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What type of player wins the US Open (Golf)

Published: Jun 1, 11:49pm Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:47pm Micko70 on Golf 0 Comments 2235 Views

The US Open is the most valuable of all the golf Majors with a prize fund of 12.5 million dollars in 2020. The tournament is normally held in mid-June and is the third golf major of the year. A different venue is chosen every year.  We will have tipping available on the tournament as soon as the players have been confirmed.  To check all the golf tips for all tournaments please visit the OLBG Golf Tipping Pages.   To learn more... [ Read More ]

How to become a Millionaire through Betting

Published: May 16, 9:21am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:39pm Micko70 on Strategy 5 Comments 23512 Views

Firstly, this blog should be read as a bit of fun, as it's highly unlikely that anybody can or will do this although some claim they have become very rich through betting, did they use this type of strategy. It's just an example of how it can be done. Yes, I know what your thinking, if it was that easy we would all be doing it, but with a lot of luck and a lot of self-discipline it is possible... [ Read More ]

How to calculate how many bets are in a full perm

Published: Aug 30, 9:45am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:39pm Micko70 on Strategy 4 Comments 37199 Views

A perm is just a combination of bets. Your stake is divided amongst a number of selections (perms).  Permutations allow you to win without all your selections winning, as opposed to an accumulator where all your selections need to win for you to collect. For example, a Trixie which is 3 doubles and a treble, if one loses you still have the double to give you a return. The placepot where you need to find 6 horses to place at... [ Read More ]

Turn £1 into £237 or more in 30 days

Published: Jan 16, 7:40pm Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:38pm Micko70 on Strategy 6 Comments 6357 Views

In October 2012 I wrote a blog about how to turn £10 into thousands in 3 months, this bet was based on backing the over 0.5 goals in a match.  Sadly since I wrote the blog the odds have changed dramatically and it's very rare to find games at odds of 1/10 anymore.    This blog is based on that but using a slightly different format. I have been steadily looking at different markets, and although nothing is guaranteed to... [ Read More ]

Why Place betting is better than each way

Published: Feb 17, 10:34am Last Updated: Nov 18, 9:07am Micko70 on Strategy 4 Comments 10828 Views

Many people like to back EW when they think a horse is too big a price to back to win only and a place will give them some returns for their bet. Other punters look for the great value in backing horses to place, but do we really need to waste money with the win part of the bet? For many a year, I have been backing win & place instead of ew as you can use any stake you... [ Read More ]

Understanding National Hunt Racing

Published: Nov 2, 9:56pm Last Updated: Nov 18, 8:59am Micko70 on Horse Racing 6 Comments 17915 Views

What is National Hunt Racing?  In National Hunt racing horses are required to jump either fences of hurdles. How long are National Hunt Races? Races are run over a distance between 2 miles and 4 miles.  What is the difference between a hurdle and a fence? Hurdles are smaller obstacles than fences, with fences taking more jumping.  When does National Hunt Racing take Place? National Hunt Racing now takes place all year, although the NH season is traditionally run between... [ Read More ]

Do the best horses win Grade 1 Chases? - Let's have a look

Published: Nov 14, 2:28pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 2:47pm Micko70 on Horse Racing 0 Comments 2104 Views

Do the best horses win Grade 1 chases? let's have a look Here are some interesting stats for you to look through before every Grade 1 chase this season.  You can view on this blog my thoughts and the statistics that accompany my thoughts on finding winners in the best Grade 1 chases every season.  All the chases are incredibly competitive as you would expect, to find the winner you always need to narrow the field down.  This article should... [ Read More ]

Manager Of The Month - Possible 76% strike rate

Published: May 19, 10:45am Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:13pm Micko70 on Strategy 14 Comments 3252 Views

We would all love to be able to know when we think a certain football team will win their next game. Sadly football is as unpredictable as the weather and shocks happen in every set of fixtures. I have been looking at different things to see if a pattern has emerged regarding when to back a certain team to win a I have found a system and strategy that yields a 76% strike rate, although it only comes from 17... [ Read More ]

Multiple Entries & Minor Meetings

Published: Nov 18, 12:33am Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:02pm Micko70 on Horse Racing 0 Comments 6778 Views

I have been watching Horse racing for 30 years now and gambling on it for over 25 years and something that still interests me now as much as it did years ago is multiple entries. As does looking at minor meetings when the huge meetings take place, I will have a look at both subjects in this blog.  Winner finding as we know is not easy, this blog and other articles on OLBG.com will hopefully help. The new betting school... [ Read More ]

Irish Lotto, why not try perming for better chances

Published: Dec 29, 6:48pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:56pm Micko70 on Systems 11 Comments 68354 Views

If you like playing the Irish Lotto like me then why not try a few perms.  We all know what monster odds we get for a treble or a four-timer and I use a particular strategy or system when playing the lotto.  However the odds are so big because you have to pick 3 numbers and get them all right in order to get your rewards. Many people have said that the National Lotto is rubbish compared to the Irish... [ Read More ]

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