The Swift Influence: Tracing Taylor's Unlikely Impact on the NFL Economy

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Explore how Taylor Swift's romance with NFL star Travis Kelce boosted the football industry, causing a surge in ticket prices and stirring up unexpected interest among her legion of fans.

The Swift Influence: Tracing Taylor's Unlikely Impact on the NFL Economy
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When Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend, it is a story that always makes the headline. When Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend who is an NFL star, the headlines find the perfect intersection between two worlds.

Because since Taylor’s relationship with Travis Kelce has since been made public, there has been a spike in demand for Kansas City Chiefs tickets. For example, when Swift announced she would be in attendance for the game between the Chiefs and the New York Jets, the cost of a ticket rose 43%.

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Taylor Swift, the surprise game-changer for NFL? Discover how her love story boosted the New York Jets vs Kansas City Chiefs game

Prior to the 33-year-old declaring her attendance, a ticket at the MetLife Stadium would have cost $83 for this NFL encounter. That figure then rose to $119 once ‘TaylorMania’ has gripped the gridiron. 

For as long as the two are an item, a whole legion of Swift supporters will be doing their best to land a ticket to wherever the Chiefs are playing. Some of that legion may even have no interest in the game itself and will simply want to catch a glimpse of the American singing superstar.

Regardless of someone’s interest in American football, there is no doubt that Taylor has been responsible for a rise in the NFL’s economy in recent weeks and the league’s bosses will be hoping that her appearance is a far more permanent fixture.

Then again, she is not the only popstar who has been responsible for an inadvertent lift in an economy and now we are going to look at which acts or stars have helped balanced the books in unexpected ways.


Beyonce can be considered many things. Superstar, actress and now you can add the driving force for an inflation increase in Sweden. With her Renaissance tour taking on dates as varied as Sunderland and Stockholm, it was the latter that saw Swedish inflation figures stay rather stubborn.

In May 2023, the figure was 9.7% - the first time it had come under 10% in six months and 0.8% down on the month before. However, many analysts were expecting the figure of 9.7% to be far lower. Unfortunately, those analysts did not factor in the Beyonce effect.

Due to her tour dates in the Swedish capital, there is a high probability that it accounted for a 0.3% rise in hotel and restaurant prices. Thankfully the inflation figure would drop to 9.3% in June and July 2023 but there is also another reason why the drop off remained constant.

Another reason that comes with another pop star:

Bruce Springsteen

Because ‘The Boss’ also played in Sweden in 2023 and with Gothenburg’s Ullevi Stadium staging three dates in June, the same effects on inflation were also on hand while the 74-year-old was in town. 

Therefore, if any Swedish economic policymakers are reading this article, they may want to not book anymore high-profile musical acts in a bid to try and bring down the nation’s inflation rate as much as possible.

If these are two examples of inflation acting rather stubborn and having a potentially detrimental effect on a countries economy then the next act have certainly been a force for good.

The Beatles

Even though the Fab Four have long since parted, Beatlemania is still worth an incredible £82m a year to the city of Liverpool. Not only does it bring in an incredible amount of riches to Merseyside but it is also responsible for 2,000 jobs.

Of course, Liverpool also managed to strike it rich in 2023, as they were given the hosting rights for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As a stand in for war torn Ukraine, the positive financial effect of hosting the competition could be as much as £40m.

An extra £40m to go alongside the £82m that John, Paul, George and Ringo are responsible for bringing to Liverpool’s City Council. It is fair to say that Beatlemania has been and always be a license to print money. 

Then again, The Beatles are not the only hometown hero and the same can be said for:

Ed Sheeran

Not only the pride of Ipswich, but also credited with injecting £9m in the town’s economy after a number of homecoming gigs. In addition to this, a research piece from the National Arenas Association suggests that £1m is placed into a town for every 10,000 gig that takes place.

Which means the likes of Sam Fender would have helped Newcastle strike it rich in 2023, when he had two homecoming gigs of his own at St James Park and even though Pink is not from Sunderland, she would have helped the Magpies’ local rivals to some handy revenue that same month. 

Big ticket names are always going to bring people into your city but what about the biggest ticket of all at Glastonbury? The 2023 edition of the festival was the one that said goodbye to Elton John and his yellow brick road and it would cost £340 for the pleasure.

£340 a ticket and 150,000 sold. That is the sheer scale of Glastonbury and a scale that saw the United Kingdom’s recreation and culture prices rise 6.8% in the year to May 2023 – the fastest rise in 30 years as the kings and queens of pop seem to be alien to financial pressures elsewhere.

Then again, it is not just the economy that gets a boost from pop stars, it is broadcasters who can also flourish from this and to wrap things up, there is only one person we can focus on:

Taylor Swift

Not only has Taylor had an effect on the price of tickets but she is also generating plenty of eyes on television sets at the same time. The same New York Jets vs Kansas City Chiefs that was mentioned earlier saw an average of 27 million viewers on NBC and Peacock in the United States.

That may not sound a lot in isolation but it was the most watched Sunday program since the 2022 Super Bowl – seeing a rise in viewership by more than 35%. Not only that, but it also saw a 53% increase when it came to teenagers viewing.

A key demographic that the NFL and traditional broadcast really struggles to cater for, as attention spans shorten as the years go by. Turns out that all you need is Taylor Swift to be in attendance and the viewing figures will soon follow.

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