MasterChef Season 13 Betting Odds: The Latest Season Kicks-Off With Northeast Auditions

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Brendan Luck breaks down the 13th season of MasterChef.

MasterChef Season 13 Betting Odds: The Latest Season Kicks-Off With Northeast Auditions
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Who will take the crown as the master chef? This long-running cooking competition show has certainly earned its spot as one of the top competition shows in its category after premiering on Fox in 2010. Now in its 13th season, MasterChef continues to serve up an exciting recipe of thrilling competition, culinary rivalry, and devastating defeat. 

The first episode of this current season premiered on Fox on May 24th, 2023, and this season has a twist, as each contestant will form a group of chefs representing a region of the United States including West, Northeast, Midwest, and South. Not all of the contestants have been revealed yet, as the first episode only showcased one regional team of contestants vying to earn an apron to even compete in the show. Talk about stiff competition! 

This episode saw the Northeast contestants vie to earn their aprons and a spot in the competition. Of the eight contestants trying to earn a spot on the Northeast Team, five earned their aprons: Brynn, Nina, Purvi, Richie, and Ryan. The contestants that didn’t make the cut included Carla, Eddie, and Ross. To earn an apron, each contestant had to receive three yes votes from the four judges for their dishes. The judges for this season include series mainstays Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aaron Sanchez, and this episode included a guest judge appearance from food writer Daphne Oz. 

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the betting odds table for the five contestants of the Northeast Team. 

Master Chef 13 Current Odds

Character Moneyline Probability
+400 20%
Brynn +500 16.67%
Ryan +600 14.29%
Richie +600 14.29%
Nina +800 11.11%

All Eyes on Purvi After Her Strong Showing in Episode One

Of all of the contestants that competed for three yes votes (and a spot on the Northeast Team in the competition), perhaps none of them impressed the judges quite as much as Purvi. Hailing from East Windsor, New Jersey, this Credit and Collection Manager blew the judges away with her execution of Vanilla Bundt cakes fused with traditional Indian flavors. Gordon loved the presentation of the dish, and Joe (the harshest judge by far) was even impressed by the flavor of the dessert. 

Of all the dishes served up in this episode, Purvis got the strongest positive reaction from the judges. At this point in the competition, she has the strongest odds to win MasterChef season 13. 

Brynn Comes in Close Second with A Tasty Fish Recipe

Although Purvi’s dish was the best of episode one, don’t discount the rest of the Northeast Team just yet. Brynn, a Providence, Rhode Island bartender, served up a well-executed dish of Harissa Black Seabass and Pear and Dried Cherry Chutney, served alongside a salad of roasted fennel and green beans. While Daphne was impressed with how well the dish was cooked, Joe was less enthusiastic about the dish overall, calling it “naïve”, although admitting it was “astonishing” for an amateur cook. Of the other contestants outside of Purvi, Brynn managed to wow the judges the most. 

Nina Gets By Despite Judge Joe’s Negative Feedback

Not every contestant can get a glowing review from each judge. Nina, a marketing manager from Woolwich Maine decided to serve up a dish of Venison and Bok Choy dumplings with a salad of cilantro, cucumber, peanut, and chili. Judge Daphne loved the dish, deeming it “delicious”, and Gordon Ramsay was impressed with Nina’s creativity and technical flare. 

However, it’s tough to please everyone. Judge Joe did not like the dish at all, calling the seasoning “totally off” and the dish overall, “amateur”. Although Nina managed to walk away with an apron and three yeses from the four judges, Joe’s slaughter of her dish means Nina rests at the bottom of our odds table so far. Hopefully, she can channel those explosive flavors in future episodes and please the tastebuds of MasterChef’s most discerning judge. 

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