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Why Friendly Matches Can Be A Punter's Enemy

Published: Aug 29, 4:45pm Last Updated: Nov 18, 9:06am Jim Brown on Other Football 1 Comment 2392 Views

Betting on international and other friendly matches is big business for the online bookies, and also extremely popular with punters. Patriotism plays a major part in that, and the bookies use that to very good effect, especially since many are televised.   I can't for the life of me ever generate much interest in friendly matches, let alone a desire to bet.  Having worked in betting shops for several decades I know just how popular these matches can be, and... [ Read More ]

Which Teams Find It Hard To Come Back After Midweek Euro Action?

Published: Sep 22, 1:39pm Last Updated: Nov 18, 9:00am Jim Brown on Other Football 0 Comments 2041 Views

I'm going to start looking at football teams which play midweek in Champions League and Europa Cup competitions and seeing which ones seem to find it hard to raise their games for the following weekend's league matches.  I feel that many teams engaged in these competitions struggle in their next domestic game.   I've formed this opinion from assessing the form and checking European Football results in past seasons. I feel that this could be a possible way to profit by... [ Read More ]

There's No Such Thing As Luck

Published: Nov 1, 1:22pm Last Updated: Nov 18, 8:53am Jim Brown on Strategy 6 Comments 12929 Views

Are you lucky OR  Are you unlucky'? If you make a profit from your betting does that make you lucky, OR  or if you can't seem to win does that mean you're unlucky? Sensible gamblers should not consider luck playing a part, as the betting school article on how to be sensible and gamble responsibly highlights.  Luck and betting have always been bedfellows in the minds of punters and gamblers for as long as betting has existed, and we all... [ Read More ]

Racing - Getting the Best Out of Pricewise Race Tips

Published: Sep 10, 11:30am Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:22pm Jim Brown on Strategy 2 Comments 28179 Views

Tom Segal and Pricewise, punters either love him or hate him.  Bookies just hate him, because they are in business to make profits from punters. Please read the guide to understanding bookmakers. Well, they probably don't hate him, just his knack of picking big-priced winners.  Over the years, and the various tipsters who have worn the 'Pricewise' hat, the latest incarnation - Tom Segal - is by far and away the best. So, how can punters make the best of... [ Read More ]

Murphy's Law In Betting

Published: Aug 29, 3:53pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:03pm Jim Brown on Strategy 0 Comments 2429 Views

The Murphy's law adage says Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" When we bet on sports we know only too well this saying. A player is sent off, a horse falls at the last fence, rain stops play, a flag is thrown.  Tennis Retirement Rules So there I was a couple of days ago, watching Jack Sock take apart Florien Mayer in the first round of the US Open tennis. I had a smile on my face, and... [ Read More ]

Getting a Handle on Value in Betting

Published: Aug 29, 4:49pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:17pm Jim Brown on Strategy 0 Comments 4155 Views

Most punters when they first study a betting event will look for what they will consider being the likely winner of the event. That's a natural approach and while there's nothing wrong with it as a start to studying an event, it shouldn't be the one and only aspect.  In almost any event there's a clear favourite, priced up by the bookies at roughly the same odds, and that is seen by many to be the 'likely winner'.  We have... [ Read More ]

Betting Tips - More Hints to Help Improve Your Punting (21-40)

Published: Nov 18, 1:25am Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:38pm Jim Brown on Strategy 5 Comments 4768 Views

Here are further hints and tips to help you get the best out of your punting. This advice will hopefully increase the potential for you to make some profit.  For additional betting advice don't forget to visit the betting school article on value betting that will help you improve your profits. Profit is never a guarantee for any punter, so it is all the more reason why we should take betting very seriously indeed. The first 20 hints and tips can... [ Read More ]

Betting Tips - Hints to Help Improve Your Punting (1-20)

Published: Oct 11, 2:59pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:36pm Jim Brown on Strategy 20 Comments 20314 Views

Sometimes it's the obvious, other times it's the not so obvious, but we all could do with little bits of help from time to time in improving our betting habits and our chances at winning. These are simple snippets of advice with short explanations and where appropriate links that give fuller explanations. Including this opening advice of how to find winners - 101 tips to choose a winning horse racing bet. The list will be updated regularly and grow as... [ Read More ]

Betting - Getting Over Missing Out on Winners

Published: Dec 31, 9:20pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:31pm Jim Brown on Strategy 0 Comments 2234 Views

 They say that golf is a mental game. The golfer is in his own world, with his own thoughts - no coaches calling out instructions, no captain to rally and encourage, tennis fits the same scenario   The player is completely reliant on his/herself.  Motivation comes from and is maintained from within.  The punter is very similar to the sportsperson who relies on mental toughness. Betting success is heavily governed by just how disciplined the player can be.   He... [ Read More ]

Sports Stats - They Tell it Like a Politician

Published: Nov 10, 8:47pm Last Updated: Aug 27, 11:38am Jim Brown on Strategy 3 Comments 1690 Views

"There are Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics"- Mark Twain Statistics, used for sports and sports betting, have their fervent supporters and their equally fervent detractors. On OLBG the betting school is packed with statistics, systems, and strategies and many swear by them. This blog isn't aimed at either supporters or detractors, but merely addresses sports statistics in general, and is relevant whatever camp you sit in.  There are 3 stats questions: What they might mean. When to avoid them When they... [ Read More ]

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