The Best Free to Play Bookmaker Competitions Available and How to Play

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With bookmakersdesperate to get more customers, more and more are now offeringfree to enter competitions offering cash prizes for the winners.The trend was started by the well-known Super 6 competition on SkyBet, but now there are loads on offer for

The Best Free to Play Bookmaker Competitions Available and How to Play
Darren Brett Tipster Competition Manager

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With bookmakers desperate to get more customers, more and more are now offering free to enter competitions offering cash prizes for the winners. 

You can read about how bookies think and act via the understanding bookmakers guide at the betting school. 

The trend for competitions was started by the well-known Super 6 on Sky Bet,

But now there are loads on offer for us to have a go at and try our luck (despite near impossible odds) to win a fortune.

With fewer and fewer free bet no deposit offers around these days this is the best way to play for the bookmakers money with no risk to your own.

I always think: what’s the point of playing the lottery when I probably have the same chance of winning one of these free competitions, which actually involve a small element of skill? 

They also add an extra element of fun to a day’s football or racing, so why not have a go?

I was surprised by how many offers there were available just by looking through all the bookies I had accounts with, so I thought I would share the ones I’ve found with the OLBG community.

If you know of any that I haven’t mentioned, let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

Sky Bet

Super 6

Where it all began, I’m sure most of us have played this at some point.

The goal is to pick six correct scores from the selected games; if you win you win £250,000 or sometimes a cool £1 million on special occasions which generally remains the main prize until it is won.

If more than one person wins, the tie-breaker is the minute of the first goal from those six fixtures.

They also offer a consolation prize of £5,000 which is given to the closest player if no one gets 6/6. SkyBet usually offer this competition every Saturday and also during the week for Champions League or midweek fixtures.

You can play Super 6 here

Fantasy Six-a-Side

A more recent offering from SkyBet is the Fantasy Six-a-Side competition. In this competition, entrants must pick six players from a single game each week, with one player from the ‘elite’ group, and five others.

You also need to chose the minute of the first goal. If you get the highest scoring team and the right minute, you get £50,000. If the top scoring player doesn’t get the minute of the first goal, they get £1,000, so definitely worth a go.

You can play Fantasy Six-a-Side here

Pick 7

Offered from SportingLife via SkyBet, Pick 7 requires you to pick 7 winners from a selected set of races every Saturday (also offered on multiple days during big festivals and meetings like the Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot)

The winner gets £50,000, with a tie-breaker used if necessary using the winning distance of the first race. If no-one wins, there is a consolation prize of £1,000 for the highest scoring player.

You can play Pick 7 here

ATR Selector

Thanks to Gracietyke for this one!

ATR Selector has a similar presence to Pick 7 and you can once again use your SkyBet account to enter.
Pick 7 horses to win, and if you get them right you get a cool £7,000. If we get a tie, the tie-breaker is used,
which is to choose the winning distance in the first race.

There is a £500 consolation to the player who loses in tie-break, or if there are no winners this goes to the closest player.

You can play ATR Selector here

William Hill

Lucky 7

This is essentially the same as the Pick 7 competition offered by SkyBet, but it is worth entering both for an extra chance to win.

Again the top prize is £50,000 with £1,000 consolation prize if there are no winners of the jackpot.

Unlike the SkyBet competition, there is no tie-break, and if there is more than one winner then the jackpot is split between the winning players equally.

You can play Lucky 7 here

Football 21

Thank you to Gracietyke for this addition.

Football 21 is a game offered from Unilad in association with William Hill. The goal is to pick as many teams as you like that will score a total of exactly 21 goals between them.

The tie-breaker will be chosing the team to score last from the week's fixtures. They player who hits 21 and is closest with the tie-breaker wins £10,000!

You can play Football 21 here


Golden Goal

BetVictor offer a different kind of game which is equally hard to win.

The Golden Goal requires you to pick the first goalscorer, the time of the first goal, and the match result of a selected game. If you get it right you win the jackpot of a minimum of £25,000.

If no-one wins, the money rolls over to the next week, so you can get some massive jackpots. If there is more than one winner, the prize pool is split between the winning players.

BetVictor offer this every Sunday and usually for one of the Sky Sports televised games. You can gain extra entries if you meet certain wagering requirements with them during the week.

You can play Golden Goal here


4 to Score

Another different and difficult competition, but another that is free to play and with a good jackpot to play for.

The aim of this game is to pick the first team to score in each of England’s four major divisions in each Saturday’s 3 o’clock fixtures.

So pick the team that will score first in the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two. The team that scores first is judged by the timing of the goal in that match, not the time on the clock.

The prize for this competition is £25,000, with prize winnings split between players if there is more than one winner. There’s no consolation prize if there are no winners and no rollover either.

You can play 4 to Score here

4 to Win

This works on the same basis as the 4 to win but here we have to pick a horse in 4 different horse races for the chance to win £10,000. This means it's much easier in theory than some of the other games out there where you pick 7 horses.

The tie breaker is the combined winning distances of the 4 races, with a tie seeming likely considering we are only making a fourfold choice.

You can play 4 to Win here

Paddy Power

Hotshot Jackpot

Paddy Power’s offering is another interesting one, requiring us to pick the first goalscorer from a selected six fixtures, usually across the weekend in the Premier League.

The winner of this competition gets a very generous prize of £100,000, with the prize split if there is more than one winner.

If no-one wins the main prize, £2,500 is on offer to anyone who gets five correct first goalscorers. If there is more than one entry with five right, then a tie-breaker is used where the player guesses the time of the first goal in a selected match.

To update, it seems that Paddy Power are stopping the Hotshot Jackpot for the rest of the year, unfortunately. We'll check in next season to see if it returns.

You can play Hotshot Jackpot here

I’m sure there are more offers available, so please let me know if I’ve missed something and I’ll add it on. 

Best of luck to anyone having a go at these offers this weekend or in the future.

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