Premier League Value for Money

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We take a dive into what your money spent on a season ticket at a Premier League. club gets you and how that translates into value

Premier League Value for Money

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Arsenal season ticket holders forced to pay second highest fee, £14.61, per goal as Watford fans fork out £219 per win during 2021/22 season

Research has shown that Arsenal fans spent £14.61 per goal last season, the second highest amount of money behind relegated Norwich City.

Which EPL Clubs Offer the Best Value for Money to Fans

OLBG broke down the season ticket cost of all 20 Premier League clubs for the 2021/22 season to see which club is providing the best value for money and which fanbases are getting short-changed after buying a season ticket.

Vicarage Road proved to be far from a fortress as Watford fans forked out an eye-watering £219 per win as their season culminated in relegation back to the Championship.

Premier League champions Manchester City were unsurprisingly the most cost-effective team with fans having to pay just £3.28 per goal and £21.67 per win - but arch-rivals Manchester United cost their loyal supporters a staggering £53.20 per win and £9.33 per goal.

Leeds fans also felt the full force of their team’s misfortune with fans having to pay £109.75 per win and £24.39 per point.

Elsewhere, the wallets of Liverpool season ticket holders still suffered despite the Reds collecting more points (49) at home than any other team, as fans were charged £13.98 per point and £45.67 per win.

West Ham supporters also benefited from the cost of their season tickets having paid £35.36 per home win, that is less than anyone in the top six and £10.11 less than Liverpool fans.

Chelsea (£9.78), Leicester (£5.89), Crystal Palace (£9.90), Brentford (£8.73), Aston Villa (£7.12), Southampton (£9.28), Everton (£9.77) and Burnley (£9.38) have all benefited from the price of their respective season tickets paying less than £10 per goal during the season.

Tottenham (£20.18), Brighton (£24.77), Wolves (£22.88) and Newcastle (£20) were all on the wrong end of their season ticket prices with fans all having to spend over £20 per point earned.

Team Cheapest adult season ticket £ per point £ per win £ per goal wins draws losses goals goals against points
Man City £325 £6.91 £21.67 £3.28 15 2 2 99 26 47
Liverpool £685 £13.98 £45.67 £7.29 15 4 0 94 26 49
Chelsea £750 £22.06 £83.33 £9.87 9 7 3 76 33 34
Spurs £807 £20.18 £62.08 £11.70 13 1 5 69 40 40
Arsenal £891 £21.73 £68.54 £14.61 13 2 4 61 48 41
Man Utd £532 £15.20 £53.20 £9.33 10 5 4 57 57 35
West Ham £320 £10.00 £35.56 £5.33 9 5 5 60 51 32
Leicester £365 £10.74 £36.50 £5.89 10 4 5 62 59 34
Brighton £545 £24.77 £109.00 £12.98 5 7 7 42 44 22

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