Influential Footballers | Which Footballers Hairstyles do we Love the Most?

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Influential Footballers | Which Footballers Hairstyles do we Love the Most?
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Which Footballers Hairstyles do we Love the Most?

As the season has kicked off once again we are all relieved to have weekly football back in our lives.

But what kind of inspiration are the players bringing to our lives off the pitch?

From Foden’s Slim Shady moment to the classic Ronaldo slick back, footballers tend to lead the way when it comes to hair inspiration. Following some of the questionable cuts and styles from the season so far, we wanted to dig into the data to see which footballers’ cuts we’re wanting to replicate the most by analysing Google search results.

Premier League Players With The Best Hair Styles?

It’s no surprise, the newly welcomed Man United star, Ronaldo racks up the most searches for his well maintained locks.

However it appears that Man City won the title of ‘most lusted after hair’ in the Premier League with four of the top ten, hailing from the Northern club.

Which haircut will you be replicating this season?

Rank Player Team Annual search volume
1 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 711,500
2 Jack Grealish Manchester City 273,000
3 Nathan Aké Manchester City 147,900
4 Phil Foden Manchester City 130,900
5 Paul Pogba Manchester United 71,600
6 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 52,900
7 Sadio Mané Liverpool 31,300
8 Andros Townsend Everton 23,400
9 Mason Mount Chelsea 20,430

Methodology & About OLBG

For each current Premier League player, we took the number of Google searches in the last twelve months (Sep 2020-Aug 2021) for both the player’s full name followed by the word “hair” and just their surname followed by “hair”, taking the results which had the highest number of annual searches, sourced using Google Ads Keyword Planner.

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