Backing the Road team on a Sunday in the NHL!

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In this blog, we are going to look at why NHL teams seem to be profitable on the road when playing on a Sunday to build a betting strategy.

Backing the Road team on a Sunday in the NHL!
Noah Strang Hockey Editor

Noah Strang is OLBG's Hockey Expert. He has written about Hockey for some of the Worlds top publications and worked as an accredited NHL media correspondent.

NHL Road Teams Profitable on Sundays

When we look back over the regular season for the last five NHL seasons, there is so little splitting the teams who play on a Sunday.

From a total of 612 games, the home team has won 306 of those, and the team on the road has won the same number of games, 306, which is incredible over a five-season span.

Had you wagered $10 each time with your NHL sportsbook on the hosting team, you would have lost $462.50, however, had you wagered $10 on each of the visiting teams, you would have had a profit of $160.40.

BetsTotal StakeTotal ReturnProfitR.O.I

Reducing the number of losers

Whilst a profit is a profit, the best NHL handicappers will look for a better R.O.I. and we can look at ways to reduce the number of losing wagers based on backing the road team on a Sunday.

There is one factor that not only narrows down the number of wagers drastically but it also improves the R.O.I too with more winning wagers.

That is only backing the road team when they are coming off playing between two to five consecutive games at home and are now on the road.

This reduces the number of wagers from 612 down to just 148, from those 86 would have been successful, which is a 58% success rate which is up from just 50%.

The profit now also increased to $287.20 and the R.O.I stands at 19.41%, which is a big increase from the 4.73% without using this filter!

BetsTotal StakeTotal ReturnProfitR.O.I

The Strategy

  • Back the Road team on a Sunday

  • Only when coming off 2-5 consecutive games at Home

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*Statistics only include regular season games, the home team is the official team listed as hosting and closing odds and lines are used in the figures for seasons from 2018-19 to 2022-23.

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Andrew Powell manages our hockey analysis articles, meticulously updating the data whilst our Vancouver-based hockey specialist Noah Strang writes the words. Together they maintain all the stateside hockey content for OLBG

Noah Strang

Noah Strang

Hockey editor

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Andy Powell

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Andy also possesses a keen interest in American sports with a particular affinity for the NFL and the NHL. He follows the Pittsburgh Penguins, emphasizing his broad palette for diversified sporting events.

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