Shots On Target Betting Odds And Statistics

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Shots on target are fast becoming a popular football betting market. Many of the best bookmakers have this as an option both individually and as part of your request a bet wagers. Goals shots results are settled using a leading footy stats provider, so you can always be sure that attempts are collated accurately.

Shots On Target Betting Odds And Statistics
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Shots On Target Betting

The upcoming EPL season is expected to see a huge rise in the Shots on Target betting markets.

Bookmakers are always searching for more opportunities to heighten our interest and attract our cash and shots on target betting is their latest incarnation.

You will be able to back individual player's shots on target as well as team shots on target, such as 

Chelsea 3 + Shots on target at xxx odds and Timo Werner to have 1+ shot on target at xxx odds. 

Shots On Target Statistics

In the previous EPL season, the average number of shots on target amongst all 20 teams was 4.3145. Top of the table Man City averaged 5.76 shots on target per game, wheres as relegated Sheffield United only managed 2.6 per game.

Luckily there are plenty of stats available enabling us to make informed decisions on which players are shot greedy and who decides to pass when an opportunity arises.

Below you can see the last two seasons' top 10 players who had shots on target. 

Now there is no guarantee that previous seasons season’s hotshots will perform equally as well this season, but it is at least a guide.

2020/21 EPL Season

Player Club Shots On Target
Harry Kane Tottenham 53
Mohammed Salah Liverpool 52
Bruno Fernandez Manchester United 51
Patrick Bamford Leeds United 48
Dominic Calvert - Lewin Everton 46
Ollie Watkins Aston Villa 45
Chris Wood Burnley 39
Jamie Vardy Leicester City 38
Marcus Rashford Manchester United 37
Sadio Mane Liverpool 36

2019/20 EPL Season

Player Club Shots On Target
Mohammed Salah Liverpool 59
Gabriel Jesus Manchester City 48
Raul Jimenez Wolverhampton Wanderers 44
Marcus Rashford Manchester United 44
James Vardy Leicester City 43
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 42
Tammy Abraham  Chelsea/Aston Villa 40
Antony Martial Manchester United 40
Roberto Firmino Liverpool 39
Dominic Calvert - Lewin Everton 38

Team Shots On Target 2019/20

After 38 games of the 2019/20 EPL season, you can view the top teams when it comes to shots on target. 

Naturally, the more attacking teams and those who score more goals have more shots.  

Top of the table Man City averaged 5.76 shots on target per game, wheres as relegated Sheffield United only managed 2.6 per game.

Team Shots On Target
Manchester City 219
Liverpool 214
Manchester United 212
Chelsea 208
Leeds United 200
Aston Villa 187
Leicester City 183
Tottenham Hotspur 176
Southampton 167
West Ham United 165
Wolves 154
Arsenal 151
Everton 148
Brighton 143
Newcastle United 142
Fulham 135
Crystal Palace 131
Burnley 130
WBA 112
Sheffield United 99

Request A Bet Shots

More of us are betting using the request a bet or create a bet facility where we choose a few selections and then are offered bigger odds when/if all the selections win.

The bookies will offer us various scenarios including often shots on target, such as the example below, we can then decide if we think all these options will happen.  

Request A Bet /Bet Builder Example
Mo Salah To Have 2 Shots On Target
Liverpool To Have 8 corners or More
Jordan Henderson To Be Booked
Liverpool To Win

You can read more about this type of betting in the dedicated betting school article, but you will see that shots on target have become a mainstay of these bets.  

Shot On Target Rules And Settlement

The majority of bookies settle shots in the exact same way using Opta stats, but you do need to check the rules with the online bookmakers you bet with. 

Opta makes the final decisions on shots on target. 

Below we have reproduced one of the leading bookies' rules that we feature on

  • A Shot That Would Go In But The Keeper Saves It
  • A Shot That Was Cleared Off the Line By A Defender, this Defender Is Classed As The Last Line Defender
  • A Goal Directly Scored From A Corner Kick
  • Shots that hit any part of the frame around the goal are not counted as shots on target, unless the ball goes into the back of the net and is then awarded as a goal.

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