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OLBG Racing has been established to help you learn more about the lives of racehorses and those who care for them while providing you with the opportunity to experience the benefits of racehorse ownership at a budget that suits.

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OLBG Racing Clubs & Syndicates

OLBG Racing Clubs - Coming Soon

OLBG Racing will be working with Harry Derham Racing to find opportunities to establish and grow racing clubs during 2024. Racing clubs can offer exceptional value as they provide some of the benefits which owners can experience but at a fraction of the cost. This is possible because the horses are either owned by or leased to the club. 

Without the upfront costs of acquiring the ownership of a horse, race club members often only need to cover the costs of training fees and other costs of running the club. 

If you are looking to enjoy following a horse in training and gaining exclusive insights from a racing yard at exceptional value, then consider becoming a member of a racing club. We thoroughly recommend Harry Derham Racing Club

OLBG Syndicates - Coming Soon

With a syndicate you will own a share in a horse. With that comes more expenses, such as paying your share of the horse costs & associated purchase fees, along with insurance, training fees, vet bills, entrance fees and much more. 

If you are looking to enjoy the experience of owning a horse and have the budget to cover all the associated costs, a syndicate could be for you.

OLBG will be working with Harry Derham Racing to establish opportunities for syndicates of different sizes to suit a variety of budgets

Individual Ownerships or Small Groups

If you are looking to buy a racehorse for yourself or together with a small group of people and don't know where to start, we will be more than pleased to help you. We have contacts at racing yards, with bloodstock agents and experience in buying and syndicating horses. Please get in touch to discuss further. 

OLBG 's First Horse

Picks Lad

Picks Lad is OLBG Racing's first horse. He has been syndicated by Old Gold Racing into 1750 shares at just £60 each. 

Picks Lad got OLBG Racing off to an amazing start by winning his very first race running in our black and orange silks. Backed down from 7/2 the night before to just 6/4 on the day, Picks jumped incredibly well for a novice chaser, set a strong pace and outstayed his rivals. A lot of fun for those who were there to support him on the day as well as those who watched from afar. You can watch a replay of the race here.

The runner up O'Connell won comfortably next time out, franking the form. The strength of the form hasn't gone unnoticed by the handicapper though, with Picks Lad going up in the ratings from 108 at the end of last season to 122.

Meet The Trainer

Harry Derham

"We are delighted to support Harry Derham and join him on his journey during his first full season. After six years as an assistant to Paul Nicholls (3 trainers titles, 3 runners up), he has now built his own talented team at a brand new yard. OLBG Racing owners can look forward to a fun experience following a trainer, yard and horse with a lot of potential."

Richard Moffat, OLBG

"I'm really excited to be training for OLBG Racing and I think Pick's Lad is the perfect fit. He's ready and rearing to go, already has good form to his name and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with him over the next few seasons."

Harry Derham

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What am I signing up to?

Joining the email list on this page by submitting your email address and name gives us permission to tell you more about OLBG Racing. We will send you only content related to this which will include a weekly email update at 7.30pm every Wednesday.

What is a racing syndicate?

A racing syndicate where two or more people pool together their money to purchase shares in a single racehorse. Syndicate members also make a financial contribution to training fees, travelling costs, and veterinary care. With OLBG Racing (Picks Lad), all these costs are covered in a single, one-off payment for the syndicate term. Some syndicates may require an upfront cost to cover the purchase of the horse and a monthly cost to cover the training fees and other costs.

What is a racing club?

A racing club is where members of the club do not have any ownership rights in the horse or horses which run in the club colours. This is the important difference between clubs and syndicates. Members of clubs do not own the horses, members of syndicates do own a share in the horses. 

In our experience, racing clubs will typically be better value because of this.

What is the OLBG Racing Facebook Group

A private facebook group where we share updates from our various sponsorships - jockeys, a point to point horse, our favourite charity, our favourite trainer and some (non owner specific) updates of horses running in OLBG colours. We also run fun competitions with nice prizes. 

We have built a small fun and friendly community who are helping us to shape the future of OLBG racing. Would be great to have you involved. Join us here.

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