Tom Brady’s Next Girlfriend Betting Odds: Taylor Swift Leads The Pack

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Tom Brady’s Next Girlfriend Betting Odds: Taylor Swift Leads The Pack
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  • Taylor Swift has emerged as the betting favorite to be Tom Brady’s next girlfriend
  • Halle Berry is the oldest person linked to Brady (56 years old) but she has been installed as the sixth-likeliest suitor
  • Bella Hadid is the youngest person to make the oddsmakers’ list, checking in at 25 years old.
  • om Brady and Gisele Bündchen remain married, but rumors continue to swirl that they are on the outs.

Dating back to the summer, rumors have been circulating that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s marriage has been on the rocks. TMZ is now reporting that the famous couple is currently living apart from one another in separate houses and we have some betting odds that you might be able to use to wager with sportsbooks who it might be.

The prospect of the seven-time Super Bowl champion returning to the open market has led sportsbooks to offer odds on who his next girlfriend would be should he split with Bündchen. 

Despite her alleged engagement to British Actor Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift has opened as the betting favorite to become Brady’s next girlfriend. 

Next Girlfriend Moneyline Probability
Taylor Swift +1300 7.1%
Adriana Lima +1500 6.3%
Alessandra Ambrosio +1900 5.0%
Kim Kardashian +2500 3.8%
Jennifer Aniston +2500 3.8%
Halle Berry +2600 3.7%
Lindsey Vonn +2700 3.6%
Bella Hadid +2800 3.5%

Swift isn’t the only one on the board with current romantic entanglements. Jada Pinkett-Smith is married to Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez tied the knot this summer with Ben Affleck, and Bridget Moynahan has been with her husband since 2015. Moynahan is also the mother of Tom Brady’s first son. 

Other married members on this list include Alyssa Milano, Layla Roberts, and Lisa Wilson. 

The majority of the list is within ten years of Brady’s age (45 years old), with Halle Berry checking in as the oldest (56 years old) and Bella Hadid as the youngest (25 years old). Hadid was just three years old when Tom Brady was drafted into the NFL in 2000. 

Brady has never been scared off by famous women, which means megastars Jennifer Aniston (25:1) and Charlize Theron (35:1) are viable options with great value on the board.

Mike Calabrese - Entertainment Betting Expert -

In terms of Tom Brady’s dating history he’s been consistently linked to actresses. Brady had a short fling with Tara Reid and dated Layla Roberts in 2002. His only serious relationship prior to his marriage was with Bridget Moynahan. The two dated for two years before splitting in December 2006.

How likely are we to see Tom Brady on the open market at all? According to Bovada Sportsbook, here is the likelihood that Brady files for divorce before December 31st of 2022.

Divorce b4 12/31/22 Moneyline Probability
Yes +225 30.8%
No -350 77.8%

When oddsmakers first opened this particular market in mid-September they offered a Brady-Bündchen split at +400. At those odds, the implied probability of a divorce was just 20%, but at +225, the current price, the implied probability is 31%.

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