NBA: Kevin Durant Next NBA Team - Heat and Raptors Favorites for Trade with Betting Sites

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NBA: Kevin Durant Next NBA Team - Heat and Raptors Favorites for Trade with Betting Sites
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Kevin Durant has played for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA for the past 2 seasons, but there is speculation he could be on the move with a trade, with Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors favorites to land the superstar if a move is made.

Betting sites have begun offering odds on Kevin Durant's next team if traded from the Nets by September 1st, with the Phoenix Suns joining the Heat and Raptors, with the rest of the NBA teams looking much less likely and the New York Knicks the rank outsiders

There is a better than 50% chance that if any trade were to be made for Kevin Durant, it would be to Miami Heat or Toronto Raptors when taking into consideration the betting odds offered by sportsbooks for his next team (if a trade takes place and he leaves the Nets)

Jake Ashton - Sports Betting Specialist -

Kevin Durant's Next NBA Team [If traded from Nets]

Team Moneyline Probability
Miami Heat +225 30.8%
Toronto Raptors +275 26.7%
Phoenix Suns +500 16.7%
Memphis Grizzlies +800 11.11%
New Orleans Pelicans +900 10%
Golden State Warriors +900 10%
Philadelphia 76ers +1100 8.3%
Los Angeles Clippers +1600 5.9%
Los Angeles Lakers +1800 5.3%
New York Knicks +2500 3.8%

So confident is that if any trade would be made it would be with either Heat or the Raptors that the odds suggest there is a better than 50% chance it will be to one of the two teams.

There is only a 10% Chance or odds of +900 that he could return to Golden State where he won two NBA championships in 2017 and 2018.

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