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The importance of the Powerplay and Penalty Killing Units in the NHL

Published: Feb 1, 8:51pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 2:48pm undertherobe on Ice Hockey 1 Comment 21553 Views

When looking through the mound of stats and trends that usually accompany an NHL game preview, the two that are often mentioned are the Powerplay Percentage and Penalty Kill Percentage.  But what are they and why are they so important?   1. A Powerplay is when a team has a man advantage over their opposition.  This occurs when the opposition has been penalised with a sin-binning and on most occasions lasts for 2 minutes. The figures that you see quoted... [ Read More ]

7 Tennis Tips To Make You More Money

Published: Sep 27, 9:01pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 2:44pm undertherobe on Tennis 1 Comment 11593 Views

The idea of OLBG is to work together to beat the bookies and there's no better way to work together than to share advice through the OLBG forum.  Alongside the forum and member's blog the betting school also offers valuable tennis betting advice.  This blog focuses on tennis and back in March, Community Manager Nors posed the challenge to those members who bet on tennis to post their best piece of advice to help their fellow members and bettors with... [ Read More ]

NFL - The Specials Markets

Published: Jul 11, 8:31pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:12pm undertherobe on American Football 0 Comments 1900 Views

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry and reports this week confirmed that the 32 NFL teams shared huge revenues. With this increased exposure comes increased NFL  betting and tipping opportunities as bookmakers seek to exploit the average punter. One of the more common ways of doing this is by offering specials markets.  This is a common practice on the high street with the Premier League football and with the rise in popularity of the NFL in the UK, there are... [ Read More ]

NFL Betting Pitfalls

Published: Jul 2, 9:57pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:11pm undertherobe on American Football 2 Comments 1770 Views

The NFL is big business and every week there are hundreds of NFL betting markets to choose from.   With the continuing impressive coverage from Sky Sports bringing the NFL to a new audience, and multiple live games each week, more and more casual bettors are turning to the NFL to get their betting fix. From reading various NFL and betting forums over the years, there appears to be a couple of misconceptions about betting on the NFL  The casual bettor... [ Read More ]

A Guide To The NHL

Published: Oct 6, 9:59pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:37pm undertherobe on Ice Hockey 1 Comment 1820 Views

Betting on Ice Hockey and specifically, the NHL has increased by a huge amount over the last few years.  When different US states lifted gambling restrictions this enabled sports bettors to place bets on the NHL.  There are now a raft NHL betting markets and types of bet on offer including: Point Spread Total Goals Draw No Bet Winner Double Chance Winning Margin Correct Score Period Betting Goalscorers Asian Handicap You can read about all sporting bet types via the... [ Read More ]

Does the best regular season guarantee Stanley Cup success?

Published: Apr 13, 6:21pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:03pm undertherobe on Ice Hockey 1 Comment 1520 Views

I wrote this short blog in 2015 about the curse of winning the President's Trophy in the NHL and it rang true as the New York Rangers became the latest team to fail to lift the Stanley Cup after posting the best regular-season record.  Since then the President's Trophy winners have continued to fall short. The President's Trophy is awarded to the team with the best regular-season record and has been awarded since the 1985-86 NHL season.  After proving themselves... [ Read More ]

Does Defense really win Championships?

Published: Jan 4, 9:42am Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:02pm undertherobe on American Football 1 Comment 1352 Views

With the NFL playoffs just around the corner, I wanted to look at a phrase that we hear used countless times by commentators during the season. "Defense win Championships" This phrase is reeled off for fun whenever a team with a strong defense overpowers one with a strong offense. But does defense really win Championships?  After all, you can't win games if you can't score points. Do olbg tipsters take a strong defense into account when adding their weekly NFL... [ Read More ]

Can we crack the correct score market in the NHL?

Published: Mar 5, 2:19pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:44pm undertherobe on Ice Hockey 3 Comments 4796 Views

The three main markets when betting on the NHL are the: Money Line (Match winner including any overtime or shootout). Total goals (Usually set at 5 or 5.5). Puck line (Backing a team +/- 1.5 goals). But these days there are many more markets available and I want to look at one that whilst gets very little attention in the NHL.    This market is very popular with those betting on football (or soccer to those North American readers), it... [ Read More ]

My New York Jets Wembley Experience

Published: Oct 4, 10:45pm Last Updated: Nov 6, 12:52pm undertherobe on American Football 1 Comment 1475 Views

I was lucky enough to go to the International Series game in 2009 when the New England Patriots played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  As a fan of neither team, it was disappointing to see the game become a blowout quickly and as it was only the third game in the series, the atmosphere felt very forced. Almost as if the NFL thought it was being watched by 80,000 robots. Whilst I had a great time, I made a conscious decision... [ Read More ]

Can defense propel a team to Superbowl victory?

Published: Jan 3, 9:08pm Last Updated: Oct 17, 5:51pm undertherobe on American Football 1 Comment 1298 Views

This time last year, I wrote a blog looking at recent defensive trends in the NFL and whether these carried through into the postseason. 2020 Update I took a look at recent years NFL statistics as wanted to see if things had remained the same in relation to teams winning championships because of defense.  The highlighted teams made the Conference Championship Games that year.  The stats show 15 teams from a possible 60 positions.  Yards Allowed Year 1st 2nd 3rd... [ Read More ]

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