A Racing Club Supporting Harry Derham Racing 

We believe that getting closer to the sport we love and sharing experiences with like minded people will improve our enjoyment of it. 

This is why we have built an exciting new club to support Harry Derham Racing with unrivalled access to jumps racing through our partnerships. 

  • Harry Derham Racing Yard Sponsors
  • Owners of Horses in Training 
  • Sponsors of Jockeys Paul O'Brien & Harry Reed
  • Supporters of Ed Bailey Bloodstock
  • Partners of The OLBG Owners Club at Newbury Racecourse 

"I wanted to say what a fantastic job you are doing with the OLBG Racing Club. 

The quality of the comms is outstanding. 

I love getting the updates - they are really educational and interesting" Dave P. 

How Will We Get Close to The Action?

Through our partnerships we will be able to 

  • Learn about training racehorses through regular insightful videos from Harry Derham
  • Understand more about the day to day running a jumps yard though updates from Amy Derham
  • Gain access to behind the scenes content created by Lucy (our videographer) & Ella (our presenter)
  • Hear insights into race riding tactics and schooling through videos with Paul O'Brien
  • Grow our appreciation of life as a national hunt jockey via updates from Harry Reed
  • Acquire wisdom on breeding, rearing and buying national hunt horses from Ed Bailey
  • Observe the incredible care that racehorses receive from The Harry Derham Racing Team 

"If you have a more than passing interest in the gee-gees I'd urge you to join the OLBG Racing Club,

 it's a fantastic set up run by really friendly people and great value for money." Bryan

Will I Gain Access to In-Person Experiences?

With the OLBG Racing Club we will have the chance to

  • Enjoy a visit to Upper Farm Stables

  • Experience a race day with owner level benefits 

  • Visit the OLBG Owners Club at Newbury 

  • Attend Club Events

"Very well organised visit by Amy. Wonderful friendly family run yard. Can’t wait to visit again. 

Was so lovely to see some familiar faces and also meeting new members too. 

Feel so privileged to be a part of a great club with like minded horse loving people." Becky

"Thank you for the wonderful club you & your colleagues are running for us. 

You are doing an outstanding job & found us such amazing horses to be involved with. 

Loving every moment of it " Suzanne

How To Join

The OLBG Racing Club is exceptionally good value

This is possible because the club is being heavily funded by OLBG.

You can join today with a one off payment of £180 to cover your membership until the end of the 2024/25 season (30 April 2025). Alternatively you can spread this payment at £20 per month if you join before the end of July 2024. The first payment will be taken today and then on the same day each month for the following 8 months. If you join at this rate, you will have no more to pay during the 2024/25 season. 

Having Problems Submitting The Form?

Sorry if you are having difficulties submitting the form. We have found that on some browsers, the form can be sensitive. Here are some tips

  • If your name has an apostrophe or dash or other punctuation, please try submitting your name without this in 
  • Please make sure there are no spaces before or after your name or email 
  • If you have autofilled or copy and pasted your info, the form may not submit - try making sure the background colour of the boxes has changed. You may need to delete spaces or try typing the info in directly rather than using any auto fill
  • Failing this, apologies but please email racing@olbg.com and we will do our best to help you. 

If you wish to enjoy your membership with a partner, family member or friend then you will both need to join the club. You may link your memberships, so that when you enter ballots for parade ring badges or other ticketed competitions, if you are drawn, you will win two tickets rather than one. To make this fair, you'll receive one entry between you into the draws, rather than two. Please email us on racing@olbg.com to arrange this. 

If you would like to be able to bring a guest to events and wish to vary who you would like to bring, you could buy two memberships in your name and do the same thing - link those memberships.

Our Horses

"At such an early stage of our club, it was a thrill to have a runner in such a big race at Sandown on the last day of the season. That will have been a great experience for Lario and we can look forward to him running in some more big races next season. We know that Tiger will try his hardest for us whether he stays over hurdles or goes novice chasing. We have lots to look forward to throughout the 2024/25 season." Richard Moffat, OLBG Racing Club Manager


Lario was an expensive purchase and carries high hopes. We only had Lario for a few weeks at the end of last season. During that time though we saw him progress in fitness, jumping and learning to race. With a mark of 122, Lario has already reached a level which will allow him to run in some of the top handicap hurdles next season.

A winner on the flat and over hurdles, Lario completed his novice hurdle season by gaining valuable experience in the Novice Championship Final at Sandown, a £100k race. Harry was very happy with his run and said this after the race.  

"The best with him is very much yet to come, that's the nice thing about Lario. I'm very happy with him and next season we're going to have a proper horse. We're going to take a big step forward next season." 

Nordic Tiger 

Nordic Tiger was the Harry Derham Racing Club horse until that club closed at the end of the season. The OLBG Racing Club then bought Tiger so that we can continue to follow his career.  We all fell for Tiger through watching him give his all each time he ran, racing eight times during the 2023/24 season, achieving form figures of 45331121 and rising from 103 in the handicap to 122.

The horse Tiger beat last time out has since gone on to win a higher class race and given the form a great boost. Tiger is a horse Harry really likes...

"He's so genuine, he's so tough. Tiger jumps brilliantly and has a wonderful attitude towards racing and his job. He will end up being a really nice chaser."

We can now look forward to Tiger running in the very fitting black and orange colours of the OLBG Racing Club. He could go novice chasing next season or stay over hurdles for another season, a decision which will be made in the Autumn. 

Our Next Purchase?

As the club grows and if we are successful on the track we will look to re invest any surplus prize money into the club to acquire more horses, trying to maintain a nice low level of members to horses. Our aim is to keep this at around 200. 

We are in regular consultation with Harry Derham and his excellent bloodstock agent Ed Bailey who between them have contacts throughout the industry. Ed regularly visits point to point yards in Ireland, attends all the sales and seeks out opportunities for private purchases. 

How Will I Be Kept Up To Date?

On joining you will receive further details of our club horses and then going forward you will get  

  • A weekly email at 7.30pm every Thursday 
  • Additional emails for entries, declarations and pre race information
  • Access to a members only WhatsApp community for the broadcast of timely news
  • Invitations to enter ballots for owners badges when our club horses run
  • Invitations to visit Upper Farm Stables on Club Open Days 
  • Access to other member only events 

Some of the content we plan to produce in the coming months includes

  • A Virtual Pre Season Stable Tour With Harry & Team 
  • Live from the gallops 
  • Question & Answer Zoom Call 
  • Regular Chats with Team Members 

"We are delighted to support Harry Derham Racing and join him and his team on their exciting journey. After six years as an assistant to Paul Nicholls (3 trainers titles, 3 runners up), Harry has now built his own talented team at a brand new yard. His success already, in such a short space of time, has been so impressive. As OLBG Racing Club members we can look forward to a fun experience following a trainer, his team and his horses on their progress to the top rungs of National Hunt racing."

Richard Moffat,  OLBG Racing Club Manager

Discounted tickets & hospitality

Our partnership with Newbury Racecourse and naming of the OLBG Owners Club brings us further benefits 

On joining you will also receive your code for 20% off tickets at Newbury Racecourse and then you will soon start receiving invitations to apply for badges to experience the OLBG Owners Club. 

Private Events, exclusive competitions & lots of fun!

On joining you will receive information as to how you can claim your OLBG Raceday Scarf.  Vital for meeting fellow club members at events! 

Throughout this season we are also running monthly competitions to win further merchandise. 

We are looking forward to learning what you want from a Racing Club and building a fun experience for you. 


Please join our private OLBG Racing Facebook group where we will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

What is a racing club?

A racing club is a great value way to follow horses in training, gain opportunities to enjoy amazing experiences and gain the social benefits of meeting like minded people with a shared goal. 

In our experience, racing clubs can offer great value.

Because members of the club do not have any ownership rights in the clubs horses, they also do not have any long term commitments or extra costs. 

All racing clubs differ slightly. For example, with the OLBG Racing Club there are a number of benefits that we can offer through our yard sponsorship and OLBG Owners Club partnership that other clubs can't offer. 

Who are the Racing Club managers for the OLBG Racing Club?

Richard Moffat and Invendium Limited (T/as OLBG) are the Racing Club managers for the OLBG Racing Club

Richard Moffat bought his first share in a racehorse over 20 years ago, a relation to Shergar trained by Walter Swinburn (who rode Shergar to victory in the 1981 Derby). 

Richard is the CEO of Invendium Limited T/As OLBG, a registered owner with the BHA, a member of the ROA and an active member of the Racehorse Syndicates Association

The OLBG Racing Club has been approved by the BHA and follows the BHA Racing Club code of conduct

Can I make money from being a member of the Racing Club?

Joining a racing club is for enjoyment. With a racing club you do not hold any ownership rights in the racing clubs horses and have no opportunity to receive a financial return.

What is the duration of the Racing Club?

The initial duration of the racing club will be from when you join until 30 April 2025 - our first full National Hunt season. We very much hope to run this racing club long term and hope that it will grow over the coming years. 

How many members will there be in the club?

There isn't a set number of members for this club nor a minimum number we need to make the club viable. We hope to keep a good ratio of horses to members and currently feel that a nice number for a premium racing club is around 200 members per horse. This ratio will give everyone a good opportunity to join us on stable visits and a realistic chance of obtaining an owners badge during the season. It is also a good number to build a nice friendly community where members can get to know each other. 

With three horses in training, we are currently limiting memberships to 600 but will extend this if and when we purchase a further horse. 

What if I want to cancel my membership or transfer?

You have no rights to sell, lease, transfer or assign your membership. You can cancel at any time, the only amount you will be liable for is the membership cost you agreed to when you joined - ie the full amount for the 2024/25 season. 

Will I be paid a share of the prize money which the clubs horses win.

All prize money won by the clubs horses during the membership term (until 30th April 2025) will be retained by the club to help cover costs and growth of the club, including purchasing new horses. The more successful our horses are, the more we can spend on growing our club. 

Racing Club decision process relating to management, training and sale of the clubs horses.

The Racing Club managers in consultation with Harry Derham will make decisions with regards the management, training and sale of the clubs horses. The health and welfare of horses in our ownership is our absolute priority. 

What process should be followed if there is a dispute between a member and the racing club manager?

We follow the BHA Racing Club Code of Conduct. Please contact us via the contact form link at the bottom of this page with details of your dispute and we will do our best to reach a satisfactory conclusion. If we are unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion between us we would happily discuss with the BHA who oversee the regulation of racing clubs. 

What are my chances of a parade ring badge?

Whilst we will always work hard to maximise the number of parade ring badges available, demand is likely to out number supply.

We will try to keep the ratio of members to horses at a level where you do have a reasonable chance but you shouldn't be joining a racing club with the primary aim of gaining paddock badges. 

We hope you will come and watch the clubs horses at the racecourse regardless of if you win a paddock badge and view that only as a possible bonus. We will always look for ways to help members meet up at the courses and/or help to arrange hospitality if there is sufficient demand so you can have an enjoyable social experience whether you get to stand inside or outside of the parade ring.

What about Picks Lad?

The OLBG Racing Club is separate from the Picks Lad syndicate.

Picks Lad has been syndicated through our friends at Old Gold Racing who will continue to manage that process and keep share holders up to date on his progress. 

Can I bring a guest to an event?

No. Sorry. We do not have guest options for our events. We want to maximise the opportunities for our members to attend events. 

Your guest can of course join the club and apply for a space on an event. Alternatively you could buy an extra membership if you wish to bring a guest regularly or bring different guests to events. Either way you can get in touch with us and link memberships so that if you are successful in applying for an event, you can have two places rather than one. 


Can I bring my son/daughter/family member who is under 18?

No. Sorry. We have a strict over 18s only policy for membership of the club and attendance at club organised events. As Online Betting Guide is a gambling related company, we do not invite under 18s to any of our events. 

What is it like to visit Harry Derham Racing at Upper Farm Stables?

Whilst we will get access to high quality content to make it feel like we are actually at the yard, visiting it in person is a truly special thing. Amy, Harry and their team are so welcoming and will take time with us to show us around and answer our questions. 

A typical yard visit will start around 9am (treat yourself to an over night stay nearby if you need to!) After a tea or coffee, Harry will introduce himself and tell us a bit about what we can expect. We'll then follow third lot to the warm up area and learn about some of the horses in front of us.

A walk to the grandstand follows where we will get a lovely view of the beautiful valley below before seeing the horses come thundering past. A breathtaking experience. Unlike many gallops, at Harry Derham Racing we get to see the horses for a nice length of time as they come up the hill. 

There will always be time for more questions before our visit is over. Sometimes we are able to run visits on the mornings of race days at Newbury, offering discounted entry to the racecourse to turn our stable visit into an amazing day out. 

Stable visits will have maximum numbers but we will seek to run several during the season with the hope that all members get a good chance to visit and we haven't yet anyone down yet.

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