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Have the Bookies Missed a Trick with Exact Goal Betting?

Published: Feb 3, 8:22pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:38pm danbradley on Systems 6 Comments 8832 Views

There are loads of options if, like me, you like to bet on goals in football matches.  Compared to betting on match winners it seems more scientific in a way.  The betting school article on how to assess football form gives readers further understanding of the beautiful game.  Goals Betting We justify betting on such markets as over/under 2.5 goals by looking at the form of the sides as well as their records over the season and find reasons to back... [ Read More ]

Adding Extra Value to 1X2 Bets: Part 1 - The HT/FT Market

Published: Jan 28, 4:30pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 4:47pm danbradley on Strategy 7 Comments 13507 Views

It has been a question that has been at the forefront of most football punters' minds since the expansion of betting to include diverse and unusual betting markets. How do I gain that little bit of extra value?  This value hunting will go alongside my assessment of the form, and then be compared to the bookmaker prices.  Bookies often lower the price of a favourite to such a price so there is little or no value in backing it, despite... [ Read More ]

Adding Extra Value to 1X2 Bets: Part 2 - Goal Timings

Published: Feb 16, 1:57pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 4:46pm danbradley on Strategy 8 Comments 6810 Views

Throughout my time as a punter, there have been many occasions when I think I have found the perfect 1X2 bet.  I study the form and find a fantastic unbeatable home team.  They are taking on a team that just can't win away. You look at the price and it's near to or better than even money, surely you know this feeling?  Then you probably also know the feeling of seeing that 'dead cert' fall short.   I've had this... [ Read More ]

Adding Extra Value to 1X2 Bets: Part 3 - Goal Quantities

Published: Mar 4, 11:36pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 4:45pm danbradley on Strategy 5 Comments 4127 Views

The over/under 2.5 markets has exploded over recent years, Many punters are now trying to take advantage of generally quite common knowledge regarding the goalscoring nature of certain teams. The Types of Bet now available on the goals market means every bettor is spoilt for choice.  Unfortunately, the bookies have also sensed this opportunity, with the majority of 'obvious' overs and unders only available at very low prices.  Knowing that the majority will bet on the obvious outcome, they are... [ Read More ]

Derby Matches - Where is the Value?

Published: Dec 14, 2:13am Last Updated: Oct 12, 3:59pm danbradley on Strategy 5 Comments 4775 Views

Derby days are one of the most cherished days on the footballing calendar. The games are filled with passion, big challenges, and even bigger goals.   Football form and that season's form, can often go out of the window with the underdog upping their game against their superior rival.  The derby team with a stellar form record of W5, D1, L0, often comes unstuck against their near-neighbors who go into the game with a much poorer W1 D2 L4.   Finding... [ Read More ]

The Best Free to Play Bookmaker Competitions Available and How to Play

Published: Feb 24, 12:58pm Last Updated: Oct 8, 2:22pm danbradley on Strategy 10 Comments 9809 Views

With bookmakers desperate to get more customers, more and more are now offering free to enter competitions offering cash prizes for the winners.  You can read about how bookies think and act via the understanding bookmakers guide at the betting school.  The trend for competitions was started by the well-known Super 6 on Sky Bet, But now there are loads on offer for us to have a go at and try our luck (despite near impossible odds) to win a... [ Read More ]

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