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Ice Hockey

Value in Puck Line on Ice Hockey

Published: Oct 24, 11:56am Last Updated: Oct 22, 10:20am Ice Hockey 2 Comments 1531 Views

I was discussing the US Sports market the other day, and I was mentioning how I felt that there was good value in the puck line on NHL betting.    I felt like the odds were pretty generous, and that about half the games seemed to be won by more than one goal, so the regular odds of between 2.5 up to 3.75 seemed very good value. Obviously, the -1.5 goals are only available for the favourite, and the favourite... [ Read More ]

Betting on the NHL - keys to success

Published: Oct 16, 3:02pm Last Updated: Oct 7, 10:36am Epic on Ice Hockey 2 Comments 2622 Views

The NHL is one of the most competitive sports leagues in the world and betting on it can be tricky, but you can improve your success rate by following these five tips. You can test out this advice by placing virtual tips in the OLBG tipping competition.  Once happy with your system or strategy you can place bets on NHL games.  1. Check The Goalie This is probably THE first thing you have to do before making a bet.  The difference... [ Read More ]

Alternative Value in the NHL

Published: Feb 21, 10:41pm Last Updated: Jul 15, 3:50pm undertherobe on Ice Hockey 1 Comment 2507 Views

The use of stats in American sports is rife and the NHL is no different. The traditional betting markets are the moneyline (who will win including OT), the puck line (the favourite has to cover a 1.5 goal spread whilst the underdog gets a 1.5 goal head start) and the total goals. But with all the stats available to us, we can try and get a step ahead of the bookmakers in some of the less traditional markets such as... [ Read More ]

NHL Trends - Back to Back games

Published: Nov 21, 9:20am Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:12pm undertherobe on Ice Hockey 4 Comments 4708 Views

We're now almost two months into the NHL season and it's time to take a first look at one of the trends I want to explore during the season which is the impact of back to back games on teams. Back to back games are common in the NHL and all teams will play their fair share of them and it's how the 2nd game turns out that I want to focus on. Eastern Conference TEAM WINS LOSSES OVERTIME LOSSES... [ Read More ]

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