Top Chef Betting Odds: Last Episode's Double Elimination Sent Two Popular Contestants Packing

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Brendan Luck provides a betting odds update on Top Chef: World All-Stars with just four contestants remaining.

Top Chef Betting Odds: Last Episode's Double Elimination Sent Two Popular Contestants Packing
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The latest episode of Top Chef was certainly an interesting one, as it not only saw the final six contestants being forced to conserve water in the quickfire challenge, but it also saw an exciting double elimination challenge – two popular contestants were finally sent packing after being challenged to cook up different renditions of a famous English dish, the popular Beef Wellington. 

When it came to the quickfire challenge, contestants Sara Bradley, Amar Santana, and Tom Goetter steamed dishes, which were all required to be made with only one gallon of water to share amongst themselves. Buddha Lo ended up on top with his creative seafood hotpot dish, which featured Chinese sauces like Shaoxing and Black Vinegar. 

For the elimination challenge, the contestants were split up into three teams:

Red Team – Amar, Sara

Yellow Team – Ali, Tom

Green Team – Buddha, Gabri 

When it came down to which team’s Beef Wellington came out on top, the Green Team walked away with the winning Beef Wellington trio – which included a Salmon Wellington, a dry-aged Beef Wellington, and a dessert Wellington with peach melba. The Red Team fell short of the mark, as their Wellington was raw in the middle. At this stage of the competition, that is simply unacceptable, and Amar Santana and Sara Bradley were sent home, giving us our final four contestants. 

Latest Odds for Top Chef: World All-Stars

Contestant Moneyline Probability
Buddha Lo +350 22.22%
Ali Al Ghzawi +500 16.67%
Tom Goetter +1000 9.09%
Gabriel Rodriguez +1000 9.09%

Buddha Lo Back on Top with a Redeeming Elimination Challenge

In our previous Top Chef Betting Odds update, Buddha Lo was delegated to second place on our odds chart after blundering his Indian cuisine in the “Thali Time” competition. However, Lo was on fire in both the quickfire challenge and the elimination challenge of this episode, crushing it with his consistency, creativity, and drive to win it all. 

Don’t get us wrong, Lo isn’t a runaway to win the competition, as other contestants have definitely been able to showcase their diverse skill sets through the multitude of challenges thrown at them by this point. However, Lo has really impressed the judges throughout the season, only being one of the low contestants for two weeks out of eleven. Sportsbooks agree, given the current odds. 

We’re hedging our bets on Buddha coming out on top out of these four final candidates.

Tom Goetter and Gabrielle Rodriguez Are Longshots 

Out of the final four remaining, we’re the most surprised about these two being able to stick around this long. Both Tom Goetter and Gabrielle Rodriguez have not been the most consistent contestants throughout the season, with Goetter being at risk of elimination four times, and Rodriguez being at risk of elimination five times.

Compare that with Al Ghzawi and Lo, who have only been at risk twice, and you’ll see why we think these two contestants don’t have what it takes to steal the competition from our top two picks. Although Rodriguez did manage to be on the winning team last episode, we think that was due to having Lo as a partner rather than Rodriguez’s own skills as a competitor. 

As it stands, we’d steer clear of these two – they aren’t the horses you want to back, so to speak. 

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