Dota 2 The International Betting Preview, Statistics & Tips

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We preview The International, a Dota 2 end-of-season tournament which is made up of the best teams from during the season, who has previously won and who will win this year?

Dota 2 The International Betting Preview, Statistics & Tips
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Dota 2 The International 2024 Preview

The International 2024 will see some major changes from 2023 because of the dismantling of the Dota Pro Circuit season which used to be used for teams to qualify.

Whilst we wait on news of the new qualifying format, they have said there will be around LAN events which will act as 'Majors' but no further details have been released.

The tournament itself if they maintain the same form as 2023 will start with the group stages which will involve round-robin games with two groups of teams.

The top four in each will advance to the upper bracket of the main event, the 5th to 8th place will to the lower bracket, and the remaining are eliminated.

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Where can I watch Dota 2 The International?

The Official dota2 YouTube channel is the place to be for all of the action, watch the tournament live or catch up on past matches with videos saved on the channel as well as team interviews throughout the tournament.

Where can I find the Dota 2 The International Schedule and Standings?

The best place to keep up-to-date over the qualifying stages and the final tournament itself is the Dota 2 The International Liquipedia page, once the final details are tied up, you will be able to find the upcoming matches, results and standings for The International 2024 tournament all on there.

Where can I bet on the Dota 2 The International?

On OLBG, we have a dedicated guide looking at the best eSports betting sites, so head over to find a site that suits your betting needs.

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Who are the Previous Dota 2 The International Winners?

As you can see below, OG failed to win a third consecutive title in 2021 having won it in both 2018 & 2019 and they were the only team to win the tournament on more than one occasion until Team Spirit won it again in 2023 having previously won it in 2021.

Natus Vincere (Na`Vi) who won the inaugural tournament back in 2011 finished runner-up in both 2012 & 2013, more recently Liquid who won it in 2017 was also runner-up in 2019 and also Newbee won it back in 2014 and was runner-up in 2017.

Evil Geniuses who won the tournament in 2015 have finished in third place a total of three times, in both 2014 & 2016 on either side of their win and also again in 2018 whilst Invictus Gaming, Alliance and Wings Gaming have no top-three finishes to add to their tournament wins.

Tundra won their maiden title in 2022 having failed to make the tournament a year earlier.

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The Returning Champions

Up until 2019, the reigning champions didn't have the greatest of records for the following year, Natus Vincere went on to finish runner-up after winning it in 2011 but the next three winners returned to finish 5th-6th, 11th-12th & 13th-16th so unable to defend their titles, Evil Geniuses did put in a better performance after their win in 2015 to finish third in 2016.

The Wings didn't compete after their title and then Liquid finished fourth and OG won so as time has gone on, the champions have been putting up better defences of their titles although on their attempt for a third title OG failed to finish in the top six in 2021. Team Spirit who won it in 2021 could only finish 6th in their group in 2022 and then lost to BOOM in round one of the lower brackets. The 2022 winner Tundra returned to finish top of their group but lost in their Seeding decider which put them in the lower bracket where they went out in round one losing to Entity.

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The International Previous Winners

The International 2023$3,322,896SeattleTSpiritGG
The International 2022$18,930,775SingaporeTundraSecret
The International 2021$40,018,195BucharestTSpiritPSG.LCD
The International 2019$34,330,068ShanghaiOGLiquid
The International 2018$25,532,177VancouverOGPSG.LGD
The International 2017$24,787,916SeattleLiquidNewbee
The International 2016$20,770,460SeattleWingsDC
The International 2015$18,429,613SeattleEGCDEC
The International 2014$10,923,977SeattleNewbeeVG
The International 2013$2,874,380Seattle[A]Na`Vi
The International 2012$1,600,000SeattleiGNa`Vi
The International 2011$1,600,000CologneNa`ViEHOME

What is Dota 2?

Published and developed by Valve, Dota 2 was released in 2013, four years after development started on the game. The game is a MOBA that stands for 'Multiplayer Online Battle Arena' and falls into the same category as the likes of League of Legends (LoL).

The aim of the game is pretty simple and there is no need to overcomplicate it, there are two teams each consisting of five players, and each player takes control of what is called a 'Hero' which are characters with different skills and weaknesses, there are 120 different 'Heroes' to pick from.

So, it's 5 vs 5 and the main aim of the game is to defend your own 'Ancient' whilst also trying to destroy the other teams 'Ancient', to put that in understandable terms, there are two teams of five players, defend your own castle whilst also trying to destroy your opponents, destroy theirs first and you win, an 'Ancient' as previously mentioned is a large structure.

During the match, each 'hero' can pick up 'experience points' as well as items that will help them in their attempt to defeat their opponents, things that can be improved are areas such as health, attack speed and so on.

Below you can find a YouTube video to help you better understand what Dota 2 is, how the game is played and much more.

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