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Political Betting - 2022 Recession Chances Increased 20% According to Betting Odds

Steve Madgwick

Published: Jan 10, 1:14pm Last Updated: Jan 17, 9:36am 0 Comments 73 Views

Will 2022 see Recession in the UK - Thankfully the Bookies think No - For now.

In January everyone starts thinking about money and in particular where it all went through December and the holiday period, and bookmakers are doing the same in considering and offering odds on whether there may be a recession in the UK economy during 2022.

We first covered this market back in October 2021, when Betting Sites give 83% chance no recession will occur in 2022 - That figure has gone down to 78% as of today, suggesting confidence is falling that it could be averted.

It still means that the chance of a recession is just 11/4 in betting odds for a brighter outlook.

Recession Betting Odds

Will the UK go into Recession in 2022

Yes 3.75 (11/4) 26%
No 1.28 (1/4) 78%

Confidence on a Recession NOT happening in 2022 has dropped from a high of 83% in October 2021, to just 78% in January - UK 2022 Recession remains an 11/4 chance with bookmakers.

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert -

How is a Recession Determined?

A recession is considered a drop in GDP for two consecutive three-month periods, (Quarters) in a row.

The last time this happened in the UK was early in 2020, the first time it had happened since 2009.

Recession is generally bad news for everyone as there are fewer jobs, less profits, interest rates drop and inflation can rise.

Do not consider betting on a recession happening as a way of offsetting the situation however, Gambling is never a good practice or protection against a recession, and especially bad if betting more than you can afford to lose.

Prior to early 2020 there had not been an official recession since 2009. Betting odds suggest 2022 will not produce another with an 78% chance of avoidance according to bookmakers.

Nigel Skinner - Poiltical Betting Expert -

2022 has a huge amount of political activity sure to hit the headlines, not least discussion over the respective leaders of the two major political parties, the elections in May and what is happening with Scottish referendum betting and further afield in the US. Betting sites have many different betting angles and markets available and OLBG News will keep you abreast of all the major betting odds movements as they happen

What do the bookmakers think will happen in 2022

For more information on political betting as well as Sport, TV & Entertainment and Specials, we have a complete 2022 betting guide

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