Race For The White House: Betting Odds For The 2024 Presidential Election

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The list of candidates continues to grow as Chris Christie throws his hat in the ring.

Race For The White House: Betting Odds For The 2024 Presidential Election
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  • Joe Biden is sitting in the driver's seat as of today as a +165 favorite.
  • Trump's legal woes haven't impacted his odds to win the Republican primary next summer.
  • Long shots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can be found at near 100:1 odds.

The past three months have seen presidential futures rise and fall as sharply as the stock market. Joe Biden has solidified his position, confirming publicly that he will be seeking reelection in 2024. Donald Trump has weathered multiple legal proceedings and actually grown more popular in the eyes of Republican voters. Ron DeSantis, who was once priced as the favorite to win the presidency in 2024, has fallen far behind Trump and is in danger of being passed by former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley in the White House horse race. Sportsbooks are offering a deep field of futures, including candidates that have announced formal campaigns and others who are simply viewed as intriguing candidates. 

Next US President Betting Odds

Candidate Moneyline Probability
Joe Biden (D)
+165 37.74%
Donald Trump (R) +200 33.33%
Ron DeSantis (R)
+450 18.18%
Michelle Obama (D) +2000 4.76%
Nikki Haley (R) +2500 3.85%
Kamala Harris (D) +3300 2.94%
Gavin Newsome (D)
+4000 2.44%
Tim Scott (R) +5500 1.79%
Joe Manchin (D)
+5500 1.79%
Mike Pence (R) +6500 1.52%
Josh Hawley (R) +7000 1.41%
Tucker Carlson (R)
+7000 1.41%
Pete Buttigieg (D)
+8000 1.23%
Glenn Youngkin (R)
+9000 1.1%
Gretchen Whitmer (D)
+9500 1.04%
Hillary Clinton (D)
+9500 1.04%
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)
+10000 0.99%
Chris Christie (R) +10000

A recent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California broke down the Republican side of the aisle in this way: Trump 50, DeSantis 21, Pence 10, Cheney 7, Haley 3, Scott 2, Noem 2, Ramaswamy 1, Christie 1. Trump's 29-point lead would normally be viewed as insurmountable but his legal issues will continue to threaten his candidacy moving forward. If he were unable to run, six to seven Republican candidates would suddenly be thrust into the spotlight overnight. On the Democratic side of the aisle, while Biden has reaffirmed his desire to run for reelection he is asking voters to back a second term that would see him turn 86 years old while in office. His advanced age will always leave the door open to the possibility of the Democratic Party siding with a new candidate in 2024. 

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