Top Chef Betting Odds: Buddha Low (+400) Missteps, Amar Santana (+350) Now The Favorite

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Brendan Luck breaks down the futures market on Top Chef: World All-Stars with just six contestants remaining.

Top Chef Betting Odds: Buddha Low (+400) Missteps, Amar Santana (+350) Now The Favorite
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Fans of Top Chef this seasons were certainly in for a shock regarding the events that took place during the last episode (which aired on May 11th). In the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs were given a selection of seafood to try and please the judges’ palettes, including kippers, scallops, and smoked prawns. The guest judge of this challenge was British chef Tom Brown, who is no stranger to cooking competitions himself: he was a finalist on the Great British Menu in 2018. Of all of the contestants during this challenge, Amar seemed to be the most unsure of himself, as he spent the majority of the 30 minutes he had to prepare his dish pondering what he should do rather than executing. 

Nevertheless, it was Amar who would walk away with the quickfire challenge win. Next, it was on to the elimination challenge, where the chefs were tasked with cooking Indian thali dishes for famous Indian restaurateur Asma Khan. This is where things got a little dicey. Some of the most consistent candidates up until this point struggled with Indian cuisine, as Buddha Lo’s thali was incomplete and unbalanced. Gabri had similar struggles, and in the end, it was Amar who walked away with the elimination win with his take on shrimp and crab curry, stone fruit chutney, and basmati rice. 

When it was all said and done, Victoire Goloubi faced the chopping block, as her rice was overcooked and her salad under-seasoned - she failed to impress the discerning Asma Khan. 

Latest Odds for Top Chef: World All-Stars

Contestant Moneyline Probability
Amar Santana +350 22.22%
Buddha Lo +400 20%
Ali Al Ghzawi +400 20%
Sara Bradley +500 16.67%
Tom Goetter +800 11.11%
Gabriel Rodriguez +1000 9.09%

Amar Santana Jumps to First Place

It was a special episode for Top Chef Season 13 runner-up Amar Santana, as he managed to walk away with wins for both the quickfire challenge and the elimination challenge. Amar has been an interesting contestant so far, whose results are on par with those of Ali and Buddha. However, his recent successes in the kitchen have propelled him to the top of the charts, although we aren’t sure how long he’ll be able to hold that spot.

At this point, the season is a tight race between the top four contestants on our odds table, and it can be truly anyone’s season at this point. Sportsbooks agree with a tight spread between the favorite and long shot on the board. This makes for exciting betting and exciting television. 

Sara Bradley - The Contestant That Could Pay Off

Amar, Buddha, and Ali have seemingly stolen most of the cooking spotlight this season with their flashy results, tumultuous journeys, and the highs and lows of their culinary outputs. However, silently in the background is Sara Bradley, the runner-up of Top Chef Season 16. While Sara might not be the most entertaining contestant, she might be the most consistent one at this time. She has still managed to avoid ever being at risk of elimination, but at the same time has never managed to have the best dish of any episode as well.

However, consistency is sometimes the key to winning the season. We think Sara Bradley’s odds present good value, so keep her on your radar as the show continues. 

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