The Most Stunning Sports Venues in The World

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Where are the most stunning and Instagram-featured stadia in North America and Worldwide?

The Most Stunning Sports Venues in The World
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Not only are sports venues full of history and expectation, but they are also landmarks for their cities and can generate a huge amount of tourism. Whether you’re a season ticket holder or not, the beauty of a sports venue never gets old. 

Playing at home is often advantageous to teams, which usually makes them a worthy punt on US Sportsbooks. And although the performance on the field or court is the important thing, being successful at a beautiful stadium can often be the icing on the cake.

That’s why we wanted to find what are the most beautiful stadiums in the world. We’ve looked at Instagram hashtags, and Tripadvisor reviews to see which stadiums are standing out to fans. 

Most Beautiful Sports Venues

Most beautiful Asgiriya Stadium

We’ve dug deep into Tripadvisor reviews to find out which stadiums have people in awe of their beauty. We’ve calculated the percentage of reviews containing the words ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’, and ‘aesthetic’. 

1. Asgiriya Stadium - 32% of reviews containing our keywords

Sri Lanka’s Cricket Stadium takes the top spot with a whopping 32% of reviews containing the words beautiful, stunning, and aesthetic. Despite hosting just over 10,000 spectators, the stadium is surrounded by the hills and mountains of Kandy giving it its natural beauty.  

2. Folsom Field - 29% of reviews containing our keywords

Folsom Field takes second place with 29% of reviews containing keywords. Folsom Field is actually a college football stadium used by the Colorado Buffaloes and was named after former head coach, Fred Folsom. Folsom Field was also the first “zero-waste” stadium in the NCAA. 

3. LaVell Edwards Stadium - 27% of reviews containing keywords

Our top three are completed by the LaVell Edwards Stadium in Utah with 27% of reviews containing our keywords. The LaVell Edwards Stadium is home to the BYU Cougars and is another American College football stadium to feature in our list. 

Most Instagrammable Sports Venues

most instagrammable Camp Nou

Not only are sports venues historic, but they are also incredibly beautiful to look at. That’s why we wanted to find out which arenas are the most Instagrammable. We’ve looked at Instagram to find out which stadiums have received the most hashtags. 

1. Camp Nou - 2 million Instagram hashtags

The most Instagrammable stadium in the world is Camp Nou, which has just under 2 million hashtags on Instagram. Camp Nou is the home ground of the Spanish soccer club, Barcelona, and is currently the biggest stadium in Europe. 

2. Wembley - 1.4 million Instagram hashtags

Wembley takes second place with just under 1.4 million hashtags on Instagram. Wembley, based in London, is the home of the England National team and is also used for the final of the Carabao Cup, and the semi-final and final of the FA Cup for English clubs. It was also the venue for the Euro 2020 final, where England lost on penalties to Italy. 

3. San Siro - 1.2 million Instagram hashtags

Completing our top three is San Siro with 1.2 million Instagram hashtags. The San Siro is one of the most iconic stadiums in Europe and is a shared home to Italian clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Despite its history, the San Siro will be demolished after the Olympic games in 2026, with a new stadium taking its place. 

Most Instagrammable Sports Venues in North America

most instagrammable North America Dodger Stadium

We’ve repeated the process for sports venues in North America to find out which stadiums are the most photogenic across the continent. 

1. Dodger Stadium - 621,000 Instagram hashtags

The Dodger Stadium takes first place with 621,000 Instagram Hashtags. This baseball stadium is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB. Like many sports stadiums, the Dodger Stadium is versatile and has been used to host concerts, NFL games, and soccer games. The Dodger Stadium is by far the most Instagrammable stadium, with almost 350,000 more hashtags than any other North American sports venue.  

2. MetLife Stadium - 281,000 Instagram hashtags

The MetLife Stadium takes second place with over 280,000 Instagram hashtags. The MetLife Stadium is an NFL stadium home to both the New York Giants, and the New York Jets. It’s not just NFL fans who get to appreciate this incredible stadium, as The MetLife Stadium is due to host multiple matches at the 2026 World Cup. One of these games could be the final, however, this is unconfirmed. 

3. Estadio Azteca - 213,000 Instagram hashtags

Completing our top three is Estadio Azteca with 213,000 Instagram hashtags. The Estadio Azteca is the only Mexican stadium to feature in the top 10, and like the MetLife Stadium, is due to host 2026 World Cup matches. It is also the biggest stadium on the current list expected to host World Cup games. The Estadio Azteca is home to Mexican soccer teams, Club America and Cruz Azul, and is also the home stadium of the Mexican national team. 


To get our seeding list, we used Briefly’s list of the top 25 most beautiful stadiums, as well as the top 30 biggest stadiums from Wikipedia’s list of stadiums by capacity. 

We then used Instagram to find the number of hashtags each stadium has got.

Finally, we looked through Tripadvisor reviews, to find out the number of reviews containing the following words.

  • Beautiful
  • Stunning
  • Aesthetic

We then combined the numbers, and worked out a percentage against the total number of reviews.

Data for Tripadvisor reviews and Instagram hashtags were collected on the 6th of January, and data is accurate as of then. 

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