F1 Betting | Which Sportsbook is Best for Motor Sport

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F1 Betting | Which Sportsbook is Best for Motor Sport
Michael Calabrese US Content Manager

Experienced sports journalist, College sports expert and broadcaster, hailing from Pennsylvania

There is no sport more internationally popular than Formula 1, and along with Nascar and Superbike Championships and Speedway Racing, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to betting on the sport.

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This is the best guide for Motor Sports betting, providing details of the best betting sites, the events to look for, which offer the most wagering markets, live betting and futures options.

Read on.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Motor Sports

The online sportsbook you choose for betting on Motor Sport will depend on which is available in the state in which you plan to connect and wager.

This article has a wealth of information, either generically for your Motor Sport betting in the US right here, or by choosing a button above to select the state in which you plan to connect and bet on Motor Sport online.

Regularly Updated!

As new online sportsbooks appear almost weekly across the US, our team update this section to ensure we have the most up to date information and tested recommendations for online sportsbooks for OLBG readers

Our extensive in-house team of online sports betting experts and top Motor Sport handicappers have worked endlessly, to test every sportsbook in each state offering betting on Motor Sport. They have come up with a definitive list of the best for each state in this guide.

As more sportsbooks are released online across more and more states, this article will be updated.

Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.

Gamble responsibly and know when to stop.

Best Sportsbooks for Motor Sport Betting by State

This section is an overall recommendation of a single sportsbook app in case you want to use only one on your mobile device. 

Further down this section, you will find information for individual areas where different sportsbooks may appear, depending on the range of 

  • Events covered
  • Choice of betting markets available
  • Live In-Game betting options
  • Futures betting
  • Which sportsbook offers the best odds overall on Motor Sports

State Sportsbook Review
New Jersey Caesars Sportsbook
Pennsylvania Betway Sportsbook
Indiana BetRivers
Illionois BetRivers
Colorado BetMGM
Nevada BetMGM
Iowa Caesars Sportsbook
Tennessee BetMGM
West Virginia Caesars Sportsbook
Michigan Caesars Sportsbook
Arizona Caesars Sportsbook
Connecticut SugarHouse Sportsbook
New York Caesars Sportsbook
Wyoming BetMGM
Virginia Caesars Sportsbook

Are you Connected to the Best Betting App in your State?

Recommendations come from days and weeks of testing each sportsbook online in each state to see which offer the best options for you

What Online Sportsbook has the Best Motor Sport Coverage?

Right now there is limited coverage of Motor Sport for betting purposes with perhaps only F1 Racing being the only option. We hope that the sportsbooks will introduce some more Indy Racing, le Mans, Daytona or US Grand Prix odds at some point.

For the time being, Caesars looks the most likely to extend the options for F1 betting at least learning from the previous partnership with European Giants William Hill before the total rebranding.

Which is the Best Online Sportsbook for Motor Racing Betting Options?

This is where one sportsbook can differentiate from another by offering a wider choice of wagering markets on an F1 race. As mentioned above Caesars are a little ahead of the game having previously been in partnership with a European operator with a wealth of experience in offering betting markets and options to customers for specifically F1 racing but also a whole host of other Motor Sports which should arrive on the platform soon.

Growth in Betting on Motor Sports

Right now betting options on motor Sports are limited almost exclusively to F1 racing around the world. We expect that to grow over time as demand becomes more obvious across raceways in the states.

Which Online Sportsbook has the Best Motor Sports Odds?

Finding better odds for Motor Sport comes down to the previous section really, and seeing which sportsbook offers a greater range of markets on which to wager. Outright winners and futures markets are often identical from one sportsbook to another, so it is in the props section we can find where one offers more than another.

If you only want 1 Sportsbook App Installed on your Device!

The winners in this category offered the best odds more often. Not always the best, but if using only one app, this one paid better most often

Our expert team reviews market prices on a regular basis and compares sportsbooks to see which offers the best odds more often. This way, rather than use an odds comparison service for every wager you want to make, you can use a single online sportsbook app on your cell, safe in the knowledge that overall, you will be getting better odds more often than another sportsbook.

Another aspect of getting the best odds is the HUGE difference it can make to your parlays. We have a full guide to Parlay betting on-site, where you can find the best sportsbooks for parlay bets.

Which Online Sportsbook is Best for In-Play Wagers?

A sport where things may seem not to happen at all but then can happen very quickly. Live Motor Sport betting opportunities will be limited, so we recommend these below to find options most frequently

Use Caution with Live Betting In Play

Be sure you know the delay in the live stream you are watching while wagering on the game to ensure you are not betting for something that has already gone against you,

Our team has watched and wagered in a range of events, to find you the best online sportsbook for in-play Motor Sport betting.

Which Sportsbook for Motor Sport Futures?

You should be able to find the outright winner of the F1 season in the Futures market and one would hope Le Mans 24-hour would be there too, but again, options are limited here. Grand Prix betting is also hit or miss depending on your Motor Sports betting app.

Huge Value Can be Found in Futures

Motor Sport betting sharps use futures markets to complement their week to week betting strategy. The earlier you can bet on an event, the higher odds and better value can be found.

Futures wagering can be make or break for some, with much higher odds available months in advance. The further you can predict a result ahead of time, the higher the betting odds are likely to be.

A great online Motor Sport sportsbook will offer the greatest range, and be the most innovative in their Motor Sport futures wagering markets.

I hope this section has helped you choose the right Motor Sport sportsbook for you to use. 

Just click the review column to read more about the recommended online sportsbook for your betting preferences. 

Or hit the state buttons at the top of the page for specific information on Motor Sport betting in the state you plan to connect from.

Click the State Button at the Top of the Page

These are the overall recommended sportsbooks for each state. For more details on all the sportsbooks available in the state you plan to wager online, choose your state at the top of this article.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Sportsbook for Motor Sports Betting.

We took our in-house betting sites experts, as always, and put them together with our best F1 handicappers, to decide on what is most important when betting on F1 races.

They discussed each idea and decided on a final best sportsbook to make your F1 bets with if you want only one app on your phone.

Event Choice

Event choice has always been a staple of what we look for when considering betting on a sport. For F1 it doesn't really rank, as there is only one race each weekend or every other weekend, so no bookmaker is going to be better than another here. What could make a difference is just how early odds might be available, and if betting on qualifying is available, so that is something we took into account.

Betting Markets

The qualifying betting really comes into this category, and this is the main thing to consider when looking to choose your F1 sportsbook. The range of markets can differ greatly between Motor Sport betting apps too. Outright winners are always going to be the most popular bet type for an F1 race, but we wanted more. Podium finishing, top 5, top 8 even, these are compelling markets. Leader after the first lap [ not my kind of bet, but available].

The more innovative the market range the better the chance for you to find an edge, specialize in a market, and possibly profit.

F1 Betting Odds

As with any betting activity, you'll want to ensure you are getting the best odds available for the bet you want to make. In all honesty, there is very little difference with the F1 betting markets, quite possibly, only 1 or 2 odds compilers are used, and its a bit follow-my-lead from there. 

The earlier the odds are available for a race and the associated markets, the more chance you have of bagging better odds, so also consider WHEN you place your bets. Of course, you will be pre-empting qualifying which can have an effect, so tread carefully, but find an angle and you could be ahead of the competition.


Futures betting on F1 is hugely popular as bettors like to keep their ear to the ground with constructors news in the offseason. Getting those little nuggets of information allows you to speculate on the season ahead, and being able to bet on top driver, or constructor months in advance, can set your betting for the season up nicely. 

This review article was written in the middle of the season, and for that reason we will reconvene once the season has finished and look at this category again, to see who offers the most F1 Futures markets before the season begins.

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