Football Tips - Strategy To Win

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Football Tips - Strategy To WinThis blog is the second in a range of blogs covering the wide andvaried area of FootballTips, covering the top football markets, football tippingstrategy, discussing if you can make a profit from football tippingand many

Football Tips - Strategy To Win
Darren Brett Tipster Competition Manager

Horse Racing, greyhounds and snooker specialist with thirty years experience of writing about sport across multiple platforms. A QPR and Snooker fan

Football Tips - Strategy To Win

This blog is the second in a range of blogs covering the wide and varied area of football tips.

I cover the top football market and, football tipping strategy.

Working out whether you can make a profit from football tipping.

online betting

The first football tips based blog is available and within it, I discussed my views on the Top Ten Football Tipping Markets from an incredible, unbelievable range of football betting markets 

There are up to 200 different types of bet available on any given match, from all around the world.

I've been punting on football for nearly 20 years, I've been posting football tips and discussions on-line within various websites and forums such as OLBG for the last 15 years, 

I've had my work published in a book and I spent 4 years working for bookmakers including at football grounds on match days so all my views posted are based on my collective experiences.

This second blog covers football betting strategy, I hope you find it to be really useful and interesting.

Football Tips Strategy - What Does It Mean?

Say the word STRATEGY to people and you will get different reactions and responses.

It does mean different things to different people depending on what they do in their day to day lives. 

Army Sergeants have a strategy for how they approach war/battle situations, 

Financial Market traders have a strategy in buying/selling stocks and 

Farmers will have a strategy on how to get the best from their crops each year.

A general definition of Strategy found in the dictionary is "A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim" 

In my mind, that sums it up perfectly and it's what Football Tipsters/Punters are always searching 

A system, or a bet that will help make a profit in the long term.

Football Tips - My Approach to Strategy

I've come across many types of different punters who all have different approaches ie strategy to their betting.

I've seen some work and some fail.

Below is what I feel is a sensible, structured approach to betting/tipping.

1. Set Yourself A Fixed Betting Bank

Giving yourself a Fixed Betting Bank is something I feel is the essential first step in the process of forming a Strategy.

Your Betting Bank

Keep your betting money completely separate from your regular household expenses.

Because to achieve the ultimate aim of making profit, you must know what betting funds you are starting with, 

Whether you set yourself a yearly fund of say £2000 or just have a betting bank of £20 per weekend, whatever the bank is you must fix the amount.

2. Always Show Discipline

Showing discipline and control is by the very nature of what tipping/betting involves is the hardest thing to do.

Discipline In Betting

If you are unsure about a selection, just leave it alone. You may miss the odd winner, but you will save yourself from a lot of losers.

there is always the temptation to have one more bet/post one more tip or to chase losses when suffering a losing bet/tip.

If you can control your betting/tipping and show discipline you should ultimately show better results in the long term and you should make it pay.

3. Understand what you are Tipping/Betting On

One of the biggest mistakes I've seen tipsters/punters make is to not fully understand what they are betting/tipping on, and to not make use of the latest information ie team news, injuries, statistics, price changes.

I've seen tipsters/punters selecting players to score who are injured.

Bookmakers Information

You can be sure that the bookies will have gone through the match with a fine tooth comb, you as a punter need to do the same.

I've seen people confidently tipping up a team at short odds to win when that particular team has lost several matches in a row.

What is guaranteed is that the bookmakers know all of the latest information so it's vital that tipsters/punters do as well, otherwise the bookmakers already have the advantage and you are more likely to lose than win.

4. Understand the Odds 

It might sound quite basic but understanding the odds of your tip/bet is vital because if you don't know the odds of your tip/bet, you won't know what your reward will be for the risk ie the tip/bet you make.

Take time to understand betting odds, and crucially the betting odds in relation to the overall market.

If you are unsure about what the odds mean then there are plenty of websites such as where you can get the information you need and members who can help explain.

5. Record all your Tips/Bets 

This is something that links in very strongly with keeping discipline and recording all your bets/tips is the very best way of gaining an accurate picture of how your tipping/betting is going.

Winners and Losers

We all remember our winning bets, we need to record our losing bets.

Recording every bet/tip will enable you to spot important factors such as certain types of bets/tips which are productive or ones which keep failing, over time this will help control your betting and should help increase your profits in the long term.

6. Consider all Potential Betting Markets -

Flexibility in tipping/betting is important, you need to be aware of and consider all the potential betting markets on offer. 

000's of Betting Markets

Look for the market that most suits your opinion, then look for the best odds on that market.

If you bet on the internet the choice is endless, you need to spot potential betting value and winning opportunities. 

For Further football betting advice check out the OLBG Betting School.

They are my views of Strategy in the sense of Football Tips, I feel they are worth consideration and I hope you find the views posted to be interesting and useful in some way.
The key to remember is to give yourself every chance of making your betting/tipping pay off on a consistent basis and to do that it's undoubtedly necessary to have a strategy in place, it's about being aware of the various markets, considering what's available and then making a decision as to what bets/tips you feel are worthy to add interest and adding something different to your overall betting experience.
 All thoughts are welcome, would be great to know what your own views on strategy are and why, post your thoughts here, within the forum on OLBG or to me on twitter @tbuckleythinks

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