Which Bookie for Boxing | Which Bookmaker Lands the Knock-Out?

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Which Bookie for Boxing | Which Bookmaker Lands the Knock-Out?

Who is the Best Bookmaker for Betting on Boxing?

The biggest boxing match bouts can bring in some of the biggest purses in sports, and the betting action can be just as big. Especially if you have bet on which round the bout will be won. But which betting sites are the best option for placing your boxing bets?

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Best Overall Bookie for Boxing Betting

More Events Covered Great Odds on Underdogs 8 Different Markets to bet on

Bet365 Review

  • More Sports and Markets
  • Super Laden Features for Registered Users
  • Best Horse Racing Bookmaker

Which Bookmaker is best for Boxing bets? - bet365 offered more events, comparable betting market choice, good odds on underdogs and plenty of futures betting options for boxing. They are the recommended choice if you want to bet on boxing with only one online bookie.

On this occasion, we have taken some avid boxing betting fans, and put them in a room with our betting site experts and let them battle it out behind locked doors until they agree on how they came to the decision of the best bookie for boxing. Below you will see the process and how they came to the decision

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Best Odds when Betting Favourites

Unibet continues to attract new customers by offering great odds when betting on the favourite in a boxing match.

Unibet Review

  • Great Boxing Betting Odds
  • Lots of Fights to Choose From
  • Australian Based Bookie
4.0 / 5 19 Ratings

Best For Boxing Futures Betting

Betfair have more future boxing events listed than any other online bookmaker

Betfair Review

  • Grab Early Value on Futures
  • Great Exchange Odds
  • Manage Bets When they Go In Play
4.2 / 5 15 Ratings

No frills, no fuss simple online betting solution. 100% Aussie owned with a fantastic range of markets. If you already know what you want to bet on, BlueBet will probably suit you.

BlueBet Review

  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  • Low Minimum Deposits
  • Very Good Racing Fixed Odds

Best Bookmaker for Boxing Betting in Australia

Boxing can throw up some excellent betting opportunities with regular big fights, which you can bet on months in advance. We have gone through several aspects that you should consider when choosing a bookmaker to make boxing bets with and what follows is the result of hours or research, debate and argument at the time - Thankfully, no one got knocked out.

Best Sportsbook for Boxing Betting in Australia
Best Overall bet365
Biggest Boxing Events Choice bet365
Most Boxing Betting Markets No Clear Winner
Best Boxing Betting Odds bet365/Unibet
Best for Futures Betfair

Best Overall Bookie for Boxing Betting and Why

Best Bookie for betting on Boxing? - The overall best bookmaker for betting on Boxing in Australia is bet365 simply because they offer more events to bet on that the competition. Couple this with good odds on the underdogs and around 8 different markets to bet on a single fight and they will deliver a knockout punch for punters.

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

Our team of betting site experts and tipsters sat down and took a look at how many different boxing matches were available for fight fans to bet on for a single weekend in October. bet365 came through with more than anyone else, but it is fair to say there was pretty good coverage throughout. Only Bluebet was really lacking with just two fights listed as available.

Bookie With Most Boxing Events
bet365 30
Unibet 21
Betfair 17
BlueBet 2

Best Bookie for Boxing Betting Markets

There are only so many different types of bets you can make on a single boxing match and as such, each of the bookies listed on OLBG covered the same. Until someone comes up with some more ideas or innovation on boxing betting, there is no real benefit between one bookie and another in terms of the number of markets.

Bookie Number of Markets
bet365 8
Unibet 8
Betfair 8
BlueBet 0

All figures taken from an average weekend of boxing from bookmaker betting apps with no headline bout. 1/11/2019. 

Best Bookie for Boxing Betting Odds

As is often the case there was no clear out leader in offering the best odds, as it is impossible to offer best odds for both sides of the bet in a head to head battle like this. What was observed however is that bet365 were marginally better with odds on the underdogs, whilst BetEasy were more generous on the side of the favourite. That is something to consider when you make your next bet on boxing.

Best Bookie for Boxing Futures Betting

Betfair just shaded this category by offering one extra bout in the futures markets than anyone else. The betting exchange is a great place for this type of market.Albeit, an unconfirmed fight. However, there is value to be had on betting on unconfirmed fights and they often appear in futures betting lists, so an extra point goes to Betfair here. Not to mention the great odds that are available for futures on the exchange.

Bookie Number of Futures Markets
bet365 10
Unibet 7
Betfair 11
BlueBet 2


How to choose The Best Bookmaker for Boxing

This is the process the team went through and considerations made to come up with a final choice for the best bookmaker for boxing betting.

Putting together betting site experts with actual fans of the sports who also like to bet on it, turned out some interesting results. Generally, the betting site experts were able to change the minds of the boxing experts and point out how and why they were often betting with the wrong betting agency

Here are the categories discussed and considered.

Event Choice

The number of events available to bet on is, of course, dependant on what scheduled fights are lined up. There are boxing matches taking place almost every single day around the world, and a good bookmaker will offer the widest choice and most events to bet on.

Some will offer the cards a little more in advance than others and some will concentrate only on the events taking place at the weekends.

Often you will find events do not even become available to bet on until within 24 hours of the bout taking place, so the event choice category was a little spurious on a quiet week for boxing. We checked on four consecutive weekends to ensure we got the data as accurate as possible and did so on Friday evenings. [In the country of the bout!]

Betting Markets

This is where found the biggest difference between bookmakers. Boxing betting fans are going to want deep betting market availability in addition to basic who win, and method of knockout betting. Even predicting the correct round for a stoppage is basic boxing betting stuff. To get more technical we were looking for round groupings and related contingency doubles such as round and method of win.

The winner of this round, [excuse the pun], was always going to be the bookmaker offering the largest number of betting options outside of the outright and most innovative boxing props.

Boxing Betting Odds

On the larger events, there is very little price difference between one betting agency and another. So we had to look for the lesser events and undercards to find great disparity. When betting on boxing you'll want to find the bookmaker that offers the best boxing odds more often as in the long term, if you're adept at predicting the outcome of boxing bets, you will have more winning returned. By the same token, if the odds you get are better on the odd win but you lose overall, you will find you lose less, using the bookmaker offering the best boxing odds should be rule101 for any boxing betting fan


Every bookmaker should be able to offer odds on future events on Boxing. Some of the biggest championship matches are known and scheduled many months in advance, and the book should be open. Anything can happen between now and when a fight is due to take place and as such, it is possible, for the shrewd punter, to find great value in boxing futures betting


Boxing betting FAQ's (AU)

  • Where can I bet on Boxing fights?

    Every online bookmaker listed on OLBG Australia will have boxing listed as a sport with available bets to be made. Pointsbet, are a great option for betting on Boxing as they offer spread betting which differs from fixed odds betting and provides many more options for making a bet on a fight.

  • Why are Unibet good for Boxing betting?

    While the experts here at OLBG do no give Unibet the beat bookmaker for boxing title, [it goes to bet365], they do point out that if you are only betting on favourites then Unibet should bet he place to go as their odds on the favored fighter are generally better than other online bookmakers. 

  • Can you bet Futures on Boxing?

    There are always a good selection of futures markets available for betting on boxing. Betfair and bet365 lead the way in the number of bouts lined up and available for betting. They even have listed some potential fights that have not even been confirmed. There is always a risk in betting on a fight that has no confirmed date as they may never take place and your bet would be lost. 

  • Should you try to predict and bet on rounds in boxing?

    There is a range of different types of betting markets you can try to predict with which round the fight will finish in being one. Probably better and safer although the odds would be shorter would be the grouped rounds betting. Either way, you have to evaluate the probability and only bet when you think the odds are in your favour.

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