Betting Tips - More Hints to Help Improve Your Punting (21-40)

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Following on from Betting Tips 1-20, here arefurther hints and tips to help you get the best out of yourpunting, and hopefully increase the potential for you to make someprofit. Profit is never a guarantee for any punter, so it

Betting Tips - More Hints to Help Improve Your Punting (21-40)
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Betting Tips Introduction

Here are further hints and tips to help you get the best out of your punting.


This advice will hopefully increase the potential for you to make some profit. 

For additional betting advice don't forget to visit the betting school article on value betting that will help you improve your profits.

Profit is never a guarantee for any punter, so it is all the more reason why we should take betting very seriously indeed.

The first 20 hints and tips can be seen on the original blog Betting Tips - Hints to Help Improve Your Punting (1-20).

#21 Past Profit Won't Guarantee Future Wins

Most serious, experienced punters follow methods in order to highlight selections. 

Having a good reason to back something is essential, but nothing ever stays the same so always be aware that what has worked before - even to the point of working extremely well - isn't always guaranteed to keep working and it's a trap many punters can fall into. 

The successful punter will maintain an open mind and keep monitoring trends and results.

#22 You Can Win Backing Odds-On Shots

There's a school of thought, which in itself is good general advice, which says that if you simply follow odds-on shots you'll end up losing. 

horse racing

The reason for this is that odds-on shots are by far the most likely winners of their races, and as such the bookies are aware of that. 

They also attract the bulk of punters' money and often end up way shorter than they should be. But it's not impossible to win by betting odds-on shots - just ask Harry Findlay - and the way to approach them is the value approach. 

Just like with bigger prices, you can get value on odds-on shots too. 

It's a case of interpreting when the odds are in your favour, which can of course require a really good knowledge of form. However, the principles are there for potential profit. 

#23 Don't Rely On Luck

Luck' - the gambler's mantra, the one thing punters want to have, is the one thing that ALL gamblers should avoid thinking about. 


'Luck' is talked about as if it is some influential power, or something divine, that a punter can grasp on to, or be blessed with. 

The truth of the matter is that there's really no such thing as Luck (see my blog on Luck), and punters should avoid basing their betting an on assumption that 'their luck will turn'. It serves no purpose and would be destructive. 

Stick to your methods, keep a calm head, and bet sensibly. 

#24 There's No Room For Sentiment When Betting

The potential for profit is as much about cutting down on the losers you bet as it is about picking winners. 

The problem facing many punters is detaching sentiment from their selection-picking.

 If you really want to give yourself the best chance, don't blindly follow a favourite jockey or horse, don't bet on your own football team every time, and don't stick to your favourite bookie when others are offering better odds. 

#25 Stick To Your Methods, But Be Prepared To Make Changes

Haphazard or spontaneous betting is definitely not desired, and so the disciplined punter uses tried and tested methods to choose bets. 


While that is an ideal way to approach betting, methods themselves aren't flawless, nor are they set in stone when they appear to be providing winners. 

As a punter, one has to realise that things can change, and methods may need tweaking or modifying- or even ending if some things change drastically. 

So keep an eye on your methods, something which is made a little easier by recording your bets (Betting Tip #7). This provides you with the vital information you may need to make any changes, and indeed spot when they should be made.

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