UEFA Euros Red Cards And Yellow Cards Stats

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Explore the UEFA Euros Championship disciplinary stats to optimize your red and yellow card bet builder predictions. Perfect for Euros Yellow Card Betting and bookings scores.

UEFA Euros Red Cards And Yellow Cards Stats
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When betting on the 2024 UEFA European Championships, there are numerous angles to explore beyond the traditional match outcomes and goal totals. One particularly intriguing and potentially profitable area is the analysis of red and yellow card statistics. Disciplinary records can offer insights, especially when leveraged through the increasingly popular bet builder feature most betting sites offer.

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This article delves into the historical and current red and yellow card statistics from previous tournaments and the qualification rounds leading up to the Euros. With this data, we aim to identify patterns and tendencies among specific teams that could significantly influence your betting strategy. By understanding which teams are more prone to disciplinary actions, bettors can optimize their bet builder selections to include potential red and yellow card outcomes.

Euro Tournament Matches Red Cards Yellow Cards
2024 51 6 231
2020* 51 6 151
2016 51 3 205
2012 31 3 123
2008 31 3 121
2004 31 6 156

Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the game, incorporating disciplinary statistics into your betting approach can provide an edge. Let’s explore how red and yellow card data can act as a valuable tool for your Euros Red Cards Betting strategy, helping you make well-informed decisions as you build your bets for the tournament.

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Pros and Cons of Betting on Cards

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Euro 2024 Bookings

You may be looking to see how the cards were dished out in the previous Euros tournament in 2024. here we have all the information from both qualifying and the final stages in 2024

Yellow Cards

  • There were 231 Yellow cards in 51 games at Euro 2024, an average of 4.52 per match and 80 more total yellows than in the previous edition of the competition.
  • Spain had the worst yellow card record at Euro 2024, with 16 in 7 games played.
  • Co-finalists England received 14 yellow, the second most.
  • Austria gained the most yellow cards per game with 12 in 4 games averaging 3 per game, just ahead of Germany with 13 in 5 games.

Red Cards

  • There were 5 red cards at Euro 2024 in total. The Czech Republic saw two players ent off in their. group stage clash with Turkey.

Euro 2024 Discipline In Qualification

Wales were the worst-disciplined team in terms of red cards, with a total of three to go with their 21 Yellow cards during Euro 2024 qualifying.

Luxembourg received an astounding 36 Yellow cards in 11 games during Euro 2024 qualifying. They also received two red cards during the same period.

Could it be something to do with the red kit? Luxembourg Line Up
Football.ua, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

The fewest yellow cards received in Euro 2024 qualifying was by Gibraltar, who got just seven (less than 1 per game), although they did add 2 reds to the total. 

The next best was Slovenia, who avoided any sending-offs and gained just 10 yellow cards in ten matches. Croatia, Norway and Portugal each received 11.

Yellow and Red Cards by Country

Nation Games Played Yellow Cards Red Cards
Luxembourg 11 36 2
Kazakhstan 11 34 1
Kosovo 10 31 1
Belarus 10 30 0
Andorra 10 29 2
Greece 11 28 1
Latvia 8 27 2
Montenegro 8 27 1
Türkiye 8 27 0

Qualification Yellow Cards By Player (3 or More)

Chris Mepham contributed 6 yellow cards and a further red during Wales's 11 qualification matches.

Rk Player Squad Yellow Cards
1 Christopher Martins Luxembourg 6
2 Chris Mepham Wales 6
3 Eduards Emsis Latvia 5
4 Varazdat Haroyan Armenia 5
5 Kristers Tobers Latvia 5
6 Igor Vujačić Montenegro 5
7 Vladyslav Babohlo Moldova 4
8 Jordan James Wales 4
9 Islambek Kuat Kazakhstan 4

Chris Mepham of Wales was the most disciplined player in Euro 2024
Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Qualification Red Cards By Player

21 year old Roy Revivo who plays his club football for Maccabi Tel Aviv, although has been on loan at Hapoel Jerusalem last season, has gained 2 red cards in only 6 international Caps as left back for Isreal in Euro 2024 qualification.

Rk Player Squad Red Cards
1 Roy Revivo Israel 2
2 Chris Mepham Wales 1
3 Eduards Emsis Latvia 1
4 Igor Vujačić Montenegro 1
5 Vladyslav Babohlo Moldova 1
6 Marc Rebés Andorra 1
7 Valentin Antov Bulgaria 1
8 Shea Charles Northern Ireland 1
9 Mojmir Chytil Czechia 1

Euro 2020 Bookings

You may be looking for how the cards were dished out in the previous Euros tournament in 2020. Here we have all the information from both qualifying and the final stages in 2021.

Euro 2020 Yellow Cards

  • There were 151 Yellow Cards in 51 games at Euro 2020. This is an average of 2.96 per match
  • At Euro 2020 Switzerland had the worst yellow card record with 10 from 5 games, followed by North Macedonia with 8 from 3 games.  
  • Euro 2020 finalists Italy and England received 12 and 7 yellow cards throughout the finals.

Red Cards at Euro 2020

  • There were 6 Red Cards in the Euro 2020 finals in total. Wales got two of them, and no team with a player red-carded won that game!!

Euro Tournaments Booking Statistics Since 2004

  • The 2004 European Championships held in Portugal was the worst tournament for discipline.
  • It had an average of 5 cards per match when the norm is closer to 4. 
  • Greece received 18 yellow cards in surprisingly winning the 2004 tournament.
Euro Tournament Matches Red Cards Yellow Cards
2024 51 6 231
2020* 51 6 151
2016 51 3 205
2012 31 3 123
2008 31 3 121
2004 31 6 156

*Euro2020 was held in 2021 due to COVID

Euro 2020 Discipline In Qualification

We analysed and collated all the red and yellow cards teams received in qualification. Hungary and Slovakia received 2 red cards in qualification. 

North Macedonia averaged 3 yellows a game, gaining 36 in their 12 games and a red card. It did help them qualify, though.

North Macedonia had the worst disciplinary record in qualification fo Euro 2020
Photo credit: Bởi Football.ua, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36305885

Wales's record was noted as they only played 8 games but received 21 yellow cards, which is 2.625 per game. This transferred into the finals, where they received nine yellow and 2 red cards. (Both straight!)

At the other end of the discipline spectrum, Germany fell foul of a yellow card just three times, half of the next best, Portugal and Belgium.

Understanding the disciplinary records of teams can be a game-changer for your betting strategy at the UEFA European Championships. 

Team Matches Played Yellow Cards Red Cards
North Macedonia 12 36 1
Hungary 10 25 2
Slovakia 10 22 2
Turkey 10 21  
Wales 8 21  
Scotland 12 20  
Austria 10 19  
Poland 10 18  
Spain 10 18  

From the detailed breakdown of yellow and red card statistics at Euro 2020 to the analysis of qualification records, it's clear that certain teams consistently exhibit patterns of behavior worth noting. By incorporating these insights into your bet builder selections, you can create more informed and potentially profitable bets. 

As you gear up for the next tournament, keep a keen eye on the teams most prone to disciplinary actions and leverage this knowledge to your advantage. Whether it's anticipating yellow cards or predicting which teams might face a crucial red card, this data-driven approach can enhance your betting experience and increase your chances of success. Happy betting!

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