Charleston Classic Betting Guide: Preview, Statistics & Picks

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We look ahead to the 2024 Charleston Classic, the 16th edition of the three-day invitational college basketball competition that is held in Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston Classic Betting Guide: Preview, Statistics & Picks
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What is the Charleston Classic?

The Charleston Classic is an invitational college basketball tournament held in Charleston, South Carolina each year and has been held every year since its introduction in 2008 except in 2020.

Eight teams compete in the tournament which is held over four days, three of which have games, the opening round takes place on Thursday, and then the semi-finals on Friday as well as the loser's consolation round.


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On Saturday there is a rest day for the players before the conclusion on Sunday with Final and 3rd place games taking place as well as the 5th place game.

College basketball is a very popular sport for betting so you can expect our expert basketball handicappers to be placing picks over the three days of action.

Debut success for Houston!

Houston made their first appearance in the tournament in 2023 and they went on to success beating Dayton 69-55 in the final.

What teams are playing in the Charleston Classic?

The teams will be announced closer to the 2024 tournament, here are the eight teams who lined up in 2023:

  • Houston (Champions)
  • Dayton (Runners-Up)
  • St. John's (3rd Place)
  • Utah (4th Place)
  • LSU (5th Place)
  • Wake Forest (6th Place)
  • North Texas (7th Place)
  • Towson (8th Place)

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What is the Charleston Classic bracket?

The 2023 Charleston Classic will take place during November 2024 with the games being played between Thursday and Sunday with the Saturday being the rest day. The bracket will be announced closer to the tournament.

If you are planning to have a wager on these opening games then head over to our very helpful best sportsbook for basketball betting article.

Who won the Charleston Classic?

Here are the past ten winners of the Charleston Classic:

2022Charleston77-75Virginia Tech
2021St. Bonaventure70-54Marquette
2018Virginia Tech89-83Purdue
2015Virginia83-66George Mason
2014Miami (FL)77-58Charlotte

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