Highest point-scorers in every NBA team’s history

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OLBG compiled a list of the highest point-scorers in every NBA team’s history

Highest point-scorers in every NBA team’s history
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On March 31, 2022, Giannis Antetokounmpo drilled a 25-foot step-back jumper to tie a hotly contested game against the Brooklyn Nets. The Milwaukee Bucks bench jumped to their feet, and despite playing on the road at the Barclays Center, the crowd went wild. In that moment, the “Greek Freak” had not only evened the score with that shot, but he also became the Bucks’ all-time leading scorer—claiming the throne that was previously held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Now, Antetokounmpo hopes to end the historic season with another NBA Championship under his belt. But he’s not the only franchise-leader in scoring seeking a title this spring.

Last season, the Bucks won the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. For this year’s playoffs, they secured the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference. In the Western Conference, top-seeded Phoenix Suns hope to return to the Finals and get the city its first NBA Championship. Each team’s players were ranked by the number of points they scored for the team over their career, and the top player for every team is included in the list.

LeBron James, who’s included on the list, has scored more postseason points than any other player in NBA history, but this year he’ll be watching from home for only the fourth time in his 19-year career. That’s because the 2020 champion Los Angeles Lakers shockingly missed the playoffs after coming into this season as strong championship contenders. Also absent from the postseason will be James’ teammate Russell Westbrook, who makes an appearance on the list. Read through to see every player who holds the top spot for each of their respective teams.

Atlanta Hawks-Dominique WilkinsFocus On Sport // Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks: Dominique Wilkins

- Total points scored: 23,292
- Years played for team: 1982-1994

Boston Celtics: John HavlicekFocus On Sport // Getty Images

Boston Celtics: John Havlicek

- Total points scored: 26,395
- Years played for team: 1962-1978

Brooklyn Nets-Brook LopezJim McIsaac // Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets: Brook Lopez

- Total points scored: 10,444
- Years played for team: 2008-2017 (including four seasons with franchise in New Jersey)

Charlotte Hornets-Kemba WalkerAndy Lyons // Getty Images

Charlotte Hornets: Kemba Walker

- Total points scored: 12,009
- Years played for team: 2011-2019

Chicago Bulls: Michael JordanFocus On Sport // Getty Images

Chicago Bulls: Michael Jordan

- Total points scored: 29,277
- Years played for team: 1984-1993, 1995-1998

Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron JamesKevin C. Cox // Getty Images

Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James

- Total points scored: 23,119
- Years played for team: 2003-2010, 2014-2018

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk NowitzkiRonald Martinez // Getty Images

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzki

- Total points scored: 31,560
- Years played for team: 1998-2019

Denver Nuggets: Alex EnglishFocus On Sport // Getty Images

Denver Nuggets: Alex English

- Total points scored: 21,645
- Years played for team: 1980-1990

Detroit Pistons: Isiah ThomasAllsport // Getty Images

Detroit Pistons: Isiah Thomas

- Total points scored: 18,822
- Years played for team: 1981-1994

Golden State Warriors: Stephen CurryLachlan Cunningham // Getty Images

Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry

- Total points scored: 20,064
- Years played for team: 2009-present

Houston Rockets: Hakeem OlajuwonMitchell Layton // Getty Images

Houston Rockets: Hakeem Olajuwon

- Total points scored: 26,511
- Years played for team: 1984-2001

Indiana Pacers: Reggie MillerThe Sporting News // Getty Images

Indiana Pacers: Reggie Miller

- Total points scored: 25,279
- Years played for team: 1987-2005

Los Angeles Clippers: Randy SmithSTAN HONDA // Getty Images

Los Angeles Clippers: Randy Smith

- Total points scored: 12,735
- Years played for team: 1971-1979 (including seven seasons with franchise in Buffalo, and one in San Diego)

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe BryantHarry How // Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant

- Total points scored: 33,643
- Years played for team: 1996-2016

Memphis Grizzlies: Mike ConleyKevin C. Cox// Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Conley

- Total points scored: 11,733
- Years played for team: 2007-2019

Miami Heat: Dwyane WadeMike Ehrmann // Getty Images

Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade

- Total points scored: 21,556
- Years played for team: 2003-2016, 2018-2019

Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis AntetokounmpoStacy Revere // Getty Images

Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo

- Total points scored: 14,291
- Years played for team: 2013-present

Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin GarnettIKevin C. Cox // Getty Images

Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Garnett

- Total points scored: 19,201
- Years played for team: 1995-2007, 2015

New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony DavisSean Gardner // Getty Images

New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis

- Total points scored: 11,059
- Years played for team: 2012-2019

New York Knicks: Patrick EwingFocus On Sport // Getty Images

New York Knicks: Patrick Ewing

- Total points scored: 23,665
- Years played for team: 1985-2000

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell WestbrookBrett Deering // Getty Images

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook

- Total points scored: 18,859
- Years played for team: 2008-2019

Orlando Magic: Dwight HowardRonald Martinez // Getty Images

Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard

- Total points scored: 11,435
- Years played for team: 2004-2012

Philadelphia 76ers: Hal GreerSport Magazine Archive // Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia 76ers: Hal Greer

- Total points scored: 21,586
- Years played for team: 1958-1973 (including five seasons with franchise in Syracuse)

Phoenix Suns: Walter DavisFocus On Sport // Getty Images

Phoenix Suns: Walter Davis

- Total points scored: 15,666
- Years played for team: 1977-1988

Portland Trail Blazers: Clyde DrexlerFocus On Sport // Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers: Clyde Drexler

- Total points scored: 18,040
- Years played for team: 1983-1995

Sacramento Kings: Oscar RobertsonBettmann // Getty Images

Sacramento Kings: Oscar Robertson

- Total points scored: 22,009
- Years played for team: 1960-1970 (all seasons with franchise in Cincinnati)

San Antonio Spurs: Tim DuncanAndy Lyons // Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs: Tim Duncan

- Total points scored: 26,496
- Years played for team: 1997-2016

Toronto Raptors: DeMar DeRozanVaughn Ridley // Getty Images

Toronto Raptors: DeMar DeRozan

- Total points scored: 13,296
- Years played for team: 2009-2018

Utah Jazz: Karl MaloneROBERT SULLIVAN // Getty Images

Utah Jazz: Karl Malone

- Total points scored: 36,374
- Years played for team: 1985-2003

Washington Wizards: Elvin HayesThe Washington Post // Getty Images

Washington Wizards: Elvin Hayes

- Total points scored: 15,551
- Years played for team: 1972-1981 (including one season with franchise in Baltimore)

Content written by Katrina Sirotta using data from Basketball Reference.

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