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Ice Hockey is hugely popular in Australia, perhaps not so much for the IHA, but the NHL gets huge attention from American Sports fans, and even more from those that like to bet on Ice Hockey. Which betting site is the best for betting on hockey?

Best Bookie for Ice Hockey
4.0 out of 5
14 Ratings
Unibet offer great worldwide ice hockey coverage, excellent betting market choices and more futures betting than any other bookie.
  • Worldwide Event Coverage
  • 66 Betting Markets on a single match
  • Largest Futures Betting Choices

Who is the best Bookmaker for NHL Betting? - The stand out options if you want to bet on the NHL is Unibet - With excellent event coverage, deep betting markets to choose from, including good handicap lines and the best futures choice. The odds are almost an aside. This is the bookmaker you should be using when you bet on ice Hockey.

We put our team of betting sites experts in a room with our best ice Hockey and NHL tipsters to battle it out, discuss and find the best bookmaker for a range of categories. They all had to agree on a winner, but there were different choices for each category, read on below to find out more.

Most Ice Hockey match Betting Markets
4.4 out of 5
19 Ratings
bet365 offer more bets on a single ice hockey match than any other online bookie. With huge event coverage too, you will find exactly the bet you are looking for the next time the puck goes down.
  • 92 Betting Markets for a single match
  • Fantastic Event Coverage
  • Great Ice Hockey Betting Odds
Best for Ice Hockey Odds
3.9 out of 5
19 Ratings
Always a great option when you want good odds, Betfair offer great lines and prices.
  • Better than Average Handicap Lines
  • Great Totals Betting Choice
  • Home Grown betting Brand
4.0 out of 5
14 Ratings
No frills, no fuss simple online betting solution. 100% Aussie owned with a fantastic range of markets. If you already know what you want to bet on, BlueBet will probably suit you.
  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  • Low Minimum Deposits
  • Very Good Racing Fixed Odds

There are hundreds of betting opportunities for Ice Hockey fans. We have analysed the following categories to find the best bookmaker to bet with, if you want just one sports betting app on your phone. but have also picked a winner for each category, to narrow things down, if only one or two aspects are of importance to you.

Best Sportsbook for Ice Hockey Betting in Australia
Best Overall Unibet
Biggest Ice HockeyEvents Choice Unibet
Most Ice Hockey Betting Markets bet365
Best Ice Hockey Betting Odds Betfair
Best for Futures Unibet

Best Overall Bookie for Ice Hockey Betting and Why

Best Bookie for betting on Ice Hockey? - The overall best bookmaker for betting on Ice Hockey in Australia is Unibet with more event coverage than any other including futures. bet365 offer great betting odds and over 90 markets on a single match, so these two bookies are your best bet.

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

When our team of betting experts and ice hockey tipsters researched this article, Unibet was offering 70 different matches for betting beating off every other betting site

bet365 was next best, whilst the rest in the table could offer only half of the games of the others including the Betfair betting exchange.

Bookie With Most Ice Hockey Events
bet365 57
Unibet 70
Betfair 9
BlueBet 20

Unibet Cover More Ice Hockey

With more than 3 times the number of matches available to bet on than the rivals, Unibet have full worldwide coverage of ice Hockey leagues. From Domestic action, to the NHL in the US to the Russian KHL

Check out the full Unibet Review.

Best Bookie for Ice Hockey Betting Markets

bet365 was offering a huge 92 individual bet types for a single NHL match up - Even Unibet with more matches available for betting could not match that number with just 66. 

Quite who needs that many different bets to choose from I can't say, but if you are looking for choice, You've found it there. 

The other bookies had plenty of options on the betting lines from and props, so it's a matter of how specialised you want your ice hockey bets to be.

Bookie Number of Markets
bet365 92
Unibet 66
Betfair 4
BlueBet 10

bet365 Offer Huge NHL Betting Choices

With close to 100 single markets to bet on for NHL matches, if you are looking to drill down to some specific, bet365 will probably have what you want

Read the bet365 Review

Best Bookie for Ice Hockey Betting Odds

Betfair was outstanding when it came to handicap lines and totals betting options. 

This area stood them apart from other online bookies, and as such, if that is the area of bet you like to make on your hockey action then they come recommended. 

They didn't cover as many games and markets as others, but the most basic and popular betting markets are served well with competitive prices.

Best Bookie for Ice Hockey Futures Betting

Unibet has a great array of futures betting available on site, pre-season betting features, overall winners, Stanley cup options, as well as divisional predictions and loads more.

Bookie Number of Futures Markets
bet365 4
Unibet 14
Betfair 3
BlueBet 1

Unibet for Early Value

With the biggest range of futures betting options on Ice Hockey Unibet are recommended for punters looking to lock in the pre-season value.

How to Open a Unibet Account

How to Choose the Best Bookmaker for Ice Hockey and NHL

This is the process the team went through and considerations made to come up with a final choice for the best bookmaker for Ice Hockey betting.

Putting together betting site experts with tipsters who also bet regularly on Ice Hockey around the world was a powerful tool in deciding on the best bookie. 

Some of our NHL tipsters were pretty set on one bookie but were shocked to discover that our betting experts could point them in the direction for a better bookie for the type of bets they were making. Everyone is learning!

Here are the categories discussed and considered.

Event Choice

A good betting site for ice Hockey will not only have the biggest Ice Hockey league in the world, the NHL available, but should also have some European leagues including the Huge Russian league.

If you can also find markets for the IHA, I would be very pleased. Australian Ice Hockey might not be the most famous in the world, but the option to have a bet for local fans would be ace. 

Betting Markets

The basic line bets and handicap should be bog-standard for all bookies, and some variations on the titles are more than just welcome these days, it is expected. 

So it is onto the props side where the betting agencies can stand out and show their prowess in providing the best service to ice hockey betting fans. 

It can be expected that the NHL matches will have more markets than any other league, that's fine, but finding additional market opportunities in the lesser leagues is a real bonus. 

Ice Hockey Betting Odds

Here we did find some discrepancies between bookmakers, and even on the basic handicap lines, one offering better than another is a huge sign of who you should be betting with.

It is not possible for one bookmaker to have the best odds on every market or even on both sides of a bet.

But we did take notice of when bookies were offering the best odds on losing sides of the bet, to note if they were pretty good at predicting the outcomes too. 

This is a huge insight and massively valuable if you can spot bookmakers that offer best odds only when it is in their favour. They are betting tips in themselves!.


I personally like to have a bet on the Stanley Cup winner in the NHL before the season starts. I will admit I'm not very good at it, and usually, bet on the penguins along with a couple of other teams. 

Being able to bet well in advance on the futures market, offers the opportunity of getting some serious odds in the bag before the actions begin, so I for one will be looking for a betting site that has a good ice hockey futures section.

Live Streams

There are some bookies offering Hockey Live streams, although you'll not find the NHL given its worldwide TV contracts. Bookies with Live streams usually focus on other sports.

NHL Betting FAQ's (AU)

  • What happens if there is a tie in Hockey?

    No draws can occur in ice hockey so when a game is tied at the end of time, the game will be decided by a goal in either OT or in a shootout. But you can bet the tie for betting purposes at the end of normal time.

  • Why is Unibet great for Early value bets on Ice hockey?

    Unibet have a greater range of futures betting market on Ice HOckey that other online bookmakers. So if you are looking to bag that pre season bet at the best odds possible, head over to Unibet

  • what does +1.5 mean in ice hockey betting?

    +1.5 is the handicap given to an underdog in an Ice hockey game so that a spread betting line can be produced. The point of giving the underdog a 1.5 goal headstart is to even up the odds, so similar lines can be offered regardless of backing the dog of the favourite. The lines can be different to, so +1.5 could also be +0.5 or +2.5. The line will be a minus if applied to the favourite, where you can bet on them to overcome the minus figure at better odds than you ould get on the moneyline.

  • Is it better bet to under or over in ice hockey?

    Each game should be assessed on its own merits and a decision taken on whether you think the game will under or over a total number of goals. most punters are predisposed to making the overs bet, as they prefer the bet to last for the entire event. Betting under can of course see the bet sunk before the game has finished. But this does produce more value on under betting more often, due to the weight of money that come in for overs.

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