5 Ways the OLBG Sports Betting Tips App Helps Get You More Winners

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At OLBG we strive to share the tips of our expert sports bettingtipsters in helpful ways to help others get more winners.To make it even easier we have made these tips available in ourfeature-packed app, empowering users to get the

5 Ways the OLBG Sports Betting Tips App Helps Get You More Winners
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OLBG Sports Betting Tips App

At OLBG we strive to share the tips of our expert sports betting tipsters in helpful ways to help others get more winners. 

To make it even easier we have made these tips available in our feature-packed app

The app empowers users to get the best tips, and to get a bet on in minimal clicks using our free sports betting tips app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

The app has so much expert info and brilliant betting tips that we have put together the top 5 ways the app can help you find more winners.
OLBG Sports Betting Tips App


1. See Today's Most Popular Tips on All Sports: Our Hot Tips feature gives you today's most popular tips from a huge variety of events and sports as soon as you open the app.
- The confidence bar shows the percentage of tips for the selection on this event.

- The number in the speech bubble shows how many expert comments there are for this tip.

- Using the settings/filter button you can filter the tips to higher confidence levels, minimum/maximum odds, minimum number of tips and by sport to get the most fancied tips at a level you're comfortable with on the app for that day. These settings are saved so you don't have to input them every session.
OLBG Sports Betting Tips App


2. Find Out What the Best Tipsters are Backing: With the Hot Tipsters feature you can see what our most consistently profitable tipsters in their sport suggest.

- LSP, which stands for Level Stakes Profit, is listed for every tipster. If you put £1 on all of RomanL's tips for the last 6 months you would be £177.70 in profit!

- The green circles indicate how many of the last 6 months that tipster has made a profit.

- You can see from this screen how many tips the tipster has that day and dig deeper to see them.
OLBG Sports Betting Tips App


3. Easily Combine the Best Tips in an Acca: My Acca Builder was one of our most requested features from our users and, as always, we have listened to all the feedback and introduced this feature so your acca is built in 3 steps.

Simply select the sports and number of selections and we'll find the tips our best tipsters recommend.

- Each selection shows you how many people tipped it and the combined LSP of all the tipsters that tipped each selection.

- It is important to choose which bookie to bet with to secure the best odds. On OLBG we have a comprehensive list of betting sites.

- Then add straight to the bet slip, and place the bet with the bookie of your choice all within the app.
OLBG Sports Betting Tips App


4. Detailed Research Done For You: No need to pore over form, stats, and trends. Our tipsters have done the research so you don't have to!

The App is packed with info including:

- Quick Form on all Horses in every race so you can see the key info at a glance.

- Detailed expert comments so you know exactly why they have tipped each selection.

- Clicking the arrow reveals all tips on all horses in that race.
OLBG Sports Betting Tips App


5. Expert Tips on All Your Favourite Sports: The Tips By Sport menu lets you browse all events to see tips, detailed comments and expert tipster opinions for football, horse racing, tennis, golf, American sports and much more.

- You can drill down into each sport to select specific racecourses, divisions and more.

- We have tips for so many Sports you can pretty much find a tip 24 hours a day.

The app has a wealth of information and these 5 ways to find more winners used together will help you find plenty of winners and most importantly beat the bookies! 





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