College Football Betting Sites - Best NCAAF Sportsbooks & Apps 2024

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Our college football betting experts have vetted all of the options and ranked the best college football betting apps on the market.

College Football Betting Sites - Best NCAAF Sportsbooks & Apps 2024
Steve Madgwick Editor-In-Chief

Editor-In-Chief with 20 years experience covering the betting angles to breaking news stories. Daily slots player, Portsmouth fan and League Snooker Player

Best NCAAF Betting Sites

  • 5.0 / 5 1 Rating
    Maryland Number 1 local Sportsbook with Boosted Odds DMV parlays and great promos Crab Sports MD Review
    • DMV Parlays
    • Boosted Odds
    • Great Promos
  • 4.4 / 5 8 Ratings
    NOW ONLINE - Borgata's Race & Sportsbook offers the finest sports and off-track horse betting experience. Borgata Sports Review
    • Top Casino Brand Backing
    • Good Promotions for Registered Players
    • Very Simple Design, Ideal for Beginners
  • 4.3 / 5 15 Ratings
    Ceasars Sports Betting online. Sign up for Caesars Sportsbook - America's #1 Sportsbook operator. Bet online on basketball, football, more. Caesars Sportsbook Review
    • Very Good Futures Betting
    • Lots of Football Market Options
  • 4.3 / 5 3 Ratings
    DRF Sportsbook offer a complete online sportsbook package across a wide range of sports to complete your online sports wagering options DRF Sports IA Review
    • F1 Motorsport Betting
    • Great Welcome Offer for New Registrations
    • Wide Range of Exciting In-Play Betting Options
  • 4.2 / 5 17 Ratings
    The World's Biggest Online Sportsbook Bet 365 Review
    • Best Odds on Major Sports
    • Best Choice Of Betting Markets
    • Worlds Biggest Online Sportsbook
  • 4.0 / 5 11 Ratings
    The King of Bonuses in the UK is the King of Promotions in the US. Look out for exciting promotions for your sports betting picks. Betfred Review
    • Global Sportsbook Brand
    • Huge Welcome Bonus Offer
    • Brilliant Bonuses and Promos for Registered Customers
  • 4.0 / 5 9 Ratings
    Exclusive free promotions and best deals! BetRivers Sportsbook welcomes you to a world of benefits for the player. Try the games and take advantage of the promos! BetRivers Review
    • Daily Promotions
    • Live Betting at its Best
    • iRR Loyalty Rewards Scheme
  • 3.9 / 5 16 Ratings
    BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with BetMGM BetMGM Review
    • Huge Recognizable US Brand
    • Great All-In-One Betting App
    Available in:
  • 0 / 5 0 Ratings
    At Betway USA, access only the best in sportsbook betting. With premium options, and a great welcome offer, you´ve all you need to begin wagering Betway Review
    • The Betway Big Pick
    • Action Packed Sports Markets
    • Exceptional Sports Promotions and Welcome Offer
    Available in:

Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have legalized sports gambling in the past five years. Of those, only Oregon completely prohibits college football betting. Every other state has no restrictions, prevents bettors from betting on in-state teams only or prohibits bettors from placing prop bet wagers on individual collegiate athletes. 

If you are physically located in any of those states or Washington, D.C., you can place legal wagers on college football. Oregon residents looking to place a legal wager on an Oregon Ducks college football game or any college football game will have to travel to a physical sportsbook in the state of Washington or cross the border to place a bet in-person or via an app in Nevada. 

US States Where You Can Legally Bet College Football

The rules regarding college sports and football betting can differ from state to state. Check out this handy table to see what restrictions are in place for the state where you aim to make bets.

State Online/Mobile App In-Person
Arizona Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes
Colorado Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes Yes
Delaware No Yes
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana Yes Yes
Iowa Yes Yes
Kansas Yes Yes

College Football Betting Restrictions by State

No College Betting Restrictions

If you are betting in either Pennslyvania, West Virginia, Nevada or Michigan, there are no restrictions on college sports betting at all. Check the table below for other states.

Not every state allows restriction-less betting on college sports. Some prevent wagers on in-state teams. Others forbid wagers on any college event taking place within the state. Some even stipulate that prop betting involving college athletes is forbidden. Consult the list below to see what you can bet on in each state.

No prop betting on all collegiate events
ArkansasNo Restrictions
No prop bets on college events not sanctioned by the relevant sports league
ConnecticutNo bets on in-state college teams during individual games; futures are allowed.
No bets on in-state college teams
No bets on in-state college teams
No prop bets on college events
No bets on in-state college teams
No Restrictions
No Restrictions
No Restrictions
No bets on in-state college teams
No Restrictions
MississippiNo Restrictions
MontanaNo Restrictions
No Restrictions
New HampshireNo bets on in-state college teams or college events held in the state
New Jersey
No bets on in-state college teams or college events held in the state
New MexicoNo bets on in-state college teams at certain casinos
New York
No bets on in-state college teams
North CarolinaNo restrictions
North DakotaVaries from casino to casino
No restrictions
No player prop betting on collegiate events
Rhode IslandNo bets on in-state college teams or college events held in the state
South DakotaNo bets on in-state college teams
TennesseeNo prop betting on all collegiate events
No bets on in-state college teams
No bets on in-state college teams
Washington, D.C.
No bets on D.C. college teams or college events held in the District of Columbia
West Virginia
No player prop betting on collegiate events
No bets on in-state college teams
No restrictions

How We Chose the Best NCAAF Betting Sites

We have vetted all of the best sites to bet on college football. These betting apps were evaluated based on the amount of promos and boosts they provided to players, how often they up-charged users juice on sides and totals (beyond -110), how extensive their full-game offerings were (Power Five, Group of Five, FCS), how extensive their futures were (National Title, Conference Winners, Division Winners, Win Totals, Heisman Trophy), and the volume of player prop bets they offered on a game by game basis.  

Our college football team has over 60 years of betting experience between them. The team is led by Michael Calabrese who has covered the sport for The Action Network, ESPN Radio, Sirius XM and VSIN.

Number of Games Available to Bet On

One of the advantages of betting on college football is that there are so many games to choose from on a given Saturday in the fall. When you factor in FBS and FCS matchups, well over 100 games are being played weekly. 

But not every sportsbook offers sides, totals, and moneylines for every game. Moreover, some will wait until minutes before kickoff before listing a game. In the world of college football betting, it's vital to shop around for the best number and to search for games that present the most value. 

In most cases, marquee matchups being played on national television receive the same scrutiny from oddsmakers as NFL games. 

The openers are sharp, and sportsbooks quickly react to market movements, limiting a player's edge. Games further down the board played between teams without the same national cachet receive less attention from bettors and oddsmakers. This allows stale numbers to hang on the board and present more value to bettors. 

This is why some sportsbooks have resorted to only listing games in the final hour before kickoff so that they don't have to invest the resources in moving spreads, totals, and moneylines throughout the week. 

Finding a sportsbook with deep offerings across FBS and FCS football is critical if you're hoping to beat the house consistently.

Best Sites for Number of Games

FanDuel stands above the rest in the college football betting space for the sole reason that they often list the largest selection of games every week and they add those games by mid-week ahead of Saturday kickoffs. 

This allows bettors to find the best odds and lock in value before the market moves. They receive high marks for the depth of market, consistency of juice (-110 on nearly every side/total), and the number of promos and bonuses they dole out.

Lots of Betting Markets

Some sites simply offer spreads, totals, and moneylines for college football. It's important to find sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of betting markets because it enhances your chances of finding an edge. It's commonplace for sportsbooks to be within one to two points of each other on every single point spread on a college football Saturday. 

But sportsbooks can vary wildly when it comes to double results, first-half spread, exotics, player props, and winning bands. This creates scenarios where a bettor could find a prop bet at DraftKings at +250 and then spot that same prop bet at FanDuel at +425. When you factor in boosts and promos, odds and set totals on player props can significantly differ between books. This is how bettors can maximize their chances of beating the house and sometimes create large middles in which they mitigate their downside while creating scenarios in which they could win on both sides of the same bet.

Best Site for Market Depth

FanDuel remains the top industry leader when it comes to market depth. Not only does FanDuel list every FBS college football game on a weekly, they also add these games before Saturday. FanDuel lists FCS games closer to kickoff, but in many cases, they are the only major sportsbook to offer spreads, totals and moneylines for all FCS games. On a given college football Saturday, you can expect north of 80 games when utilizing FanDuel.

Competitive Odds

Shopping around for competitive odds is paramount. Not only can a half-point cost you in terms of pure wins and losses, eating added juice in the -115 to -120 range can significantly cut into your bankroll over time. Some sportsbooks will utilize the juice to entice or dissuade action by moving it anywhere between +100 to -120 on a side or total. One way to avoid catching a bad number or eating unnecessary juice is to open multiple sportsbooks when placing your wagers. This allows you to compare prices in real time before locking in your bets.

Best Site for Betting Odds

Searching for the best college football betting app comes down to searching for the best odds every week. While most sites usually fall into lockstep with the market, it's important to consider the use of promos and boosts when shopping around. 

Bonuses, Free Bets, and Rewards

Shopping for the best number and juice is only half the battle. Every sportsbook is fighting for your college football betting business, so it's important to watch for specific bonuses, free bets, and rewards. These giveaways are often capped at $25, $50, and $100 per wager, but when used correctly, they can alter your overall expected value (EV). Expected value is the measure of what a bettor can expect to win or lose per bet placed on the same odds repeatedly. Positive expected value (+EV) implies profit over time, while a negative value (-EV) implies a loss over time. These giveaways can help tip the scales in your favor.

User Interface

A slow or clunky user interface can be unpleasant. But in the world of sports betting, particularly live betting, it can cost you money. If an app or site has a slow, complicated, or unwieldy user interface, that can prevent you from getting bets placed promptly. Navigating an interface quickly and efficiently is critical in a sport like college football, where you can look at 60 to 100 games simultaneously. Most sites have introduced search functionality recently, making finding the team you want to bet on easier.

Customer Service

Freedom of movement is critical when betting college football. That means that you want to move your money into and out of different apps as quickly as possible to play the best odds. Customer service plays a pivotal part in that strategy. If a withdrawal is delayed or pending review, you'll want to be able to speak with a real person as soon as possible. Is there a phone number available? Can you use a chat feature to connect with a real person? These are important things to know before tying money up in an app.

Why Bet on College Football?

Market inefficiency, is the best reason for betting on College Football, Let me explain.

When comparing the NFL to college football, the thing that stands out the most, from a betting perspective, is the difficulty of beating the house in the NFL. Lines are meticulously calculated and NFL teams often play simply to win and not convincingly. 

That lends itself to more close games and more games decided by four points or less in regards to the point spread. Case in point, last season, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl but finished with an 8-11-1 record against the spread. 

The year before that, the Rams won the Super Bowl and also finished with a losing record against the spread. 

NFL oddsmakers know exactly how to level the playing field, making it very difficult to secure an edge. College football, on the other hand, is wildly unpredictable and oddsmakers are often behind the curve.

Last season's College Football Playoff was comprised of four teams who all finished above .500 against the spread. 

Roster turnover, coaching movement, and variance between officiating crews make it very hard to predict which teams will perform well at two points in the season: the first month of the season and bowl season. Games like the Peach Bowl and Rose Bowl can attract heavy interest and result in sharp lines. But smaller bowl games like the Liberty Bowl can often provide savvy bettors with an edge. 

Bettors who do their homework prior to the start of the year and during that two-week lull between the end of the regular season and bowl season can have a major leg up over the sportsbooks.

Top 5 College Football Betting Sites

1. FanDuel

4.6 / 5 10 Ratings

FanDuel Sportsbook features bets on all major U.S. sports, including professional football, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, boxing, motorsports racing and more

FanDuel Review

  • Live Betting and Feeds to Watch your Bets
  • Trusted and Recognizable Name
  • Powered by one of the biggest Sportsbooks in the World.

You can't beat FanDuel's depth of market for both FBS and FCS football games. This is particularly important early in the season when making bets involving FCS teams playing "paycheck" games against FBS opponents. Additionally, FanDuel lists the majority of their games before Saturday, allowing you to compare spreads, totals, and moneylines against the market before locking in a bet. They even open big games like the Big XII championship game as soon as the matchup is set. Bet markets for college football are also robust with FanDuel, where players can expect double result wagers, first and second-half specific lines, same-game parlays, and live betting options galore. 

2. BetMGM

3.9 / 5 16 Ratings

BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with BetMGM

BetMGM Review

  • Great All-In-One Betting App
  • Huge Recognizable US Brand

BetMGM offers a decent depth of market, including FBS and FCS games on a weekly basis. They also offer a variety of markets inside each game ranging from same-game parlays and winning margin bands to quarter and half-specific plays against the spread, moneyline, and factoring in the total. BetMGM also offers the most generous futures market of any major sportsbook. You can often find teams to win the national championship or players to win the Heisman Trophy at odds 5% to 20% longer than the market. They also offer several promos and boosts throughout the season, including multipliers and sweeteners on parlays.

3. Bet365

What this app lacks in market depth, particularly on the FCS side of things, it more than makes up for with lucrative promotional parlays and specials. Weekly, they will offer specialty pre-made parlays that have been boosted and cashback/bonus cash insurance for parlays that end up losing. Having started as a European company, many of its college football offerings mirror soccer betting options, including double-result wagering, exact outcomes and winning bands. This is great news for bettors looking to hit an exotic at plus-odds. They also drop down the juice on select games into the -105/-107 range more regularly than their competition. 

4. Caesars Sportsbook

4.1 / 5 7 Ratings

Online Sportsbook Wagering from one of the biggest names in AC - Bet on your favourite sport with the new Caesars Online Sportsbook

Caesars Review

  • Sportsbook & Casino on One Account
  • Low Minimum Wagers
  • Lots of Banking Options

Once Saturday rolls around, most college football games are listed on the Caesars app. And much like Barstool Sportsbook, they offer their users a wide range of parlay boosts and multipliers. Their futures market can also hang stale numbers on markets like the Heisman Trophy, so it's useful to check in with them after a breakout performance from a player on Saturdays. Sometimes a player can vault into the Heisman consideration and Caesar's won't shorten their odds until the following week. This is useful when building a college football futures portfolio. 

5. PointsBet

4.0 / 5 15 Ratings

Fixed odds markets (Sports & Entertainment) + PointsBetting where the more your bet wins by, the more you win.

PointsBet Review

  • Not Only Sportsbook But Unique Points Betting Options
  • Long Established Australian Sportsbook with a good reputation
  • Licensed & Legal

This sportsbook offers reasonable prices to many of the same markets as their competition. But where PointsBet stands out is their unique prop bets, namely their titular points betting option. You can win or lose more based on how well your selection does, either against the spread or against the moneyline. So if your team wins via a blowout, you stand to make more money than if they covered a spread by a single point. The same is true in the opposite direction, but the interface allows you to limit your overall exposure in either direction based on your risk appetite. 

Type of College Football Bets

College football is one of the most popular spectator sports in the US. It's also a great sport to bet on. Whether you're an experienced gambler, or just starting out, there are lots of different bets you can make on college football games. 

Let's look at all the different types of bets you can make on college football games and explain how each one works. We'll also examine some of the most common kinds of bets that people typically make when betting on college football games. 

No matter what kind of bet you decide to go with, it's important to remember that all gambling involves risk. So always be sure to set limits for yourself and stick within them! With that said, let’s dive in and take a look at the various types of bets you can make when wagering on college football games.

Moneyline Betting

The highest volume of wagers on college football games come on bets placed either on the moneyline, point spread, or the game totals. Betting on the moneyline is simply betting on a team to win the game outright. No college football game ends in a tie. For example, if Alabama were hosting Tennessee the point spread could be set at -7 (-110). For that same game, the moneyline would likely fall in the following range:

  • Alabama -320
  • Tennessee +255

In this case, a bettor would have to wager $320 to win $100 on Alabama. Based on the risk, a bettor would have to win 76.2% of their bets at -320 simply to break even. A $100 wager on Tennessee would end up paying out $255. Conversely, a bettor would only need to win 28.2% at +255 to break even. Every win over that 28.2% would be pure profit. 

Historically, bettors find value on moneyline bets in college football when playing home underdogs. Last season in college football, 49 teams were profitable home underdogs. Take Vanderbilt for example, a perennial doormat in college football. The Commodore were home underdogs on five occasions and finished 1-4 straight up in those contests. Doesn't sound great. Well, in the case of Vandy, their lone win as a home dog came against Florida.

  • Florida -650
  • Vanderbilt +475

Vanderbilt shocked Florida by a score of 31-17. Bettors who put $100 on the Commodores walked away with $475. And that single-game profit made up for their four other losses as a home underdog on the season.                         

Barstool Sportsbooks is the Best Betting Site for Moneyline Bets

Thanks to promos and boosts, you're most likely to find the best odds on a moneyline wager with the Barstool Sportsbook app.     

Betting the Spread

When betting on the point spread, you are picking a team to win or lose but by a certain amount of points. Take the Florida-Vanderbilt example from above. Florida was favored by 13.5 points. If you were betting on the Gators, to win your bet Florida needed to win by 14 or more points. On the other end, to win the bet with Vandy you needed the Commodores to either win outright (which they did) or lose by 13 points or fewer.

Because of differences in talent and even differences in types of offenses, bettors can find point spreads of -1 all the way to -70. Yes, Florida State opened as a 70-point favorite over Savannah State one year. The key is simply finding a spread that offers value. Bettors can also look at history. The best teams in the country aren’t necessarily the same ones that are the best against the point spread. The defending national champions, Georgia finished the season 8-7 ATS. Meanwhile, Hawai'i finished 3-10 SU but a sparkling 9-4 ATS. 

Since 2003, Ohio State has the best win-loss record of all FBS programs at 219-39-0 (84.9%). Now, discounting FBS newbies Liberty and James Madison, the school with the best ATS record since 2003 is … Utah. Yes, the Utes are 142-102-5 ATS. Ohio State is fifth at 143-110-3.

BetMGM is the Best Betting Site for Spread Betting

Spread betting, also known as sides, is well-calibrated in the college football market, which is why you should keep an eye on the juice. BetMGM rarely increases the juice from -110 to -115/-120 on sides, and sometimes you can use promos and boosts to knock a spread wager down to +100 (even money).

3.9 / 5 16 Ratings

BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with BetMGM

BetMGM Review

  • Great All-In-One Betting App
  • Huge Recognizable US Brand

Betting Totals

One of the most exciting ways to place a bet on a college football game is by playing the total. Bettors are wagering on whether the final score will be "Over" or "Under" the posted total. The average number of points scored in an NFL game is around 45. In a college game, that number is around 60.

The most common point total in NFL games is 41. In FBS games, it is 55. Again, scores are volatile as teams like Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma average over 40 points annually per game. Others like Iowa, Florida International, and New Mexico scored fewer than 19 points a game in 2022.

Bet365 is the Best Betting Site for Totals Betting

Not only does Bet365 regularly have the best number in the market, but they also allow you to bet bands/ranges for totals. They also allow you to move the total in either direction to increase or decrease the juice.

Exotic CFB Bets

College football bettors can also wager on parlays and teasers. A parlay is a series of single bets combined into one. A bettor must win all of the single bets to win the parlay. Typically a bettor will combine between two and four single bets on a parlay, although most sportsbooks won't limit combinations up to 30. The individual wagers can be on the moneyline, point spread, or total. A common strategy in parlay betting is to bet on the favorite and the over in the same game. Favorites tend to cover often in higher-scoring games.

A teaser bet is a parlay bet with adjustments to the point spreads. The most common type of teaser bet is the 6-point, two-team teaser. Let’s use the following example.

  • Alabama -10 vs. Tennessee
  • BYU +13 vs. Boise State

Using the 6-point advantage, you can take Alabama down to -4 and BYU up to +19. The Tide would have to win by 5 or more and BYU would have to win or lose by 18 or fewer. These are both solid bets; remember, both individual wagers must win to win the teaser.

PointsBet is the Best Betting Site for Exotics

PointsBet regularly offers exotics on every major college football and can offer up to 10 specific exotics per contest, including their unique points-betting option which rewards bettors for each point they beat the spread or total.

Futures CFB Bets

The race for the College Football Playoff, as are conference titles, is tailor-made for futures betting. These can vary wildly across the market, so shopping around for the best number is important. For example, TCU made the national championship game last season and was available at 300:1 odds in the market as late as September. Some shops quickly adjusted to the Horned Frogs' hot start and moved that number down to 100:1. Massive differentials like that are not uncommon in the futures market for teams and player awards like the Heisman Trophy.

Unibet is the Best Betting Site for Futures

You can catch UniBet hanging stale numbers that don't adjust to major outcomes on a college football Saturday. For example, you can get a team at 40:1 on a Sunday that will be moved down to 15:1 by Monday morning. 

There are many ways to bet on college football. Find the one that fits your betting style and enjoy!

Benefits of Using a College Football Betting App

Using a legal sportsbook app to bet on college football has significant benefits. Legal sportsbooks are required to adhere to state and federal laws, which provide bettors with layers of protection. When you win money with an officially licensed sportsbook you can have confidence that you'll be able to withdraw your funds right away and do so in full compliance with state and federal tax laws.  

Convenience and Speed

College football betting apps prioritize customer service and a fast user experience. What this means for bettors is that there are always customer service agents to speak to (or chat with) if there are any questions regarding their account. This is particularly useful for understanding promotional offers and incentives. These sites also work with most banks and payment apps so depositing and withdrawing money happens very quickly. 

Bonuses, Promotions, and Incentives

Because this market is so competitive, college football betting apps regularly offer new and existing customers bonuses, promos, and incentives like cash-back or merchandise to continue using their services. These can range anywhere from weekly boosters on parlays to cash-back insurance on losing wagers. Some even offer merchandise like apparel, luggage, and sports memorabilia as a bonus for bettors winning certain bets. 

Additional Benefits

College football betting apps have advanced significantly in the past four years and now offer an amazing array of games, exotics, and futures on the sport. By betting with one of these officially licensed apps you now have access to tons of games on a weekly basis in addition to futures like the Heisman Trophy. Futures markets being offered year-round give bettors the chance to lock in favorable odds while building a robust futures portfolio.

How to Place a Bet on College Football

  • Once you've signed up for an app and deposited money into your account you'll then need to navigate to the football section and select "College Football," "NCAAF," or "NCAA Football." 
  • From there you will likely see upcoming games, team futures, and player futures. 
  • If you would like to place a bet on a single game, click into that game and choose a bet type from the options. The different bet types are explained above and these include spread, moneyline, and total as the basic betting options on both sides.
  • You can also select more options broken out by half, team-specific results (eg, total points scored by one team), player props, exact outcomes (winning ranges/bands, exact scores), and more. 
  • Once you've selected your first wager it will be added to your betting slip. 
  • By clicking into your betting slip you can decide how much you would like to wager. 
  • You can also add to that betting slip and break out your bets individually or combine them into parlays and/or teasers. 
  • Once a wager is placed, that money will be deducted from your account. 
  • You can access your bet slips and see how much money you will receive in the event you win from the account management tab.


College Football Betting FAQ's

  • Can I Bet on College Football Online?

    It is possible to make wagers on college football with online sportsbooks but there may be restrictions based on the state in which you are betting. Some states allow all bets, others restrict the type of bets you can make, and others do not allow betting on collegiate events at all. The details of which states are affected are included in the state tabs on this page.

  • Is It legal to bet on College Games?

    College football betting is legal in the United States and there are two options. Legally licensed domestic sportsbooks or offshore which we do not recommend for security purposes. There may be some restrictions to the bet type you can make on college games based on the state In which you are betting. Bettors are forbidden from betting on in-state teams, in-state bowl games, and player props by a handful of states. Refer to our state by state list at the beginning of this article to learn more.

  • Difference between betting on NCAFF and NFL

    The same types of bets available for the NFL games are available with NCAAF too. There may be some restrictions to proposition betting depending on the state you are in, but otherwise there is no difference in the way you bet and the odds.

  • What is the best betting site for college football?

    FanDuel stands above the competition in large part to its depth of market for both FBS and FCS football games and its timeliness of when it lists games. FanDuel lists the majority of its games before Saturday, allowing you to compare spreads, totals, and moneylines against the market before locking in a bet. FanDuel also offers a wide variety of prop bets including double result wagers, first and second-half specific lines, same-game parlays, and live betting options.

  • When was betting on college football made legal?

    College football betting had been legal in the state of Nevada dating back to 1931. A Supreme Court decision in 2018 struck down the federal ban on state authorization of sports betting. This provided the states that wanted to allow betting on sporting events to do. Since then 36 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized sports betting.

  • What types of Bets can be made on College Football?

    Available types of college football bets include standard wagers like sides, moneyline, and totals, to exotics, parlays, and teasers. Due to some state restrictions placing wagers on in-state teams and/or some proposition bets may not be available depending on the state in which you are betting.

  • What is the most accurate college football betting site?

    All the winning bets can be found in the college football picks section, right here on OLBG, where expert tipster from out members provide tips on every round of games throughout the season

Editorial Information

Michael Calabrese wrote this college football betting guide. He has covered college football since 2007 and writes for OLBG, The Action Network and Saturday Down South. You can also watch him every Saturday on VSIN's college football coverage.

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