unpredictable as part of the track can have rain, whilst others have sun. 

“Spa-Francorchamps is the best circuit to race on."

Q. What about the worst?

GF - "I remember Monaco's circuit being a bit boring. That's not only due to the shape of the track, but also the location. It was in the middle of nowhere!"

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