Betting Tips Using Crowdsourcing

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As many of you know crowdsourcing is enlisting the services of anumber of people, often associated with raising funds. On OLBG wehave a crowd or group of tipsters who add tips.Betting Tips is what OLBGis all about. Members add their

Betting Tips Using Crowdsourcing
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Betting Tips

As many of you know crowdsourcing is enlisting the services of a number of people, often associated with raising funds. 

On OLBG we have a crowd or group of tipsters who add tips.

Betting Tips is what OLBG is all about. 

Members add their tips with helpful reasoning so that:

  • 1. Readers can benefit from the members sporting and betting knowledge.
  • 2. The member can qualify for monthly cash prizes depending on how well their monthly tips perform.

On the main Betting Tips pages, you can view the most popular selections on a range of sports and events, and see the most popular tips of the day. 

Members take their tipping seriously because they know cash prizes and their betting reputations are at stake.

OLBG v The Bookies

We ran an experiment many years back called OLBG V The Bookies where on the forum we discussed and debated and then voted using this Wisdom Of Crowds theory as our guide.

The more members who supported the bet was the bet we chose. 

We now have the tipping competition as our guide to the popular crowd bets.

Wisdom Of Crowds

When you see a selection that is being supported by many members it got me thinking about the Wisdom of Crowds.

This was a book written by James Surwocki that argues that decisions are often better and more accurate with a crowd than could have been made by any single member. 

This theory could have been designed for OLBG as we have a crowd of tipsters.

The Wisdom Of Crowds

Using the crowd of OLBG tipsters will point you towards the most popular bets of the day.

You can see an explanation of this crowd theory on You Tube by Professor Marcus du Sautoy from a BBC programme a few years back.

So when you see a horse or team or bet being selected by the "OLBG Crowd" then you can have a degree of confidence (not overconfidence) that the accuracy of the group is far greater than the individual.

Now with betting we have another facet to take into consideration and that is the price of the selection, 

We need to make sure the price offers value in the specific event, but a good starting point for your daily betting studies are the Betting Tips pages on OLBG and this crowd theory.

To assist you with crowd betting, the OLBG sports betting tips app shows which tips are the most popular and also how much confidence is behind each selection. 

You can then bet the most popular tips directly through the app.

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