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2023 Ryder Cup Preview & Betting Tips Guide

Published: Sep 2, 12:10pm Last Updated: Sep 28, 1:32pm Golf 0 Comments 127 Views

Ryder Cup Information

What is included in this Ryder Cup Blog ?

Where is the next Ryder Cup ?

The 2023 and 44th Ryder Cup will take place at Marco Simone Golf Club in Guidonia Montecelio near Rome in Itay.

What are the dates of the Ryder Cup ?

The 44th Ryder Cup will take place between Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2023.

Who are the Ryder Cup Teams ?

Team USA will take on Team Europe, there are 12 players in each team and a full list will be available when the teams have been finalised.

Who are the Ryder Cup Captains ?

The 2023 Ryder Cup captain's will be announced in due course.

How can I watch the Ryder Cup in the UK ?

All three days of the Ryder Cup will be screened live on the Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Golf channel, live coverage is also available on the SkyGo App. For non Sky viewers the Ryder Cup will also be available on NOW TV.

Who has won more Ryder Cups ?

Ryder Cup records show Team USA have won 27 Ryder Cups, Team Europe (including when GB,GB&IRE) have won 14 Ryder Cups and there have been 2 ties (previous holders retained the Ryder Cup).

2023 Ryder Cup Preview

The 44th Ryder Cup is the first to be staged in Italy at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Guidonia Montecelio near Rome. Europe are looking to regain the Ryder Cup after a resounding 19-9 victory for Team USA at Whistling Straits in 2021.

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2023 Ryder Cup Format

The Ryder Cup consists of 28 matches over the three days and all are contested in match-play format where 1 point is up for grabs to the winning player/team. Matches that are tied result in 0.5 points awarded to both teams. To win the Ryder Cup a team requires 14.5 points, the current holders (Europe) require at least 14 points to guarantee at least a tie thus retaining the Ryder Cup.

What is the Schedule for the 2023 Ryder Cup ?

  • Friday (Day 1, Morning) 4 x Foursome Matches
  • Friday (Afternoon) 4 x Fourball Matches
  • Saturday (Day 2, Morning) 4 x Foursome Matches
  • Saturday (Afternoon) 4 x Fourball Matches
  • Sunday (Day 3) 12 x Singles Matches

What are Ryder Cup Foursomes ?

Foursomes are also referred to as 'Alernate Shot', there are two players per team and only one ball per team is used thus players will take alternate shots. The lowest number of shots taken wins the hole (1 point), if the score is tied then the hole is 'halved' (0.5 points shared). The team/pair with the highest number of points over the 18 holes wins the match and 1 point for their team's Ryder Cup points total. If the match is all square (tied) after 18 holes then the match is 'halved' and 0.5 points awarded to both teams.

If a pair/team amass an uncatchable target during the round, for example are leading by three points (9.5-6.5) with just the two holes to play then the match is complete and the point awarded without the need to play the remaining holes. The result in this example will be shown as (3&2) meaning a 3 shot advantage with 2 holes remaining, any margin of victory still results in 1 point awarded for the winning team.

What are Ryder Cup Fourballs ?

There are still two selected players per team however 'Fourballs' differs from 'Foursomes' only in that four balls are used thus golfers play their own ball for the entire round/match and the lowest number of shots taken wins the hole. Again, if the lowest score is tied the hole is 'halved' (0.5 points). Similarly to the foursomes, if an uncatchable lead is obtained before 18 holes have been played then the match is halted with the winner declared (1 point awarded) without the need to complete the round. If the match is all square (tied) after 18 holes then the match is 'halved' and 0.5 points awarded to both teams.

What are Ryder Cup Singles matches ?

The 12 Ryder Cup singles matches are also match play format, the lowest score wins the hole (1 point) and a tie means the hole is 'halved' (0.5 points). When a player has set an uncatchable lead with holes still remaining the match is complete with 1 point awarded to the winning team, if the match is all square at the end of 18 holes then the match is 'halved' with 0.5 points awarded to each team.

What are the Ryder Cup tee times ?

  • The tee times will be confirmed for the Friday Morning Foursomes after the pairings have been announced by the Team Captains usually during the Ryder Cup opening ceremony (Thursday 28th September).
  • The Friday afternoon Fourball pairings are usually announced after completion/during the Friday morning Foursomes.
  • The pairings for the Saturday morning Foursomes will be announced usually after completion of Day 1's matches on Friday.
  • The pairings for the Saturday afternoon Fourballs may be announced on Friday evening or during/completion of the Saturday morning Foursomes.
  • The tee times for Sunday's Singles matches will be confirmed when the team Captain's have submitted (usually on Saturday evening) their order in which their team of 12 players will line up.

Ryder Cup Venue

The 2023 Ryder Cup takes place at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Guidonia Montecelio near Rome, Italy. The golf course was built in 1989 and has staged the 1994 and 2021 Italian Open's.

  • Course Design: Jim Fazio & David Mezzacane
  • Length: 6343 yards
  • Par: 72
Out Par/Yards In Par/Yards
Hole 1 5, 501 Hole 10 4, 342
Hole 2 3, 170 Hole11 3, 179
Hole 3 5, 490 Hole 12 5, 476
Hole 4 4, 343 Hole 13 4, 378
Hole 5 3, 157 Hole 14 4, 385
Hole 6 4, 323 Hole 15 4, 330
Hole 7 4, 406 Hole 16 5, 501
Hole 8 4, 373 Hole 17 3, 179
Hole 9 4, 389 Hole 18 4, 421

Ryder Cup Past Winners

The inaugural Ryder Cup officially took place in 1927 when a USA team took on a team from Great Britain and these nations competed biennially until the 1971 Ryder Cup. For the years between 1973 and 1977 the Great Britain team became Great Britain & Ireland and since the 1979 Ryder Cup the teams have been USA v Europe. The Ladies professional golf tournament equivalent is the Solheim Cup which is also biennial and is usually staged in early September.

As we approach the 44th renewal of golf's elite match play team event, Ryder Cup records show Team USA hold a commanding 27-14 (2 ties) lead over Team Europe in the Ryder Cup roll of honour. However since 1985, four Ryder Cups after 'other' European nationals were eligible to form part of the Great Britain & Ireland set up hence 'Team Europe' it has been a slightly different story with Europe winning 11 of the last 18 Ryder Cups.

Here is a table showing the Ryder Cup wins up to 1977 when Team Europe were GB and then GB/IRE:

1927 to 1977 Ryder Cup Wins
USA 18
Ties 1

A slightly different story since 1985 with the evident USA to Europe swing, here is a table showing the respective Ryder Cup wins since 1979 when GB & IRE became Team Europe:

1979 to 2021 Ryder Cup Wins
Europe 11
Ties 1

Last Ten Ryder Cup Winners

Here is a list showing the last ten Ryder Cup winners by year and their winning score:

Year Winners Score Venue
2021 USA 19 - 9 Whistling Straits, USA
2018 Europe  17.5 - 10.5 Le Golf National, France
2016 USA 17 - 11 Hazeltine, USA
2014 Europe 16.5 - 11.5 Gleneagles, Scotland
2012 Europe 14.5 - 13.5 Medinah, USA
2010 Europe 14.5 - 13.5 Celtic Manor, Wales
2008 USA 16.5 - 11.5 Valhalla, USA
2006 Europe 18.5 - 9.5 K Club, Ireland
2004 Europe 18.5 - 9.5 Oakland Hills, USA
2002 Europe 15.5 - 12.5 The Belfry, England
  • The highest margin of victory in those last ten Ryder Cups was 10 points (19-9) by Team USA in 2021.

Success of Ryder Cup Hosts

Team Europe have won the last six Ryder Cup's staged in Europe dating back to 1997. Team USA remain difficult to beat on 'home soil' with their four Ryder Cup wins in the last eleven renewals all being won when hosting, the latest in 2021 at Whistling Straits. However their last Ryder Cup victory on European soil was at The Belfry in 1993.

Ryder Cup Wins Host Wins Visitor Wins
USA 27 18 9
Europe (including GB/IRE) 14 10 4

2023 Ryder Cup - Team USA

  • Captain: To be confirmed
  • Vice Captains: To be confirmed

How is the USA Ryder Cup Team picked ?

  • The top 6 USA players automatically qualify from the Prize Money Won List, these include all PGA Tour events and the four majors. 
  • The remaining 6 USA picks are selected by the Team USA Captain.

Team USA and Previous record in the Ryder Cup

Player (world ranking) Age Played Matches Record (w-l-h)
To Be confirmed

2023 Ryder Cup - Team Europe

  • Captain: To be confirmed
  • Vice Captains: To be confirmed

How is the Europe Ryder Cup Team picked ?

  • The top 4 European players on the Race To Dubai Money List.
  • Top 5 European players (not included in the above Dubai Money List qualifiers) on the World's Points List which is points earned in Official World Golf Ranking events (OWGR).
  • The remaining 3 Team Europe picks will be selected by the Team Europe Captain.

Team Europe and Previous record in the Ryder Cup

Player (world ranking) Age Played Matches Record (w-l-h)
To be confirmed

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