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Political Betting: Vote of No Confidence for Boris Looks Imminent with 89% Chance: Now 1/5 to go in 2022

Published: Jan 19, 10:31am Last Updated: Jan 19, 10:55am 0 Comments 3 Views

As news of letter of voting of no confidence for the Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister filter through, bookmakers have reacted sharply in light of bets coming in on various political betting markets Chances of a vote of no confidence being triggered (54 letters required to trigger) have shifted from just 59% a few days ago to a huge 89% percent. In betting terms, that's a near certainty. Odds of Vote of No Confidence Triggered Odds Probability Yes 1.12... [ Read More ]

2024 US Presidential Betting - Trump now Clear Favourite at 7/2 with Bookmakers.

Published: Jan 19, 8:34am Last Updated: Jan 19, 8:34am 0 Comments 17 Views

As 2022 dawns as we are a month or two closer to the next US presidential election, albeit, still nearly 3 years away with a date set for November 5th 2024, it is with interest we note that support for Donald Trump at online betting sites remains strong and he is still out in front as the clear favourite to move back into the Oval Office in the White house The 2024 US Presedential odds had been bouncing around throughout... [ Read More ]

TV Specials Betting 2022 - Jeff Stelling Dancing or Eating Genitals is 8/1

Published: Jan 19, 8:32am Last Updated: Jan 19, 8:33am 0 Comments 24 Views

It would seem to be pretty common knowledge that unless there is a big turnaround, Jeff Stelling will be vacating the hot seat on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show at the end of the 2021/2022 Premier League season with a new line up of presenters and guests filling the spots. Speculation has begun as to where we might see Jeff next outside of TV advertising and of course, Reality TV is a prospect that betting sites are considering. The favourite... [ Read More ]

Political Betting: Jeremy Hunt Odds Shorten as Next Prime Minister, Whilst Gove Gets Gambled Too

Published: Jan 18, 8:39am Last Updated: Jan 19, 10:55am 0 Comments 20 Views

In light of recent events, there has been understandable betting interest in the market for the next leader of the Conservative party and the main benefactor when it comes to bets being placed and money staked seems to be on Jeremy Hunt with similar shortening in the Next Prime Minister markets. Prior to the new year, Liz Truss had been the one for money with betting sites, but whilst her price of replacing Boris Johnson has eased a little, Jeremy... [ Read More ]

TV Special Betting: Drag Race Ep 3, June Jambalaya Odds On to Sashay Away

Published: Jan 17, 10:01am Last Updated: Jan 19, 8:35am 0 Comments 32 Views

RuPaul's Drag Race is two episodes in, all the girls have been introduced, Maddy has been revealed as straight and Daya has gone - It's a race alright, things happen at a pace on this show. This week we will lose another contestant, and according to the betting sites odds, Whilst Maddy has proven to be the Lip Sync queen and is taken to win the battle, she is also predicted to be in the bottom two with June Jambalaya,... [ Read More ]

Next Everton Manager Betting: Martinez, Rooney and Lampard Vying for Goodison Hotseat

Published: Jan 16, 10:19pm Last Updated: Jan 17, 9:34am 0 Comments 46 Views

Everton FC are currently drifting dangerously close to the relegation positions at the foot of the English Premier League table and the dismissal of Rafa Benitez means that bookmakers are offering odds on who will be the next permanent manager after the Spaniard. Next Everton Manager Betting Odds Candidate Odds Probability Roberto Martinez EVS 50.0% Duncan Ferguson 11/4 26.70% Wayne Rooney 7/2 22.22% Frank Lampard 10/1 9.10% Graham Potter 10/1 9.10% Whilst it looks as though 3 from Norwich, Newcastle... [ Read More ]

Specials Betting - UK House Prices set to RISE AGAIN in 2022!

Published: Jan 13, 9:58am Last Updated: Jan 17, 11:21pm 0 Comments 55 Views

House prices in the UK have been continuously rising over the last year, with more and more people looking to move into new properties across the UK.  There are lots of reasons for the sudden demand in housing and the rise of costs despite a global pandemic affecting the country.  Bookmakers are taking bets on whether the average hose price in the UK has risen above £275,000 for the month of December or not, with betting exchange Smarkets opening up the... [ Read More ]

The Apprentice Betting Odds: 69% Chance Akeem Bundu Kamara will be Fired This Week

Published: Jan 12, 11:42am Last Updated: Jan 14, 9:55am 0 Comments 60 Views

We love the Apprentice and in particular, the no holds barred entry to the series with the first candidate to be fired coming right in the first episode. Harry Mahmood's time on the show was cut short when he was the first to be fired in the boardroom, and those that accompanied him in the boardroom have been given little hope of survival according to our poll on who will be getting in the taxi next. The Apprentice Next Elimination... [ Read More ]

British Politics Betting Odds: Eat Out To Help Out scheme to be brought back 16/1 with bookmakers!

Published: Jan 12, 9:29am Last Updated: Jan 13, 4:05pm 0 Comments 69 Views

Eat Out To Help Out was a scheme brought in by the Government back in August 2020 to get customers 50% off their bill on Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's throughout the month.  The discount was capped at £10 per person and over 52,000 businesses took advantage of the scheme which at the time was rumoured to continue for longer. The Government however did pull the plug at the end of August 2020 for it and it hasn't returned since, but... [ Read More ]

Specials Betting - JK Rowling Twitter Account to be Deleted in 2022

Published: Jan 12, 9:29am Last Updated: Jan 13, 8:35am 0 Comments 31 Views

Despite much confidence that JK Rowling would not appear in the reunion show aired on HBO max on January the 1st, whilst she didn't appear in person, there was some interview footage included in the show. The appearance debunked the huge 10/1 odds available with some betting sites for the appearance to be made, but unabashed they have lined up some more JK Rowling betting opportunities if you just can get enough. Without going into the specifics of the Twitter outcry... [ Read More ]

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